Located in the northeastern United States, Massachusetts covers approximately 7,826 sq. miles. Massachusetts ...
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Added on 12/01/2003
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Massachusetts 1

Silly Silly me, what was I thinking moving to Massachusetts...... I needed a job, but did I really need one this bad? Probably not! If I could go back in time 4 years ago I would 100% hands down NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! have made the decision to come here. I think I would have rather struggled for a tab bit and kept my sanity. This place is a nightmare that's easy to get stuck in. People are pretty rude and unfriendly here and it seems a huge challage to make a really good freind. Everyone seems so closed off and in some cases snotty. Rent is expensive here. Very expensive. If you want a nice place with up to date amenities(and I'm not talking anything special here, just a dish washer, washer, dryer...) then your going to pay big time for it. I made the decision to move here to get financially ahead, have a decent job and live a regular nice life. HA!....I am in the complete oppisite position. I've gone into debt trying to survive out here. If you are thinking about moving here I would recommend you do some in depth research. Unless you have a really wonderful job lined up that pays lots of $$$$$ I would never recommend leaving the things you love(freinds, family, the life that your used to) to come here. The worst decision of my life. It is not worth it, not even a little. I think you will be regretful and dissapointed. Maybe if you grew up here you would like it.
On a lighter note the state does have lots to do and see. And there are some beautiful sites overflowing with history. And if you want some good food check out faneuil Hall in Boston, the place is lined with delicious goodies that will scream at you to eat them :)

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Massachusetts 2

A state in desperate need of education reform. obsessively clinging to its history without much regard, or at least 'at the expense of' practically everything else. one of the most advanced cities in the union, Boston, is here but it's also one of the most backward and disorganized. I cannot speak to the people themselves...when you think about it, no amount of expereince even in a city gives one an accurate, overall picture of the place, but for the most that I saw, people were just blind to other points of view.

This hopefully will be one of the last negitive reviews I write, but I thought I should say it.

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Massachusetts 1

High taxes and communism, no thank you.

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Massachusetts 1

I've lived in MA for most of my life. I recently moved to northern NH. What a difference. No immigrants, English is spoken everywhere, you can buy guns, and I don't feel like I'm in a prison camp. MA sucks. I wish an asteroid would strike the state. Life is much better in NH. Everyone is white and speaks English. (Sorry but wherever there are large groups of certain minorities, the more crime and filth. Sorry, It's the truth.) No African Americans, Brazilian or Spanish speakers = a better, safer and cleaner place to live.

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Massachusetts 1

This state is quite deceiving. What looks nice on the outside is actually quite ugly on the inside.

Sure, there are plenty of jobs available, but you will find the people you work with to be quite mean spirited and verbally abusive.

Sure, there are plenty of sports, but most of the fans are simply obnoxious band wagon riding douches.

Sure, there is public transpo but boy, is it slow as a 90 year old woman. As far as driving is concerned: you may as well just kill yourself. Horrible horrible horrible roads with construction on every corner. Always traffic. Always some angry cops giving you the evil eye.

Sure, there are concerts but most of the venues are sweaty, fratty, and overpriced.

Sure, there's a lot of state pride, but that is the most obnoxious part. People here all believe they are Irish, tough, Sox fans, and the coolest people in the universe. Far from the truth. Many locals have irritating accents as well. Think Jersey/Long Island...

Mass. is only good if you are a college student, rich yuppie, or have cronies at your job that will support you.

As far as the rent is concerned, you're completely getting ripped off.

As far as the people are concerned, they are fake, cold, and rude.

And of course the politics are fascist. Illegal immigrants get more respect here than the citizens it seems.

Romney? Patrick? Menino? Make a grown man wanna cry.

Great place to commit suicide.

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scottlabossier e

Massachusetts 1

I was born here in Massachusetts and have lived here all my life, I hate it here, the weather sucks cost of living and taxes are outrageous. Boston is so shitty and dirty and the suburbs where I live are boring and full of fake plastic people. I have been to a few other states for vacation and they were great people were friendly in other states like florida and south carolina and the weather and cost of living is much better. The politicians are corrupt and all they do is tax and spend they will bleed you dry, you can't afford to live here or own a home excpecially right out of college it is outrageous. Plus everyone here is so dumb all the do is vote for democrats and liberals and corrupt politicians. The average mass voter is so dumb and ignorant. I can't wait to save up enough money to get out of this hell hole state forever. If I could I would have given MA 0 stars. The only nice places in MA are Cape Cod And Marthas Vineyard and Nantucket. ALso don't move here if you are thinking about moving here because it sucks.

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Massachusetts 1

If there was a hell this is it. All cities now speak hispanic and Americans are minorities. Gridlocked highways, mentally challenged politicians, and the most hateful people you would ever want to meet in this entire earth. This place has invented taxes in every conceivable way possible. The worse crime here is divorce, sentence is lifetime alimony and QRDRO. They will suck your life blood if you are honest and work hard for a living. Insurance will consume over half your earnings and lawyers are sickly paracites abound. Doctors, dentist have invented ways to make insurance useless. 911 emergency is too busy and cannot respond to all calls. Huge waiting lines at major city hospitals. It is better to use a car then to use air travel for long distance trips. Be prepared to be ripped off at least once a week or more. Most children here are raped before their 15th birthday.

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Massachusetts 1

RUN! RUN FAR FAR AWAY! I unfortunately had to move here for a couple of years for my job. Almost done, thank the sweet stars. I regret the decision horribly and if I could go back I would rather of lost my job and been unemployed. There are mean, rude, racist, unfriendly people everywhere but personally I found Massachusetts to be at the bottom of the barrel. People are highly impatient while driving. You would think all their houses are on fire with the way they honk if your foot is not off the break peddle the SECOND the light turns green. I'm very outgoing, friendly and fun but I have found it extremely hard to make freinds in Massachusetts, and when I think I have they usually have this big time fake vibe going along with them. Don't go looking to make some true thru time friends here. As far as work goes people are meanly competative and quite simply put not that great to be around. But that of course could just be my profession. But I've worked in various places, with various companies and various types of people...this def tips the chart. It's almost ery and odd. And rent...just like the rythm's gonna get ya! :o) If you haven't moved here I would never recommend it. Let me be clear there are a lot of good people here too, it's a beautiful state and it's not all bad. A vacation...Wonderful! Living...not so much.
I would also like to add that I've heard some of the most disgusting racist "jokes" at bars/clubs/lounges along the north shore and boston that I never would even think would come out of someones mouth. And even worse then the actual joke....PEOPLE LAUGHED. But if the person they were just refering to is near..., trust you'll never know, because they will suddenly become your best buddy. It has been the saddest and most pathetic attempt I've seen out here yet.

