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Victor83 (42)

Only the ignorant confuse George Bush and most 2007 Republicans with true conservatism.

UPDATE: Having read CS's review, I will correct some old stereotypical BS: "wrong side of imprtant social issues such as discrimination/ sexism"???? Let's see....Dwight David Eisenhower, Republican CONSERVATIVE took the first meaningful steps re/ anything to do with blacks and civil rights. As to sexism, Matthew Harrison Brady, a staunch, religious (gasp) conservative, was one of the champions of women's suffrage. Let's tell the truth, shall we?

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CanadaSucks (50)
Demonstrated by a resistance to change despite evidence due to a lack of courage and/or education. . .the well-meaning philosophy is grounded in the notions of tradition being a central part of morality- which is the kind of thinking that would have kept us subjects of King George and prevented the American Revolution. . .although fiscally beneficial, conservatism winds up having to explain itself as to why it was on the wrong side of important social issues such as discrimination/sexism et.al. Despite its flaws, it is entirely well-meaning (note the verb form - "to conserve") - but the road to hell is paid with good intentions. . .a real tradition (that conservs can't handle) in human history is the constant re-evaluation and re-examination of real or alleged 'traditions' due to scientific, philosophical, or social revolutions. Deal with it or get out of the way.

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GenghisTheHun (177)
For humans, conservatism is innate and the most natural force in the human condition.

All people are born savages. Our entire life is spent becoming civilized. Think about it. The most conservative part of our human heritage is the language we speak. We learn and talk what has been learned and talked in the past.

We learn our family traditions. That is taking and learning from past experience. We go to school and learn the lessons from the past. We learn to read, write, cipher and other skills. Each was determined in ages past and is passed on to us.

People hate change. What they learned and received as education by others, in the vast majority of cases, remains with them for their entire lives. What is more conservative than that?

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