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Availability in rural areas
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doobiesNhof (26)
As reliable as cable until a storm with lightning is around, then there can be interference.1
trebon1038 (57)
When it storms I still have cable. Storms a lot in E. Tennessee and when we had satillite, it went out all the time during bad weather. Like I said before I think it depends on the cable company. My friends on Comcast are constantly having problems...Charter seems much better.1
kwhyman (22)
Only times a satellite sisyem should be down is when it's storming so hard you can't see your hand in front of your face, or when the power's out (duh). With cable, you got too many points of failure to count (demarc, local junction box, backhoe cutting a line, etc.).2
texasyankee (24)
I don't know about this, I think it's just about equal. When we had cable, I swear it would go out at least once a week. And that would mean tv was out, and internet too. BUt, with satellite it rains or thick clouds come and the satellite goes out and takes quite a while to reload again, so not really better in this situation.1
numbah16tdhaha (132)
I have seen a few problems, I won't lie. A bad batch of LNBs from the factory had me doing warranty replacements like its cool two years ago. Still, when I was a Cox customer I could count on having NO SERVICE three days a month.3
IgnatiusJReilly (80)
The place of my employment has a satellite provider that frequently goes out when a guest sneezes in the general direction of the satellite dish! The company claims it is a short in our wires, but the wires have been replaced several times. They just seem reluctant to come out and fix the problems. 3
louiethe20th (62)
When a bad storm hits, where is the reliability?5
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