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Massachusetts 1

I moved to Boston for a job after college and it didn't take me more than 2 months to hate it. This place is filled with corrupt politicians who devote their lives to taxing their residents in every shape and form. One would think the more tax you pay, the better service you get. WRONG, Mass has the worst highway system I've ever seen. The roads are bumpy and dirty. It's even worse than Michigan. I do think these city workers here need to come down to Texas to learn how to build highway more efficiently. They are protected by those blood-sucking unions leaders who would care less about the service they provide, just as long as they can get their unrealistic benefits. Instead of re-building a 200 meter bridge in the summer time when there is no snow, they decide to do it in the middle of winter so they don't have to work full time yet still get the same salary...So now we only have one lane crossing the only bridge on the other side of Boston and barely drivable because the snow is piled up on the side of the road. The city encourages people to take the commuter and there is only MBTA operates the whole commute in the city...yet, ridiculously, it gets delayed every freaking day, pushing its passengers out to the deadly cold. The city is overrated and overpriced. You would think Boston has more intelligent people due to MIT and Havard...and somehow it would help the living standard here....WRONG, they are too busy to suck up and work harder to pay for those taxes.
Housing here is another awful story...way to expensive and dirty...unless you are willing to pay $ 1800 per month for rent, otherwise you likely end up being in trash hole. Many people here are abusing the welfare system. They get free housing, food stamps, health insurance and don't contribute nothing to the society...A couple that I've known told me that they had moved too many states in the past but like it here the most because they don't have to work and still survive...unbelievable! This state has turned me from an independent to a far-right person.
Anyway, I just hate this state with a passion...Can't wait to finish my term to move out of here.

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Massachusetts 5

High standard of living, low violent crime rate, affordable health-care, higher than average income, history, picturesque new england villages, unique accents, an educated populace, some of the best universities in the world and a distinct culture and regional cuisine,what's not to love about this place?

Sure some of the people are rude and the roads are like trying to navigate a labyrinth, but what most people seem to complain about, the taxes, are actually not that high at all; falling somewhere in the middle of the pack of all 50 states.

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Mike Roots

Massachusetts 1

I only gave this place one star because you don't have the option to choose zero. Speaking of zero, that should the state's official number. Why? Because it has just that many friendly people. Having come here from Texas for a job, my family and I have been informed numerous times that we're not from here and thus, not welcome. I really could go on, but so many people have already said it better. All I can say is that moving here was the biggest mistake I have ever made in my entire life and I relish the day we all move away, far away.

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Massachusetts 1

Agree with the person below. No manners in this state.

Cold, unfriendly, dunkin donuts swilling narcissists here. Awful rude driving. Rude cops. Worst highways ever. Screw route 9. Piece of garbage.

Annoying accents. That goes for you too, rhode island. Don't think you're exempt from sucking too.

Ps- why do people who can't understand English work at every store?

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Massachusetts 2

I've been here half a day and am googling "Are Massachusetts people rude". Unbelievable.

Rude on the plane here, and it's gone downhill.

Was looking forward to travelling here for work on a monthly basis - but yuck.

I hope it gets better tomorrow - I just can't believe how incredibly miserable the people seem.

Glad I don't live here.

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Massachusetts 3

I've worked there, briefly, on two occasions, and while I can't say I saw much outside the environs of Boston and its suburbs, it seemed like a decent place to me. Certainly it has its ugly areas, and ugly people, but no more so than any other state or province I've spent time in and less so than many.

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Massachusetts 1

I say we take off, and nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure...


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superultraharr y

Massachusetts 1

I posted here a couple of years ago, and for some reason gave this place two stars. I think it was because I was still in college. Let me tell you what I think of MA after some time in the "real world".

This has got to be one of the most depressing, hostile, dilapidated, corrupt cesspools of human and social decay that exists in the entire Western world. I've seen videos on YouTube from the ghettos of the Ukraine and Bosnia that show happier people who treat each other better than most Massholes can comprehend. The native people of Massachusetts are born with centuries of their ancestor's self-loathing and aggression built up in the womb, having subsisted on Natty Light, Scotch and Dunkie's coffee since the embryonic stage. If you live here, you suck. That's understood before you can walk. But quite interestingly, it seems that everything that Massachusetts stands for just drives that point home day after day. Talk about culture - a big Citgo sign on the corner of the playing field where the best athletes the globe has to offer are bought with millions of corporate dollars in hopes of keeping the poor people satiated during their regular state-sanctioned rapes.

I like how the people suck so much that they try to make a joke out of it. It's amusing to me personally, since I've been through emotional problems myself but never one that seemed to be part of some unwritten social code of conduct. Yep, you're 35, haven't had sex since high school without there being money involved and are just barely a functioning alcoholic. That's pretty funny. Wow, you're addicted to Oxycontin at the age of 16 and are already on your second abortion. Hilarious! Oh, you're an overweight housewife or pussywhipped husband with massive underlying anger problems and try to key my car since you "were looking" at the parking spot I pulled into? Guy, you need an agent. And you all need to grow up and get a little self-esteem by doing something good, not by knocking others.

Yeah and believe it or not, even though I indeed am a fat, working class slob (I'll clean up your language for this post), I happen to hear just fine, so try to get at least five feet away before you start spewing your ignorant garbage. All you movie-grade stereotypical Irish, Italians and whatever other fifth generation Ellis-islanders that try to be their own villages' Sopranos just make me sick. I can't believe I ever thought any of you douchebags were cool. It's a good thing most of you people still marry within your own kind because the noise level stays within your respective neighborhoods. And you gangster wannabes aren't scary at all - if you want to pick a fight, fight once it starts. Don't run screaming for your uncle the coke slingin' cop or five of your leech, co-dependent friends if you're such a tough guy. And you renting-rich, plastic frame spectacled, Prius driving "intellectuals" who smirk at your own snippy remarks and have about the same level of street smarts as a fresh-from-the-compound Mormon REALLY make me laugh. I'm not as dumb as you assume I am with my domestic car and my State College degree. And you pronounced a few of your tritely delivered words wrong. Not just by saying them in that half Cockney, half drunk Asian guy accent either.

I like how the government here gets away with anything they want, since they can just get the citizens to start arguing about some arbitrary crap and that way they don't hear pay attention to the 30% whatever tax hike they now have to pay for at least two years. All they gotta do is say something like, "This guy something your tax rate something gay something jobs that don't exist yet", and half of you take the Irish (democrat) side and the other ones take the side that is getting louder and stupider every term. But in the end, it doesn't matter since power, influence and the future of the working man and his family are bought here in Massachusetts. In that sense, Massachusetts has truly proven to be a progressive state. This place is on par with the classism of Goa, India.

While we're at it, I get a real kick at how you continue to raise taxes and the cost of living while denying business developers (like casinos) the opportunity to provide us jobs and more importantly, SOMETHING TO DO. There are no mid-range salary jobs either. You're either broke and working 60+ hours a week to live like an unemployed Midwesterner or you're making high salary, full benefits, full perks. Why exactly are we paying near NYC prices, even in a city like Boston? There's nothing to do other than subject ourselves to abuse by our fellow Massholes at sporting events and all sorts of generic bars that are continuously packed, and yet are illegal to smoke in. Good thing there are so many drugs for sale everywhere and the teetotalling people can fly off the handle and start fighting about anything for their dopamine high, since there is no available natural way not to be bored out of your friggin' mind.

I don't really relish being this blunt with you. I to some degree still actually want to like you, Massachusetts. I don't mind the affordable health care, the spring and autumn seasons, and the gorgeous state parks. But your people have absolutely ruined it for me. I'm fourth generation Masshole and I have to come to terms with it every day like a chronic disease. I just thank fate for letting me enjoy a few years outside the mother Commonwealth, in a land of freedom known as the USA. I believe I will be departing again soon. My rurally-set three bedroom railroad-style house with a cracked foundation and fire hazard wiring has been appraised at nearly $225,000 and for the privilege of living in said hellhole, I am paying nearly $750 every 3 months in property taxes alone. I will leave the repairs to whatever poor SOB decides to have a shot at you. F you, you retahd Massachusetts homebuyer. See, I totally get why you people are like this - I just don't like dealing with it.

