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North Dakota

Overall Rating:Average Rating (2.16) based on 76 ratings

Located in the midwestern United States, North Dakota covers approximately 70,704 sq. miles. The town of Rugby, North Dakota, is the geographic center of North America. The capital of North Dakota is Bismarck. (Add picture)

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decalod85 (9)
Would return if only there were jobs...1
earthbound (33)
Not as bad as people say (there's a license plate slogan for you).

OK - so you know off the bat that it is cold cold cold in the winter. You know that it has a very low population density and diversity. You know that the scenery in much of the state is devoid of visual distractions such as hills and trees.

However, if you are a carefree tourist with a song in his heart and a carload of kids (like me, for instance), then go to Medora in Western North Dakota, and take a look around Theodore Roosevelt National Park. You may soften your view of the place - beautiful, understated scenery, gently reminding you of the dramatic Badlands in South Dakota. You will doubtlessly stop the car to look at the prairie dog towns and you will doubtlessly be stopped by the wild herds of buffalo roaming the park. If you are lucky, you may see elk and wild horses.
GenghisTheHun (155)
This is a nice pleasant family friendly state.2
skikittykitty (0)
I was born in Fargo and lived there for the next 21 years. After graduating from college and finding little career opportunities, I left and have never looked back, never been back in 37 years. The only regret I have is that I should have left 3 years sooner, at 18, rather than waiting until I was 21. Of course, the weather is inhospitable, and the eastern & central ND scenery deficient (I don't know about the western part of the state, never having been there). But the most important reason I should have left at 18 is that I would have enjoyed life among "real" people 3 years longer. Real people that laugh and have a rich (even inappropriate at times) sense of humor, not tight little plastic smiles; real people that say what they think and let their feelings show, not buttoned up people that keep their thoughts to themselves and would rather die than get involved with their friends or neighbors on a personal level. When I moved to Denver, Colorado, I had more friends in 6 weeks, and knew them better, than I had in 21 years in ND. It may have changed some by now, but I'm not going to bother to find out. Plus, they talk funny!! 4
darell1976 (0)
North Dakota, I live here, its nice, as for the weather like every North Dakotan says, you get used to it, we get cold, hey Florida can get 30 degrees too, everywhere gets cold, we get hot too our record high is 121, what is Florida like 100. So we can get warmer than Florida. As for the land we are on the bottom of a prehistoric lake so it will be flat, but ND has advantages.. NO earthquakes, NO hurricanes, less crime better schools a kick butt hockey team (UND Fighting Sioux), and better people than the rest of the 49 states. So come to our state if you want too, but for people complaining about it, did someone force you up here, than stay the hell out!1
Spacewolf (2)
Cold-frozen-dumb and isolated- need I go on? 9
midwesterner19 (0)
What a terrible place to live. I moved from Nebraska to North Dakota and grew up in Denver, Colorado. The weaher here is wicked, North Dakota goes months occasionally with-out hitting zero. Fargo had a windchill in 1981 at -98 according to intellicast.com. The pay here is among the lowest in the nation, the price of food is very high and the customer service is always bad. No competition exists, so be prepared to pay much more than you would in a big city for everything, except for rent with reasonable because of the lack of demand for housing units. The people in North Dakota arent so rude but they are very racist, very xenopobic people. North Dakota State University is the most conservative campus in the nation and I have hung out at campus areas in 10 different states. Overall, if you want to live on mimimum wage, in a dumpy house and pay tons of money for food, electricity than by all means move to North Dakota.14
opinion585 (0)
SEE. South Dakota, same goes for them!1
celticprince (0)
Flat and cold- I guess if you want to live in a low crime, all white region that is socially out of touch- its the place to live. Other then that it is isolated and backward.11
brianptx2 (0)
nothin here.8
fezzador (3)
I live about 80 miles from the North Dakota border, and I really can't say I'm too impressed with this state. Fargo is nothing special, it's even colder, flatter, and even more boring than South Dakota (how is it possible?). Minnesota's right next door, it has all the coldness and flatness of the Dakotas but has much more to offer. The only good thing about North Dakota that I can think of offhand is that Devil's Lake is about as good as it gets for fishing in the U.S.11
kolby1973 (28)
We used to go here alot when I was kid driving to Canada. It was so boring, and the people were just....I don't really know what the word is. They weren't mean, but they were something else. I felt uncomfortable, lets put it that way. But I never have been on the east side of the state, so it is probably better from what I hear. 10
kelly7655 (0)
I was born in Fargo, North Dakota and lived in a little town about fifty miles outside of Fargo for a few years. North Dakota is really a peaceful state, nobody is in a rush to get anywhere. The land is beautiful, and the people are really down to earth. I've been back four times in the last four years. Although it is cold in the winter, the summers can be very hot and humid. Even the bigger cities like Fargo and Bismarck seem like small towns compared to other big cities. But the small towns are the best...everybody knows everybody, it's really like a trip to Pleasantville (not to mention the great Norweigian accents!). I go for vacation, to relax and just take it easy. Besides, how many other states have a movie named after a city? 1
Solenoid DH (21)
North Dakota is bitterly cold much of the year, and I hope never to live in the northern part of the country. However, I did spend a week there one summer, and even though there wasn't much to look at, I met a lot of incredible people. Really good people more than make up for a bleak landscape. I especially enjoyed the little town of Goodrich. And Bismarck had a great radio station. I enjoyed North Dakota so much that a couple of years later, I went back to visit. 6
aflx (0)
As a destination in comparison to other states, there are other places you should see in your life before North Dakota. I wouldn't recommend for a foreign visitor on a whirlwind tour of the states to make an extra effort to check out N.D.; however, there are things here worth seeing. The Badlands are gorgeous and much less touristy than the South Dakota Black Hills. Teddy Roosevelt State Park has wide-open skies and beautiful camping: I once was camping here and went for a walk as the sun rose on the river bank. No one was around, and I encountered a FLOCK of great blue herons bathing in the river... incredible. Devils Lake has excellent fishing and an interesting high school mascot (where else can you cheer the "Satans" to victory?). College hockey lives in Grand Forks. Watching the sun rise or set in ND, spraying red/orange/pink rays across the biggest, clearest sky you've ever seen is reason enough to go. You'll never see more stars in a night sky elsewhere in the contiguous 48 states. In many ways, North Dakota is a hidden treasure. 6
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