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Overall Rating: 3.44 based on 9 ratings
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iamfromhelltoo (1)
better than day of the dead

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Wavebacker (27)
Coming off of Dawn of the Dead, I was expecting a similairly good movie that was interesting and entertaining. I was disappointed that this one wasnt as good. The premise of the movie, that the survivors of the zombie transformation have barricaded themselves in a protected city and the zombies are evolving, was interesting. The movie just didnt deliver the same level of suspense and humor that Dawn Of the Dead did. What really got me was how the genius gas attendant zombie was always figuring everything out. I wasnt buying it and apparently neither were anyone else. This movie has slipped out of the theaters. It just wasnt that good. Dennis Hopper did a decent job as the Trump-like leader of the city though.

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kamylienne (80)
Saw it last night, but wasn't entirely impressed, but that's to be expected from a zombie movie. George A. Romero's latest installment to his Dead series (starting with Night of the Living Dead, followed by Dawn of the Dead, etc.) was, well, your run-of-the-mill dead-people-walking-around movie. A time after the original movie, the zombies have taken over much of the world, and humans are forced to live mostly as scavengers, with the exception of a select few upscale individuals who have taken to luxury even in the midst of all the destruction. Somehow ( . . . I dunno, I've just lumped this one into the it's just a movie explanation), the zombies have developed a way to reason and learn. Led by their head-zombie (Big Daddy), they stumble their way to the nearest human civilization. It also goes into what humans have devolved to after the fall of civilization as we know it. Overall, Land of the Dead didn't bring anything new to the table; it's just a midly amusing zombie flick to rent and watch with your friends on a boring Tuesday night. Wouldn't suggest wasting nine bucks in the theater to watch it, though. Oh, P.S.: If you're looking for a horror flick, this one's not it.

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