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Massachusetts 1

I am a single white professional male.
I grew up in Massachusetts and spent my time there untill I was 18.
I joined the military and went to college where I worked very hard to get my degree in electronics.
I moved back to Mass when I was 22 or so after doing my time in the military and college.
I stayed about 1 year in Mass then moved to europe.
Once again I moved back to Massachusetts at the age of 25 and stayed for 13 years.
In that 13 year time Massachusetts broke me.. The state has beaten me down to the point where I just didnt care if I lived or died. I cared about nothing. I fell into a deep depression and has to take medication to function as a normal person. I had to work all the time to pay for all the taxes and fees that the state burdoned me with.
One of the worst things that has ever happened to me was getting a DUI in the parking lot of a private appartment complex. The state took my license and I lost my job. charged me out rageous
fees and fines.
120 days later I went to court where the whole case was thrown out because it was private property. But too late I lost my job.. no place to live.. no money no food.. nothing!! I was homeless.
The cops made a terrible mistake but yet I was the one who had to pay.
After that incident the cops had me marked and would stop me for the most dumbest reasons. I was being harrased.
I had my house broken into a lost alot of my stuff.. The cops didnt do shit, never caught the guy.
My truck was stolen and all of my tools where taken. the cops caught the guy but I never seen a dime for all of my tools.
I installed security cameras to watch my property now the cops think im a drug dealer and have me under investigation and constant surveilance. Stopping me for the most mundane and often made up reasons, these stopps usualy resulted in the cops searching my car and person.
I had a scum landlord that charged me $790 a month for this fucked up appartment and didnt do shit to maintain it. I moved out and 6 monthes later the place burnt down to the ground due to an electrical fire.. I even told this scumlord about the faulty electrical system.
I dated this girl and all was going great. we have a child toghether. She decided to get back with her ex and left me. she never let me see our child so I took her to court where I was basicaly laughed at and then forced to pay $200 per week in child support. Remember she left me!
Trying to pay child support and rent prices that should be crimminal I had no money for food not eating caused me to get very sick and I passed out at work. ambulance came and took me to the hospital where they found out that I suffered from malnutrition and severe exahustion.
Go figure I had to work 80 hrs a week just to pay for shit. But still had no money for food.
Several monthes later I got laid off, as I found out later the company found a mexican with some electrical knowlege that would do my job at half the pay.
Unable to pay rent and child support at the same time I got an eviction notice and was thrown out onto the street.
Massachusetts takes child support straite out of your pay so I was living on $80 every 2 weeks on unemployment insurance. I was living in my car.
I got jumped and mugged in Worcester, the muggers broke my jaw in 2 spots when i hit the ground. The cops where convinced that I did this injury to myself... What the fuck!!
I spent 4hrs in surgery and racked up over $20,000 in medical bills. The cops never caught the muggers and I believe the cops didnt even care to find them.
I was still living in my car with a broken jaw no money for food, I couldnt eat anyhow with a broken jaw. Still living on $40 a week from unemployment.
This was all too much for me to handle and I tried to kill myself.
Cops found me and im surprised they didnt just shoot me in the head like an injured horse.
Back to the hospital where they found I now suffered from severe depression...DUHH!!! On top of
that I suffered from malnutrition and severe exahustion. You try to eat on $40 per week while living in your car.. also try to sleep while living in your car and then run around looking for work but yet using that $40 per week to pay for gas and food.
I had to swallow my pride and move in with my parents at the age of 35. I finnaly got a job and saved my money to get my own place then the state took all of my savings right from my bank account because I was a little behind on child support and I saved alot of money over $1000
That was the last straw that broke me...I tried to kill myself again.
After that I saved all of my money hidden in my parents house. I saved enough to move out of that fucked up state. I moved down south with a friend.

I am once again happy, off all anti depressant medication, working making money and I am very sucessful. I have an appartment, car and food.
I am once again happy, content and safe.

Massachusetts took a very sucessful, ambitious intelligent person and broke me. massachusetts broke me down to the point that I cared for nothing and wanted to die.
I hate Massachusetts with a pasion that I cant describe.
If you are reading this DO NOT feel sorry for me. fell sorry for those that still live in that fucked up state.

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Massachusetts 1

As an outsider who came to the State 12 years ago I have to echo the sentiments of many in here. I won't take such an aggressive approach, but will say this:

The people in Massachusetts are general in one of a limited number of groups

Sports Groups
The PAT Fan
- Drives a pickup and lives near Fall River or Attleboro. Likes to drink, curse and ridicule anyone that is not American and just like them.

The SOX Fan
- A plethora of colored baseball lids and whiney accents. Usually a bottled beer is visible somewhere and if not then they are on their way for a ritualistic Sam Adams at a dark sports bar. All guys have a stunted blonde with them who is usually drunker than the rest. Irish emblem can be anywhere. The white baseball lid is popular among the WASPy SOX fans.

The Celtic Fan
- White baseball camp and some kind of wife beater (sometimes an official jersey). Always has a stupid Irish emblem on their somewhere because unlike in Ireland it's actually perceived to be cool in Boston.

The Bruins
- Older fat guy with his bleach blonde wife. Sometimes she looks worse than he does, but it's always a close call. Don't mess with Bruins fans because they are tense. Lack of winning and low IQ is a dangerous mix.

Political Groups
The Mass Republican
- The little guy in Mass, but since 911 the party has picked up more racist.... Oh I mean Republicans. Usually they say they became Rep for Tax reasons, but then most of them either make too much for it to really matter or they don't actually even pay taxes cos they don't have jobs.

The Mass Democrat
- Strange bunch. They drive SUV's even though they are EcoWarriors and try to be understanding of the plight of the 'dark skinned man' they see sometimes working at the gas station. In reality these folk are more lost than the racis..... I mean Republicans. Anyway sometimes you will meet a true liberal who actually believes that all sex offenders are rehabilitated and that is always interesting.

Student Groups
The "How the fuck did they get into College" Group
- This is the most predominant group in Massachusetts. It's long been my understanding that Massachusetts schools don't fail anyone even if they fail!??!?? It's all very weird, but the average street smarts in this place is about a 6 out of 20. The kids drink Sam Adams. They are like fucking bees on nectar for that shit, oh and Guiness. Everyone loves funking Guiness, but then you never see them drink it. They wear the hat (white of course) and the t-shirt, but they never drink the fucking stuff.

The MIT Crowd
- So so. No real complaints, but then most of them aren't from Massachusetts or even the US are they?

The Rest
- Drink, PATS, SOX mix. The girls are gullible and the guys are docile for the most part. Remember that movie about Matt Damon being a genius ("How d'ya like dem apples?") well that actually reminds me of myself when I decided to go to school here, except I wasn't a genius, but appeared to be compared to most of my classmates. For an educated State there's an awful lot of douchebags who will never ever leave the place to see the world. They will talk about the world, but they will actually mean somewhere between Worcester and Boston.

I could go on, but most other people fall into one or more of the previously mentioned groups. The one I could talk about all day is the 'Fidelity Group'. Christ I have never seen more people wear khaki fucking pants and blue shirts in my whole frigging life. These guys have no new friends since college and actually go on New Years vacations to places in New Hampshire with their college buds. Even after kids they all hang out and remark on how flavorful the Sam Adams is this time around. If you do become a friend then you can enjoy many cookouts with your new buddies, but you won't understand the inside jokes and the only reason to go is so you can 'F' their girlfriends who are usually uninspired and actually waiting to break free.

