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Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson

Overall Rating:Average Rating (3.76) based on 25 ratings

Craig Ferguson took over as host of "The Late Late Show" in early 2005. (Add picture)

This item was submitted by SublimeQwest (0) on 7/21/2005 12:27:33 AM.

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dragon4mama (0)
This show sucks so bad i hate it and i think he is drunk1
letsgopens25 (0)
Love him he is so funny and he doesn't have a big head. I really liked when he would do that skit with the guy from the Bold and the Beautiful. He was great on the Drew Carey show and I am glad he has his own show I just wish it was on earlier so I could watch it more. He really should be on instead of Jay Leno.2
I use to love Johnny Carsons tonight show, and Letterman was the most clever man on TV for years, but late night talk shows have gotten boring and repititious. Mr Fergusons show is a fresh and clever. I didn't like the part he played on Drew Carey, or his acting. I had not planned on watching this show, but happened to have it on one night while doing something else, and it got my attention. I was VERY entertained. His humor is clever without resorting to shock stunts, and , unlike on the D C show, his personna is very charismatic with in interesting kind of unassuming demeaner. He neither comes off cocky or arrogant, and his humor is sometimes childlike observation of the mundane without being childISH (as compared to say, Conan). I would never have thought of this guy as a potential talk show host, but I gotta think when he moves into the 11:30 spot he will kick everyone elses asses. He is better than either Letterman or Leno, and FAR FAR FAR better than Conan. This says a lot because I have always liked David Lettermans witt. If you hate talk shows, watch this show. 3
fransremi (0)
Craig is the best late night TV host since Johnny Carson. He is improving with experience and needs to stop the Sean Connery bits. I love his Prince Charles and the bits with Bush. His monologues are the reason I stay up to watch his show. I recently attended a taping and he is even better in person, close up and personal. 0
mikelz (1)
Somewhere along the line adults forget how to play. Tune in for a refresher course on fun for its own sake. Mike Elzey2
Janice Isabell (0)
The night that Craig had on, Gerard Butler as his guest, was too say the least, SENSATIONAL! I laughed so hard , that I cried! They make a great team for entertaining the audience. When will Craig have Gerard Butler back on? He is in a newe movie now, Beauwolf & grendal, will be released in thr stated in 2006! Keep up the good work, Craig, you are a very sexy, good looking and entertaining man! Janice Isabell1
dragonman (4)
I really like his style, he seems to give great interviews and just chats along without resorting to acting crazy.3
edhdsn (0)
I've never seen a more natural talent than Ferguson. I go way back-(to Steve Allen & Jack Paar, and Johnny how I miss you)! Craig has an innocence, whether genuine or not, I don't know. But it's very endearing & it takes a lot to get me giggling at that hour! I find myself staying up past my bed time because of this witty Scotsman and his very benign sense of humor. I have a really good sense that Craig is on his way up. I predict he will become major, MAJOR! Laura Hudson3
lireland (0)
Craig Ferguson is a fun, low-key guy with a light touch on self-deprecating humor - MUCH better than Conan the jackass in the same time slot, and a nice alternative to Jon Stewart, David Letterman, and Jay Leno, all of whom I also enjoy for various reasons. 2
rockruth (0)
I like Craig Ferguson! I love his charm, wit and Scottishness! His humor is not mean, he can be down to earth and candid and yet is a gentleman! I like his honesty about his life experiences. He makes us think, feel and laugh. He is so alive and real! I never fail to laugh out loud when I watch his show. After I watch him, I feel happy, relaxed, mellow. I have been pleasantly entertained. He is a delightful package of talent and is a very appealling man! I believe that he will be hugely successful. 2
elinstein (0)
I stay up just to watch even when I have to be up at 6:00 the next morning. I pay for it the next day, but it's worth it. He's so much funnier and more original than the other late-night hosts. :-)2
tajicat (0)
Craig is a bit of fresh air.. very different and adorable..both to men and women everyone is important.. I bet it's not long before he hosts academy awards show.. would be really fun! I think he is simpley charming..and fun to watch.!!! 2
1JohnDoeFan (4)
I was astonished when I found out that Craig Ferguson was taking over for Craig Kilborn. Having a Late Show with a foreign is strange. But, I have to say he has been 5 times better than I had ever imagined. I figured I wouldn't like him because of his character on Drew Carey. He is nothing like that in real life, he is actually quite funny and has a real good camera prescence. 2
SublimeQwest (0)
I tape him every day (don't watch commerical TV live) I love watching him. Watch it and find out why.2
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