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Overall Rating:3.17 based on 110 ratings
ItemImageLocated in the northwestern United States, Oregon covers approximately 98,386 sq. miles. Portland, Oregon, is the only city in the United States with a volcano within city limits. The capital of Oregon is Salem.

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scarletfeather (47)
Never been there.

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irishgit (138)
The Oregon coast alone is worth five stars, a spectacular stretch of accessible beaches, coves and viewpoints.

Portland is a small, comfortable city with some of the finest brewpubs on the continent, one of the greatest bookstores in captivity, and a walk along the riverfront that is very beautiful.

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dixie1202 (3)
I had a good experience here running my first marathon. Awesome scenery. Pacific coast and Cascade Ranges. Every person that I met was pretty friendly to me. The only negative is the climate. There are very few sunny days and it rains almost every day in winter.

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theyank (0)
I have lived in oregon all my life... I is is a great place because of the mild weather in both the winter and summer.. people complain a lot about the weather being to wet, but thats what makes it such a green state. the state has a whole lot of liberals and hippies, who are always protesting one thing or another. But it also has a lot of good ol american rednecks. If you are the latter I would deffinently suggest you dont want to live in portland or eugene, which is full of a hippies, liberals, earth huggers, and californians. But the country areas of it are very nice, and full of mostly good people with good American values.

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333blue333 (0)
Oregon is the most majestic and geographically diverse state Ive ever lived in. The views and recreation are spectacular! The temperature is fairly mild all year, and despite most peoples impressions, we get much less rain per year than Washington, New York, Northern California and a few other places in the US. Oregon is a great growing state and ideal for camping, hiking, skiing, fishing, and sight seeing. Oregon is home to the smallest city park in the world, largest forested city park in the United States, shortest river in the world, and only source of myrtle wood in the world. Portland is a pretty town that has been compared to the likes of Seattle and San Francisco, for being very liberal in stance and open minded to the LBGT community. Portland is a major bike city. People flock from all over the country to spend time biking around the city of Portland and its surrounding metro area. Ive often heard people describe Portland as having a very European feel to it because of all the outdoor cafés, warm inviting citizens and bikes. Portlands one of the few cities Ive been to where you can be literally just a couple miles from downtown and be completed surrounded by wilderness. There are a LOT of bars, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, cafes, bistros, sit down restaurants, and music venues in the Portland area. Portland also has been credited for having the most strip bars per capita than anywhere else in the U.S. (Not sure if thats a good or bad thing).

Cons: There are a few things I dont like about Oregon. The worst thing would be the high unemployment rate and the lack of a competitive wages for most industries. It seems like it doesnt matter if you have a degree or not because in Oregon you wont get paid what youre worth. Our social services are also terrible. Its hard to qualify for the Oregon Health Plan (you basically have to be pregnant, make almost no money at all or be a certain list of minorities). Unemployment benefits dont seem to last long enough to pay the bills and find another job and once again they dont give you what you need based on your income and previous wage. Education here is also pretty bad. Oregon students score lower on state assessment exams than most other states in the nation and we are continually pull more and more dollars out of our education budgets every year. There are some helpful assistance programs for college students but to get scholarship from a state school basically requires perfect grades and a very high SAT score. But seeing how schools dont prepared students for SATs or the working world properly, many students arent able to meet the GPA and SAT requirements to get many scholarships. Other negatives include high income tax and high property tax. The Portland Police are also a negative because Ive heard many stories of abuse from police carried out upon minorities, the poor or homeless, protesters, and the LBGT community. You also might run into some overly conservative, redneck-type of folks that arent very accepting the further out of the main cities you get but that seems to be true about any rural region in the US. The only financial pro I would say is that we dont have a sales tax and most commodities seem to be fairly inexpensive compared to the overall cost of living.

I know that sounds like a lot of cons and I actually would prefer to rate Oregon as a 3.5 instead of a 4, however the warm, open-minded and environmentally friendly community mixed with the best landscape and recreation Ive ever seen make it over a very comfortable place to live.