The drivers are just dicks. Don't give me any crap about using indicators or rotaries (what the fuck is that. It's a fucking roundabout). People in Massachusetts sit in the fast lane all fucking day and ride your ass half way to Boston.

Fortunately for me the average person in Massachusetts doesn't like to rock the boat. For anyone like me that has a fucking screw loose it is a meal ticket. I dare say that most of the twats round here can't fight (verbally or physically) and that does give me some sense of security.

Oh final point. Slavery is not dead and if you are wondering what Massachusetts best kept secret is - They don't allow black people near technology or business. I have been in finance for 10 years and it is WASPy as hell. I am white, pasty white, but I can see a backwards, scared group of MassHoles when I want to. The only black men that make it in Massachusetts play for the sports teams. They'll tell you they are the most understanding State in the nation when it comes to race, but that's bull shit.

I hate this frigging place and can't wait to leave. One day very soon I will be gone and I can't frigging wait.

"How'dya like dem apples?" ya friggin wankers...

I said I wouldn't be aggressive, but this place does that to a man...

Quick Town Review
- Corrupt, full of the same Irish and Italian families for years that have squeezed the life and money out of the place. Big businesses have soiled the land and then held new business to ransom for overpriced land.
This is the worst city I have been to in my ENTIRE life. It is a shit hole.

- Ok if there weren't any Bostonians

And that's it. Everywhere else is pleasant to live (if you don't mind your stupid neighbors), but there is generally shit to do unless you like FUCKING TREES.

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Massachusetts 1

This state sucks, just like New Jersey but even worse. Here's an anti-Masshole list:

-Rude mean-spirited people with no class or sense of sarcasm.

-Annoying, dumb accents.

-pitiful drunk college kids everywhere.

-Shitty, rude drivers. You are horrible mean-spirited drivers, massholes. Not just a stereotype. Lay off the fuckin horn for five seconds and stop tailgating! And what's up with the breakdown lane on 95? That's re-tahded. And can you cops stop being such jerks at construction sites. Why do you have to stare at every car driving by like they're committing a crime for driving?

-Lame-ass bandwagon sox fans. Yes, that means you with the pink hat.

-Fuck your ridiculous parking tickets. Yes, I am so sorry for parking over the meter limit for 3 seconds. Fuck you right up your corrupt ass, Cambridge, MA.

-Menino. You morons keep voting for this old fart who has been in office since 1993. get a new mayor for christs sake.

-slumlord landlords and overpriced rent. it's like nyc but without the fun. maybe that's why so many people are playing the lottery at every damn convenience store you walk in...

-false sense of community and friendships. fake people everywhere who will stab you in the back with any given opportunity.

-arrogant useless politics that solve nothing. enough bureaucracy in this state to drown the charles.

-big dig. nuff said!

-yuppies. impressive you can spend hundreds at wholefoods, drive a saaaab and a BMW, and afford to live in backbay. but you can't seem to figure out how to have an actual personality....

-dorchester. sorry, it sucks.

-frat boys. fuck off douchebags. go try to take advantage of some horribly intoxicated underage freshman at the Kells in allston.

-Springfield. Good god....

-You get the point. This state is full of corruption, douchebags, dumb rednecks, rude bitches, illegal immigrants, bandwagon sports fans, etc, so forth. Fuck the massholes!

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Massachusetts 1

Absolutely AWFUL.

Massachusetts is the biggest SHITHOLE and BY FAR the most fucked up state I have ever know. Grew up here, been living here for 24 years, but never realized how completely fucked this state is until I moved off Cape Cod. Cape Cod by the way, is the only decent part of Mass.
Let's see, where should I start? The HORRIBLE, ignorant, and selfish drivers? The pathetic roads that look like they've been carpet bombed by a B-52? The insanely high cost of living, combined with high taxes ON EVERYTHING? The corrupt government? The douche bag Boston cops (not all of them are bad), who's soul focus is working construction detail, fraternizing with their punk union construction buddies, and milking as much overtime as possible at the taxpayer's expense?

Or how about the overall attitude of the people here? I'm a Boston sports fan but the attitude of the typical "Bostonian" is absolutely sickening. I am sick of all the over-prided Irish faggots who run around advertising how Irish they are and how awesome the Drop Kick Murphys are. For the record, the Drop Kick Murphys SUCK BALLS. Every time I hear "I'm shippin' up to Boston" I want to kill somebody. People here are rude, selfish, spoiled assholes who only care to help themselves.
Jobs and industry are a fucking circus here. God forbid you have to deal with the Union here. They do shitty work, charge an ASSLOAD of money, and if you even dare to speak against a Union worker they will file a grievance on you for it. They have the attitude here that because "I'm Union!!" that I can do whatever the fuck I want. I can do 2 hours of actual work in the day while drunk on the job, charge 10 hours of
overtime for it, somehow get away with it, and if you don't like it then FUCK YOU!

Oh and if you think Massachusetts is full of great schools, think again. You might think MIT & Harvard college students are pretty smart... They're stupid as fuck!! Every time I drive through Cambridge I nearly hit an MIT student who isn't smart enough to look both ways before crossing the road before they pop out in front of you. There are a few good schools here though. Massachusetts Maritime Academy in Buzzards Bay is one. Got a few friends who went there, that school is TOUGH AS HELL to get through, but these guys all got high paying jobs right away after they graduated. They are in their mid-high 20s now and most of them already own a nice house with a nice car and plenty of toys. Wentworth is another great school, got a few friends who went there too and
they're all doing good.

Don't even think about owning anything of high value around here unless you don't mind the fact that it will get ruined by some ignorant asshole (unless you happen to live on Cape Cod where it's less chaotic). Want to drive a nice car? You're taking a strong chance of some fucking douche bag who's in a hurry rear ending you at a light, or side swiping you as you exit a toll booth station on the mass pike.

Want to do a little striper fishing this summer? Well that's just fine, as long as you pay Massachusetts $25 bucks per year to do it. Saltwater fishing used to require no license here, but now all of a sudden as of next year, you need a license for it. It's just another "give me some more money" thing from our greedy and corrupt government over there at Beacon Hill.

Want to have a little freedom and perhaps have a nice fire in the
backyard with some friends over? You're likely to get the cops called on you by one of your asshole neighbors. You'll have the fire department there and they'll chew your ass out for one reason or another. You can't do anything fun like that in this state because people complain

Want to protect yourself from all the scum bags in the city areas? Well it's like pulling teeth to get a firearms permit. They DO NOT want you to have it in this state. Thank you Ted Kennedy, hats off to you for making it difficult for law abiding citizens to have the right to defend themselves!

Bottom line is Massachusetts is fucking horrible. After visiting many other states I've realizes that Massachusetts is light years behind the curve, and will never get up to speed because this place is ass
backwards in every single way possible.

I cannot wait to move away from this state, and leave all the shithead Bostonian pricks behind, who will all rot away together, happily ever after..

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Massachusetts 1

Our forefathers would be ashamed of what we have become. Shame on you massachusetts for leading the decline.

