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Added on 07/05/2005
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Gawker 3

A website is only as good as its talent, and Nick Denton has made some questinoable choices in the past few years, amirite? Richard Lawson is a witty, mascu-queeny beast, the best writer on the site by a country mile, but even his stuff isn't as good as when he used to be the commenter "Lolcait." Alex Pareene is brills but inconsistent, tossing off political posts that deserve more time and thought than he gives them. (I say this because i love, y'alls.)

The other fools are bland and uninteresting. Placeholders. I miss Choire.

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Gawker 1

Smart people get dumber when they start randomly surfing the net, and when you combine it with the New York hipster's inherent slumming instinct you get a site like Gawker.com, which has a much larger number of witty and smart readers than it deserves. The actual content on the site is far weaker than its readers' comments. Let's not forget that Gawker Media's financial base is porn. A tremendous waste of human intelligence.

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