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McRuljancich (0)
Being the lifelong resident that I am, I find Oregon to be the most splendid of places. It is, however, rather dismal during fall and winter; however, being the lifelong resident that I am, I've learned to applaud and appriciate the coming of rains. The storms here, though scarce, induce a euphoric sensation throughout my body and spirit. The summers here are amazing. Summer heat here is not unbearably humid or hot, but rather, very enjoyable. Please come see our amazing landscapes, forestry and other unimaginable pleasures.

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LadyJesusFan777 (34)
Oregon is a beautiful place to visit, but I don't think I would live there. Rain once in a while is ok, but not all of the time.

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Ventoux1 (12)

Just returned from a trip to Portland. Took the time to see Seaside and Astoria, and return to Portland along the south bank of the Columbia. Cool logging and railroad action on that return route. While I didn't see all of the state, or even all of it's geographic regions (the eastern high plains were out of reach), what I did see was amazing. Can't give it a five due to the climate - too cold and wet for my tastes - but that climate is responsible for the splendid trees and spring foliage I saw.

I'd live near Portland given the opportunity. Very manageable small city. Great microbreweries - the microbrewery revolution of the 11980"s started in Portlandd I am told. Just gagged down another Shiner dreaming about the cask conditioned ales of Portland!

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AJNM (2)
Why aren't Oregon and Washington equal on this rating???? Again I refuse to judge a whole state based on its people our a particular area its just to hard because the people are night and day different from east to west and north to south. Oregon gets far stars based on its natural beauty like Washington and its diversity from west to east. If you ever get a chance, go to Seaside in the summer clean beaches and not as congested or as dirty as beach in Southern California.

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Wiggum (16)
I recently drove through Oregon and stopped at Crater Lake National Park. The state is beautiful, and while the bigger cities are as crowded and congested as many others on the West Coast, it's very easy to get away to wilderness areas. CLNP was beautiful and is definitely worth a visit if you're ever nearby.

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whiteman (1)
I live in Oregon, I'm a redneck, and I love it!

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IrishTurtle (5)
This place is scary! A true backwards place with druggies and the so called "proud." Land is mostly filled with decaying farms and broken little towns. Stayed in Eugene one Saturday night and the whole place was dead. Hungry college students everywhere and we were the only people whom could afford to go in to the restaurant it seemed (seeing their was no one else in there.) Portland was also dirty and dead. In Oregon you get that sinking filling like there is evil lurking just around the corner, so avoid it please.

  (4 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
deloreanman14 (0)
I was born here and I will die here. To all of those who gave Oregon a negative comment, thanks, maybe you'll slow down the mass influx of people who keep invading. If you're a tourist, come on in and take a look around. Just don't get too comfortable and DON'T move here!!!

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GenghisTheHun (168)
Californication is on the move! It will be hard for the Oregonians to stop with a common border. Oregon west of the mountains is getting crunched by increasing population and pollution.

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computergal (1)
I think it is a wonderful place to visit, but living there is a totally different story. I came across a lot of redneck hippies. I also came across a lot of rednecks straight up. Many were racist or just narrowminded. The state is divided between conservatives and liberals. Oregon is beautiful because there is something to see no matter where you are at. However, finding a job in this state will prove to be quite a challenge. There's a lot of people starving over there because they can't find work. At least that's what I would see on the news daily when I used to live there. I donated food to the shelters and food banks because I felt bad for all of the hungry people in Portland. So if you visit don't forget to feed the people. Despite Oregon's problems, crime isn't as big of a problem as in California (where I now live). There have been people moving from troubled cities across the US who have been bringing in their problems and crime to Oregon.

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Cindyo (10)
The drive on the Interstate next to the river is gorgeous. I absolutely loved Crater Lake, one of my favorite National Parks. The Coastline is so beautiful, with nice lighthouses along the way. Portland is a beautiful city. Scenery is breathtaking.