We need a revolution. Start with Boston, and the rest of this corrupt state. Be done with DC and Massachusetts, and maybe, just maybe the states might have a slim chance of rebuilding and becoming a great country. Not likely, ever again, but I have hope. Right now, the US is the laughing stock of the world, and it starts with massachusetts, then DC. Barney Frank, John Kerry, Menino, the corrupt Kennedy's, and on and on. Just goes to show you the type of people that massachusetts produces. Ignorance and corruption just breed more of the same. And the residents and taxpayers there - wow!! These people love getting screwed over, and over and over. By Menino, the house, Beacon Hill, the towns, inspectors, meter maids, All corrupt. The entire system. And the residents just keep paying and paying and paying. I have never experienced a more depressed, bitter group of people. And they look it too! Bloated. Tired. Red Faced. Angry. They are all bitter and pissed off, but don't have the balls to stand up and make it right. Or to take action. It's worse than Rome. If the pathetic red sox, or patriots, bruins or celtics are playing, the residents go numb and forget they are being taken advantage of. Oldest city in America. Most corrupt. I don't wish violence on this place. But histoy has shown us, that violence is the only form of diplomacy and action that has 100% success. However, the best I can do, without ending up in jail for voicing my thoughts, and my free spreech rights, is to move away from here and let all of you rot together, with your hangovers, bitter dispositions, selfish attitudes, corrupt leaders, asshole cops, and your smelly, filthy beaches. It would be great if the states ceded from the union and became indepedant territories again, so that we would not have to be tied to or associated with the likes of massachuestts.

Our forefathers would be ashamed of what we have become. Shame on you massachusetts for leading the decline.

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Massachusetts 1

Allright, If you like Massachussetts you're a dumbfuck Masshole. Everything here sucks. The people are all depressed,cold,and unfriendly ( prolly due too other massholes shitting everywhere with their smartass snobby attitudes). Unfotunetly I'm depressed too. I have lived here my whole life and am nearly MISERABLE. Its Boring and the only good thing is Boston and capecod cuz of its beaches. I Live in the suburbs which is like living in a graveyard infested with mosquitos because almost everyone you meet here is either a douche bag an extremley annoying prep or a lifeless bitch.Basically NO ONE HAS A LIFE and they are all up in your face.They think they are cool and they aren't I CAN'T WAIT TO LEAVE THIS HELL HOLE.

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Massachusetts 1

Fuck Massachusetts and all it stands for! This state that I regretfully live in reminds me of a hot bowl of shit soup with peanuts and corn! I cant wait to leave; I feel trapped here! This is truly hell on earth! They make up shit to tax you for and they're getting pretty good at it! Meter Maids stake out your cahh and wait relentlessly for your time to expire! I hate them with a passion! How can you take pride in writing people tickets? What the fuck is an excise tax? How many fucking times do you have to tax my car? Nothing in this god forsaken city makes any sense.. Just look for a house with no price max, You will see a old decrepit town house priced over 14 million...HUH? Rent prices should be illegall!
This city is nothing but a bunch of rude, elitist,snobby, trust fund spoiled ,illegal, fuck stix!
OHHH the taxis are nothing but a bunch of stinkin monkeys who snuck into the country and never will learn the language because the corrupt government will never require them to.
Fuck the T!
Fuck the Fake, drunk ass Irish who think they are royalty because of the Kennedys!
I cant wait to move from here!!!! I wouldn't wish this state on my worst enemy!
Oh yeah, They had the nerve to have a tax free holiday when next door new hampshire is tax free all the time.
I dont know WHY I moved from New York...
Mass holes could SUCK MY DICK!!!

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Massachusetts 2

North pole freezing or jungle heat/humidity
miserable, sour, constipated looking people
drunks, loud mouth white trash, college kiddies/trustfunders galore
pseudo intellectuals who think they are worldy
low paying jobs
work addictions by the sour puss assachusetts types
crappy airport
ineffective state troopers/local police
poor road conditions
two season frigid or torrential downpours
massive taxes/tolls
massive auto insurance
corrupt irish lock on politics
negative population growth
raining/overcast constantly
british and irish like the state b/c the horrible weather is similar to their native lands
insane drivers who have bullet up their ass--always in a hurry/pre-occupied
rude, absrasive people
frumpy looking people with no style
at the democratic convention, tv ads asking bostonians to be nice and have manners---pathetic!
republicratic politics

October-- sunny, cool and leaf colours beautiful. that's a 'positive' thing

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Massachusetts 4

Boston rocks, but plenty of other worthy destinations: Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Hyannisport, to name a few.

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Massachusetts 1

Everyone blames Massachusetts' problems on the liberals. Well I, for one, consider myself a liberal, and I have one thing to say to you people: Stop giving us a bad name. :-P The government in Massachusetts is not liberal at all. It's not conservative either. It's CORRUPT. Liberal means you want to help everybody out. Conservative means you don't want to waste money. Massachusetts means you spend as much money as possible helping your buddies get around the law, forsaking all others, and raise taxes when that runs out so you can keep going. Tax whatever you can - nothing is sacred. A relatively low sales tax masks exorbitant property and income taxes, as well as high, abundant tolls.

Honest, hard-working people get the shaft while there are a huge amount of people abusing the welfare system. Mandatory health insurance means if your job doesn't offer insurance because you're part-time and that's all you can find because the economy is in tatters, then you are the proud payer of a punitive fine. Only the poorest of the poor are eligible for any help from the government, so if you even work part time, you're SOL. Thanks Mitt Romney!

The area I'm most familiar with is the area North of Boston, because since I'm not a trust-fund baby, I've never actually been able to afford the city itself. If douchebags could fly, Metro North would be an airport. Everyone is hell bent on destroying their lives with drugs, alcohol, and speeding along the pot-hole ridden streets as fast as they can. Every waking moment is a pissing contest: Who can be the biggest bad-ass to compensate for the fact that their lives suck because they live in Massachusetts? Closer to the city, you run into pseudo-intellectual snobs whose version of the never-ending pissing contest is to out-hipster or out-pretentious each other. If anyone has any friends, it's because they've known each other since kindergarten. Good luck meeting new people if you're going to move here as an adult -- no one wants anything to do with you.

Oh, and the roads. Yeah. Since leaving Massachusetts, I have nothing but love for street grids and USEFUL public transit. The roads are third-world-country quality, parking in the city is next to impossible, the excise tax (for the uninitiated, a yearly tax for owning a car) is exorbitant, and don't get me started on the seething cauldron of misery that is the RMV. Traffic lights change at seemingly random intervals, so if you're sitting at one red light for way too long, the one you can see 50 feet ahead of you will probably turn red as soon as yours turns green. (If Massachusetts was really that liberal, don't you think they might care enough about the environment to not force cars to idle all the damn time?) The worst part is that it takes forever to get anywhere due to the low-capacity, crumbling roads, eternal construction sites, and the aforementioned traffic lights. One time it took me three hours to get from my home to the closest Target store three miles away.

There's also the T, which of course stands for "Terrible." It closes long before the bars (thanks to the corrupt government's continual tug-job to the taxi lobby), and it's miserable when it IS running. Between faulty switches and signals, random fires on the tracks, and endless, obtrusive station renovations, I have never once gotten where I was going on time if I took the T. I've used many public transit systems extensively -- Washington, San Francisco, New York, Chicago (yes, even Chicago), Toronto, Montreal -- and all of them are more reliable, smoother to ride, and SAFER.

Massachusetts spends most of its time covered by clouds, which are more often than not pissing rain on the state, or dumping snow on it. Winter starts in October and sometimes lasts through April. Spring is dismal and soaked. Summer is hellishly hot and humid. On a positive note, Massachusetts has fantastic New England fall seasons, but those are far too short. The winters are enough to make you doubt the existence of a loving God. Cold, wet, miserable and seemingly endless. And year after year, everyone forgets about how miserable the winters are, so cities and towns are completely unprepared for the necessary snow removal.

Oh, and the local media. God, this is getting long, but there's just so much wrong with this place. The local media consists of the Boston Globe, which has lowered itself to writing sympathetic stories about how the recession is affecting the rich snobs (vomit), the Herald which is basically a tabloid, and local television "news" teams that are so sensationalized they could give Cirque du Soleil lessons.

I'm generally a positive person, but Massachusetts brought out the worst in me and my memories of it are NOT fond. I consider the four years I spent there to be the worst of my life. When I left Massachusetts, my outlook improved dramatically and I really started living life for the first time. It may seem excessive to place that much blame on a state, but it's true - leaving changed my life.

I know plenty of people who love Massachusetts, but not a single one of them has ever lived anywhere else. Everyone I've known who has moved here, turned their tails and ran as soon as they could manage it -- myself included. If you're thinking of moving to Mass., please reconsider. You're only going to want to leave at your first available opportunity. Don't waste your time, your money, or your sanity.

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Massachusetts 4

I can rate it only as a visitor, and even then as a visitor only to certain parts of it. My late cousin lived in Chelmsford, near Boston, and we visited his family a number of times. I always liked Boston, and always wished it was closer to NJ, so I could explore it at greater length. I also spent some time in Salem, Peabody, and the surrounding region, and enjoyed it as much for its quirky New England seaport feel as for its ambiance of "witchcraft" and deviltry (which is what draws the tourists, I guess). I was more familiar with northwestern Massachusetts; the Berkshire region, which is absolutely lovely, whatever the season, but exquisitely so in the Fall, when the leaves are changing color. There was a point where NY, Connecticut, and Massachusetts all came together, and I'd drive through from Hillsdale, NY, to Egremont, Massachusetts, to Great Barrington, which had some great book stores and record shops. Of course, the natural beauty of the region, with its soaring mountains, shimmering lakes, and rolling fields, was what made it an indispensable part of my itinerary whenever I was anywhere near the area (along with its rich history and the architecture of its age-old homes and buildings). On the other side of the state, I have a great aunt who lives in Cape Cod, and the beauty and class of that area makes a joke of those who extoll the "beauty" of the Jersey Shore, let's say, or parts of Florida. And it's liberal, so what's not to love?

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Massachusetts 3

Massachusetts reminds me of crappy Pennsylvania. I always associate these two states together probably because of history, but Mass is only ok! I mean Cape Cod is a nice place, but Boston is horrible! The rest of the state is boring.

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Massachusetts 3

I was born and raised here, but have lived in the South for a few years off and on, so I have to COMPLETELY agree that cost of living is horrible. As far as the people go and all that, I think it pretty much comes down to this: You have to either be rich or dirt poor to live here. Period. If you're white collar, you can afford to live here comfortably and really appreciate the state for what it is when it comes to the history, beaches, culture, etc. If you're poor and living off welfare and just popping out kids then you can milk the state for all it's worth, pay crap for rent due to Section 8, and get everything handed to you (don't understand why anyone wants to live like that but there is a lot of it here). I think that pretty much sums up why the majority of the people come acrooss as rude. It's not that we're arrogant or think we're better than anyone else. The majority of us are working class individuals who have to STRUGGLE to make rent, pay the taxes, etc. We love it here, because it's home, and no matter how bad a place may seem or become it will always be home, but in the process of trying to make ends meet, dealing with horrible winters, etc. many of us become jaded and bitter. It's who we are! And I have to point out I've lived down South for a while also, love it and plan on moving back for a better quality of life, but it's just different culture. Here you may have introverted "Massholes" but down south you have crazy bible thumping super-christians who are quick to push their opinions down your throat, narrow minded hicks and straight up racists. I've experienced it all. No matter where you are, there are always pros and cons. If you're worried about living a middle class life here, then don't come here because it will make you miserable. With that said however, there really is something special about this state when it comes to the history and just overall feel of it, and something that I believe is truly only unique to southern New England. By the way, America doesn't run on Dunkin, Massachusetts does. That's why the drivers here are crazy...we drink way too much coffee and hate the commute to work.

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Massachusetts 1

I travel all over the united states. I cant tell you the details of my job but when I go to a state I usually have to stay for about 1 year.
By far the worst place I have ever been to is Massachusetts! Talk about a [email protected]#$ed up state!
The people are incredibly rude and miserable. The accent was like fingers nails running down a chaulk board. the people are extremely rude and vulgar, they swear so much it makes me sick.
When people swear like that they sound very stupid.
Belive me I have meet some realy stupid people in Massachusetts too.
I got to the point where I would just stay in my hotel room so I wouldnt have to deal with the repulsive, rude, miserable, stupid asshole residents of that state.

While I was there I looked at renting an appartment...WTF!! I couldnt believe the prices. I was going to live in an appartment the size of a shoe box for over $1700 a month and that didnt include any utilities. So lets see... I was paying $300 per week for an extended stay hotel, multiply that by 4 (4 weeks in a month average) = $1200. by staying in a hotel I was saving $500 per month. But wait lets include the utilities the cost of electricity in MA is 16.33 cents per killowatt. Yes thats more than California. California pays 14.37 cents per killowatt.
What would I have to pay in heating throught the frigid winter?
I just couldnt afford to live in an appartment in the Boston area.

Driving in Massachusetts was the worst driving experience of my life. I understand that Boston is an old city with lots of one way streets. but the roads a riddled with pot holes. why bother paving them?
Exits that seems to go no where you need to go.
No turning lanes.
My car was hit 3 times and it was parked.

Boston sports fans are the worst and take sports way to seriously. If you dont like the Red sox, Bruins, Celtics or the Patriots. my suggestion is to keep your mouth shut. it just isnt worth the aggravation.

The political establishment in Boston is the most corrupt I have ever seen. they sure do like to pass laws and shove them down the residents throats. this is a common wealth? Massachusetts needs to be stipped from using the word common weath and replace it with some thing more appropriate like Communist Weath.

To sum all of this up Massachusetts realy suck in a bad way. I would never live there. I will never go back to visit. even though the city is full of history it just isnt worth it to me.

Take it from someone that has lived through out the USA. if you are young and ambitious, if you want to make money, if you dont want the government shoving rules down your throat, if you realy want to be free. move away from Massachusetts and say away.

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Massachusetts 4

I laugh at all of the comments below. Crying about how taxes are so high? REALLY? Have you lived in California? NY? what a joke, if you think that is bad, you need to move somewhere like nebraska. Bad drivers? I wouldnt say so, more so aggressive, which you need to be at times when people from out of MA come in and try to drive around who don't know how to use their blinker, merge with traffic, go around a rotary, and drive below speed limit. The overall reviews of people are rude and bitter, I agree to an extent during the winter months, but not all MA people are that way. Thats like saying all people in the U.S. are a bunch of assholes. Stop stereotyping. Schools in MA....ya know what, they ARE some of the best. Universities and High Schools. Working in education in a different state, I see how lucky I am to have received the education I got in high school in MA. MA also has some of the best hospitals. I love the Boston accent, and sad I've lost it. I moved to experience new things, just like a lot of other people from MA do....they don't all stay within a 50 mile radius. I have friends that do, but thats like anywhere! People in San Francisco hardly leave their city....are they a bunch of dicks, no....they like who they are where they are. Respect that.