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outbacksun (0)
The state has one of the highest rates of unemployment in the country. Portland and Eugene are not bad cities- but Portland has a crime rate. Winters though not cold are overcast and damp. Too many Californians escaping the high costs and moving to Oregon. Also outside of Portland and Eugene too many rednecks and skin heads.

  (3 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
kingguiness (11)
I have never been there but my time is coming soon. I'd like to meet these conservative folks and debate them. Legendary Pro Wrestler Roddy Piper lives outside of Portland. For that reason alone it gets 5 stars!

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Spacewolf (1)
A state with some wonderful visual images- and some good cities like Portland and Eugene- the state has to come to grips with the ultra liberal region west of the cascades, and the extremely conservative region to the east of those mountains- it seems like if you are a free thinker here- you are threatened by the 'Bill O'Reilly' legions, which can be rather violent and reactionary.

  (5 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
lion in winter (6)
Oregon is an ok state- that has some extremes-which include regions of poverty and ignorance, while areas of wealth and progressive thinking. Geographically there is much beauty and diversity.

  (6 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
caligula (2)
Very pretty state with tons to do outdoors. As pointed out by other posters, one of the interesting things about this state is how well the very liberal and redneck folks get along. There are even a large number of redneck hippies- kinda of hard to explain, but if you live in Oregon, you know what I mean. Central Oregon is my favorite spot because it is dry. The Coast is very pretty, but very wet. Portland is a nice town. Worst thing about Oregon is the economy which is not great.

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subaru7 (2)
I have been to Oregon 3 times- and each time have enjoyed the wonderful gifts this state has to offer. The Oregon coast is beautiful- The towns and cities of the Willamette Valley have charm and a warm and livable quality. Crater Lake is like another planet- and the Columbia River Gorge is breathtaking. Oregon you will enjoy.

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wolfie (0)
Having visited this state several times- I have loved the Portland and Eugene areas- and most of the towns in the Willamette river valley. Southern Or. towns are nice as well, Medford, Ashland and Grants Pass have a mild climate. The Oregon coast is beautiful as well. The state in the east tends to be more aligned economically and socially to Idaho- being redneck and filled with a certain amount of the White Supremacist element. What makes this state interesting is that the ultra liberals tend to have made tentative 'peace' and co-exist with each other.

  (3 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
caphillsea77 (29)
Oregon is so beautiful. It has the most dramatic and scenic coastline I've ever seen. The area around Florence has jaw dropping scenery around every bend with high rocky cliffs, lighthouses, thick evergreen forsest and pounding Pacific Surf. It's the perfect place to sit on the beach for hours or til sunset and just think about nothing. Anyone who is tired of stress or become too jaded should visit here. Oregon also has Mt Hood which has that perfect cone shaped mountain peak within site of Portland. Portland is a great little city with a walkable and inviting downtown, nice archetecture and awesome parks. I give it 4 stars, would rate 5 but the economy is in the toilet and too many rednecks in certain areas. Otherwise it's totally cut out for living.

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barbkaye57 (0)
I love Oregon! It's got everything the ocean, the mountains, dunes, a mild climate. Winters aren't to harsh and neither are the summers. Unfortunatly good paying jobs are scarce from so many people relocating to Oregon. I'm not sure what's up with the ban on pumping your own gas but hey it creates more jobs so pay a few cents more. As for the deposit on cans, I wish all states had that, anything to help keep the trash off the roads. I've been to Oregon at least 5 times and love it more each time.

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zrekko (0)
Oregon is a state with the greatest potential in the future of all the coastal western states. A mild climate (west of the Cascades) with some nice cities like Portland and Eugene- and my favorite Corvallis. Recration wise, this state is hard to beat. The oregon coast is also very beautiful.

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mlarsen57 (0)
It's not bad, but take away the five cent-per pop and beer can deposit, vote by mail, and the asinie ban on self-serve gas.