MA is a great place. Those of you complaining, maybe you are living in the wrong neighborhood. Or, maybe you should just leave and stop bitching. :)

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Massachusetts 1

You'd have to be crazy to move into this hell hole.

The reviews below are TRUE.

I lived in this hellhole for 6 1/2 years, while I worked on a PhD at MIT. Get it? PhD. MIT. And yeah, I graduated at the top of my class. I'm NOT a stupid person. But this state THINKS that I am. Or at least that's how they treated me.

I've never lived in such an awful place in my life, and I've lived so far in the Midwest and on the West Coast. In both those places, the people are at least decent. In MA? They'd slit their mothers' throat for a dime. Or maybe even 5 cents.

It really is as terrible as everyone below describes. People are rude. Prices are high. (Prices are also high in California...but at least the place is NICE TO LIVE IN.) The state is a dump. And when I say "dump", i mean "DUMP". As in, people piss on the streets in Boston and the trash piles up in the alleyways.

People drive like idiots. I got side-swiped by a taxi, and it didn't stop. I got hit by two idiots without insurance. Did the police care? Hell no. Even though the ONLY thing that the police DO in Boston is "construction detail". (i.e. sit around, eat donuts, and chat with the construction crews while they fix the street.)

The place is corrupt. I got screwed by some idiot parking meter maid who took advantage of me and towed my car....TWICE. (Oh, sorry, I parked NINE FEET instead of TEN away from a fire hydrant. Douchebags.)

Did I mention that my own suburb instituted a parking ban, SOLELY to raise money? YEP, you can't park on the streets after midnight! Bam, $20 a day revenue from every stooge renter who is forced to park on the street. The city raked in tens of thousands of dollars a day.

I got ripped off by real estate agents! TWO in six years! I lost a grand total of $5000 to real estate agents.



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Massachusetts 1

The nearest thing to a city is boston, which isn't even in the top 10 in terms of population or anything else. It's smaller than #5 Phoenix (Phoenix just displaced Phili as America's 5th biggest), Vegas, and even Dallas, yet calls itself the hub of the universe: New England parochialism at its best. It's infatuated with NY, which is a legit Tier-One world-class city. Boston has two prestigious schools: Harvard and MIT, the vast majority of Harvard and MIT students aren't from anywhere near Massholeland. No other Masshole school is anything special. MA has the nerve to put "Spirit of America" on its license plates when, in fact, the unassimilated Irish Catholic filth try their best to kill the American spirit by imposing failed Communist, paternalist collectivism. NYC isn't rude; people are in a hurry because it's a big city where it's hard to get around. Boston's excuse? It's not big. It's not the center of anything. It's a population of small minded fools who actually brag about having never been 50 miles from home and think they've seen it all.

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Massachusetts 3

I've lived in MA. It's not bad. The people are rude and the cost of living sucks. However MA has a very deep rooted and rich history. Very historic (n boston tea party ring any bells). Not to mention MA doesn't have a conservative white trash mentality to it. I mean we have white trash and religious zealots but not as many as other regions of the US.

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Massachusetts 5

I don't know if I stumbled onto a joke site, but I see all these incredibly negative reviews of my State, some of them direct replicas of those before, but with different names posting . . . and I can't help but think that this site is incredibly biased. I mean, you have a review of Massachusetts by someone named TexasLover, and no one has an issue with that. It seems the majority of the negative reviews originate from Florida and the south and that does make sense to me. The Northeast and the south have very different viewpoints on many things, from pets to politics.

However, I would hope a rating about an entire State would leave politics in specific, though it seems to be one of the bigger targets here, since politics have little to do with how a State looks or feels, or how the locals act. Sure, in general, everyone is liberal and hates straight people, or at least that's how the southerners on this site seem to portray us. In fact we ARE liberal. We are very accepting of any persons ethnicity, with the bulk of our population previesly subjected to racism. Creed and sexuality aren't very important to how we judge people, character and personality is more important.

Massachussetts also has some of the best museums in the country, from the Museum of Fine Art and the Museum of Science being two just in Boston, but there are many fantastic historical museums around the State focusing on the history of the local workers, or the origins and culture of the native Americans who used to populate the area.

The roads can be daunting to drive on if you're from elsewhere, but that can't be blamed on the people, or even the government. The winters New England recieves yearly wreaks havok on the pavement of the roads.

I had much more to say about this, but then I stopped to look over some other articles on the site and I'm now convinced that anything I have to say that's positive about the northeast will be ignored, even though I can talk about how people from Massachussetts are interesting and engaging without saying people from other places are terrible. It certainly seems that this site is baised, at least as far as States in the US are concerned, but do you really have to ignorantly demean other people to bring out the positives in your area?

Sadly for you, and thankfully for places like Boston, and New England, scrolling through a page of hate mongering like I've seen on this site Only makes me want to avoid place like Texas and California in the future.

In closing, it's disgusting that you people judge and entire state or region on the predominant politics, and for those who actually have some information, and knowledge, you shouldn't be so critical. Yes, Deval Patrick got elected, yes, he's terrible, but if you were voting in that election, he certainly seemed better than the rest.

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Massachusetts 1

I made the stupid and unfortunate mistake to move my family here 4 years ago and have lived with the regret since. We've tried to sell our house several times. I even took job in another state but had to back out at the last minute because the house didn't sell. We're stuck here in this hell-hole with no escape. So why are we so miserable here and constantly trying to leave? Like the other rates, we live with:

1. MASSHOLES. No other way to describe them. Singularly the most rude and evil people you'd ever not want to meet. We've been through a lifetime of crap and abuse at the hands of MASSHOLES. To make matters worse, our neighbors in the condo complex we live in turned out to be the biggest drug dealers in town. And they are senior citizens no less! The cops busted them last year, SWAT team and all, but because of the liberal-ass judges and dope smoking law makers, they didn't see a day of jail time. Everyone here seems to be either dealing drugs or doing them.

2. Homosexuals, gays, lesbians, transgenders, etc, etc, you name it, they are here and constantly trying to jam their lifestyles down straight peoples throats. Heaven forbid you ever voice anything contrary to their GLBT lifestyle, they'll beat the crap out of you. It's only a matter of time before they outlaw traditional marriage in this kidding!

3. Worst drivers ever. Hostile, aggressive, cut-you-off-in-a-heartbeat. I had to sell my sports car and buy a big nasty SUV just so I had some muscle to keep from getting run off the road everyday. Standard driving equipment includes leaning on your horn and a constantly raised middle finger out the window.

4. Government, state and local, corruption that never ends. An honest politician has no place in this state.

5. TAX-TAX-TAX-TAX it all. Hell, we had to pay a $3,000 tax just for the privilage of the town installing a new sewer systems and tearing up all the roads.

6. Schools suck. Don't believe any of the "New England schools are great" BS out there, it just isn't so. The high school in the town we live in should have been torn down and a new one built back in the 1970's and yet there it is, barely standing and a hazard to anyone in it, and yet this corrupt town government has spent millions building a new senior center.

7. Winters are bad, I mean really bad. The worst thing is that whenever it snows, every unemployed moron with a pickup truck and plow blade is out there running around like drunken madmen ripping everyone off charging $100 per storm to plow driveways.