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synapse (1)
A really beautiful state - I'm surprised it isn't located higher on this list. It has all the beauty of California, but none of the crowds. One of the most stunning national parks, Crater Lake, is here. Portland is a beautiful city. The oceanfront is nice, with waves crashing on the rocks. The air is clean and the rain makes everything green. This is a gorgeous state to visit.

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celticprince (0)
A very pretty state- Portland is a real nice and a vibrantly quirky city, as is Eugene. The Oregon coast is wonderful. I have driven the PCH from northern Ca. into Oregon- and its stunning. Crater Lake is out of this world, I also like Ashland and Corvallis. Many wineries in the Willamette valley. Mild climate (hardy fan palms are grown!-though lots of clouds and rain in the winter) many outdoor recreational possibilities.

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opinion585 (0)
Better than california, but that isnt saying a whole lot. The people are nicer, but some of them are a little weird.

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sameasalways (0)
Oregon is beautiful. Its serence and peaceful even in the city there is a certain calm to it. I am not sure why. The coast is gorgeous. Try Seaside Oregon. You will like it. The water never gets too warm though so you have to be brave to go swimming in it. But the beach is beautiful there and also in Bend. The east coast is beautiful over by St. Joseph and Enterprise. Its very rural and there is Wallowa lake which is beautiful. You can see where chief Joseph was buried and its a little strange. The Snake river runs along the coast of Oregon and Idaho and its a big recreastion area both on Oregon and Washington and IDaho state which it borders. Don't be shocked but its state law that the you can't pump your own gas. I guess it had something to do with creaing jobs. So basically just pull up to any gas station and the attendant will take care of you.

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maersk (2)
real nice place to be, not blisteringly hot, and, at least along the coast, not too cold. its just right. probably the best west coast state

  (2 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
RebelYell1861 (9)
It's a lot like Washington, although it seems to have a little more flare and brightness to it (whatever that means). Anyway it's a beautiful area of the country, it's just that the beaches are too cold to really enjoy.

  (4 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
Damifino (0)
Can't believe Oregon isn't rated higher than it is. The scenery is unbelieveably beautiful, the weather is good (at least, along the coast), and Portland is a picturesque city with all kinds of opportunity.

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Errol (5)
Oregon is a great place to live but I wouldn't want to visit here. What do I mean? Well, I live in Portland. Here and the surrounding erea is very liveable, green and mountainous. The fur trees are tall and and there is a lot of them. It rains a lot but when the sunny days of summer come it's beautiful. Oh! And there's still no sales tax in Oregon! But if you were to come for a vacation I'm not sure I could advise you what to do here. Maybe visit some places to look at - Mt. Hood, Multnomah Falls, the Rose Garden... I don't know.

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alicat (3)
Where do I start? I am in love with Oregon, specifically Portland, OR. Bend, OR is also amazing. In the past couple of years I have been on five different occassions, during all times of the year, winter included. It is the most beautiful state. It has the forest, mountains, coast. What more do you need? It is not crowded like California. It is clean and everyone is so nice. It is the most down to earth place I have ever been. If all goes right in my life, I will live in Oregon someday. I really suggest going to Bend and doing some hiking if it is summer, or sking if it is winter time. In Portland go to a McMenimens (specifically the Bagdad sp?). Try a little Video Poker when you are out at the bars. They have VP machines where you can gamble when you are in a bar. Go down 23rd Ave. Visit some of the great breweries. And if you are scared of because everyone talks about how much it rains, don't be. So you may get a little wet, just bring the right gear and you'll be just fine. This past week, in OR, it was sunny but cold. I had a week of beautiful winter days. I heard that I was lucky, but I have seen the rain there and it isn't hell. I really could go on and on....but I'll wrap it up by saying if the outdoors are appealing to you at all, Oregon is a place you should check out.

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gte31965du (0)
Oregon is an interesting state, the geography is very diverse.

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dan_673om (0)
Come from June - Oct if you like the sun, but no humidty. Ski in the winter.

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