So to summarize it all, if you are considering moving here, don't do it. If you are stuck here and are trying to leave, good luck to you too, I hope we can both escape. And lastly, if you live here and like it, you're a MASSHOLE!

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Massachusetts 1

Massachusetts is awesome if you enjoy the following:

I moved here 3 years ago from Vermont. I moved because my wife found a school that was perfect for what she needed. I reluctantly gave up my awesome job and beautiful apartment in Vermont's upper valley to live here.

As soon as she's done school we're gone.

Mass is by far the worst place I've ever lived and I will tell you why.

1. The people are the worst part. Everyone is cold, bitter, angry and their accent will drive you nuts. If I hear someone say "Im gonna go paaahk the cahr" one more time I think I'll vomit. This leads to #2

2. Driving in Mass is wretched. Because the people are selfish, self absorbed, greedy and out of touch with reality, driving her eis horrible I actuall saw a car MOVE FORWARD for a car in the right lane so the car behind it could merge onto the right hand turn and because the initial car didnt move fast enough, they still got flipped off by the car behind them. The motto here should be "Hey, welcome to Mass, now go fuck yourself"

3. Taxes are bad, real bad. Hope you dont like beer because it costs 16 bucks a 12 pack. 8 bucks for a pack of smokes. there will be an additional .20cents tax on each gallon of gas in the very near future. Not like gas is expensive or anything......

4. Boston sports fans suck. If you are not a fan of the pats, celts, sox or bruins dont celebrate your team. It simply isnt worth it and boston fans actually get violent....I was almost arrested at the garden one night.

5.Tolls, on top of the excise tax which you will pay if you purchase a new car, if you live east of boston on the pike you will pay money, and lots of it to commute into the city. The commuter rail is not much better, and slow as hell. With, of course, grumpy drivers and attendents.

All in all I hate it here. It has completely beaten me down, and made me tired. I hope to move as soon as humanly possible.

I will leave this review on a single note: "How is it the state which spurred the American Revolution based upon taxation from England now taxes its people so dearly?"

I will be moving back to the good ol' Green Mountain state where the people are slower, nicer, and leave you the hell alone.

Fuck you Massachusetts.

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Massachusetts 1

First off, please don't write a review on this entire state if you've just visited here or haven't lived here for at least 6 months because you don't know what your talking about. I've lived here for about 24 years, and other places for several years and can easily say that this has got to be one of the shittiest places on earth. With that said, I'm not going to get too elaborate here because pretty much everything has already been discussed. I'll just break down some stuff real quick. Ill start off with the only good:

1. The geography and architecture can be very nice
2. The elementary and middle school systems are on the better side.

Thats it. However the first one can be completely disregarded as that can only be enjoyed for about 2-4 months a year.

Now the bad:

1. 95% of people here suck...just plain suck. This is probably the most important category of any place so this will be the only one I'll elaborate on. The people here for the most part are: Rude, Straight Up Mean, Shallow, Hypocritical, Smug, Snooty, Bitchy, the list goes on. For us 20-somethingers, the majority of girls (women would be impolite) here are not attractive, very manly non-lady like personalities and mannerisms and overall unbelievably shallow "issue" latent bitches with not a trace of justifiable cause. Not that any of that can be justifiable. Even the ugliest, fattest, smelliest bitches think there shit doesn't stink and think they're too good for everything. The majority of guys here are complete tools and miserable cave-men like douche bags that have been socially manipulated into caring about nothing but beer, sports, and their shitty beards they grow in the winter as if to say, "look at me, I'm an easy-going rugged tool box, i can grow a beard!! Maybe i'll go chop some wood if only I knew how to use an ax. But I don't cuz I'm really just a douche but this beard sure does hide it well doesn't it?" Oh and the biggest thing about being accepted into this shit culture is the whole "cool" factor. Which here basically consists of how well you are at throwing sarcasm and being a facetious witty twit. It gets old and annoying so fast to outsiders and is just plain dumb. But people born and raised here don't even realize it, because its been past down for generations and embedded into their psyche. This is all mainly because there is absolutely nothing else to do in this boring miserable shit hole so peoples minds get engineered around shit. I could go on and on.

2. Weather is awful. For about 5-7 months out of the year. Winters are frigid, you'll pretty much be living your life indoors during this time and it gets dark real soon and very little sunshine. People are extra miserable during this time. Spring it rains a ridiculous amount and is cloudy gloomy and often cold. Then theres the pollen. So much sometimes it looks like its snowing. Better hope you don't have allergies otherwise you'll become a drug addict during this time. Pointless to ever wash your car or to even own a nice car here. Summers are very hot and humid but last only about 3 months if that. Sept. and Oct. are really the only enjoyable months here as far as weather.

3. Government sucks. They're trying to create an elitist state here by enacting laws and other crap that basically force out all the low to middle class while using the poor as their minions.

4. School system of High School and above is highly overrated and insanely overpriced.

5. Roads system is ludicrous. You got exits merging with entrances, lane merges all over, one ways up the arse, no designated turn lanes which can hold up traffic for days, exits that take you to the middle of nowhere, and road conditions are just horrendous.

6. Jobs are pathetic. Way too many people competing for far to few decent jobs. Horrible place for a recent college grad.

Well, I wrote way more than I wanted but I couldn't help it. I got caught up in expressing how much this place blows. To sum it up: GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!!! or DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT MOVING HERE FOR ANY REASON!!!

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Massachusetts 1

I feel I been stuck in this ugly hostile and bitter shit whole, I can not wait till my lease in done. On the top of all with living in New England and Visiting it States with running into so many stuck up losers, where they all think you own them some thing back. I have only One Label for the whole area "AN UGLY SHIT WHOLE".

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Massachusetts 1

Boston and Massachusetts as a whole is absolutely the worst place on earth. I moved up here from Orlando about a year ago for a job paying more than double what I was making in Florida and I would give every penny to move from this hellhole. If you are single you will need a no less than one hundred thousand per year to exist in this city and if you actually want to live you better start playing the lottery.

Lets talk about the people they are not just rude they are down right obnoxious old and young alike. Case and point a few months ago I slowed down for a construction zone where there was only one lane of travel, some old lady did not like the fact I was only doing 70mph in a 55 zone and road my bumper the whole way. The best part was after the construction zone the gray headed elderly lady that could barley see over the wheel honked her horn while flipping me off when passing me I would say at over 100mph.

The Accent worse than nails on a chalkboard imagine the most awful and annoying sound and multiply one hundred times and you have your typical Masshole. If you want to drive some one insane send the to Massachusetts for a week with the most obnoxious people on earth.

You will need to pay city taxes on cars, boats and other motorized vehicles registered with the state. Amounts are paid based on what the city thinks your vehicles current value is. If you have say a BMW you could expect to pay $3000 to $4000 per year in city taxes depending on the town you live in and how it assess the value of your ride.

The taxes collected on motorized vehicles are used for road repairs how every don’t expect nice roads they are full of holes. I would recommend putting money aside for repairs on things like rimes tires and wheel alignments because you will need it trust me.

Don’t bother with maps the city has some many detours a map want do you any good. The roads are so confusing my cars GPS system doesn’t know where I am most of the time. Forget about asking for direction people will say, “they are not from around there” or “me speak no English”. Best advice is not to drive in the city unless you have no other choice. If you must drive in the city make sure you have a minim of $50 cash you will need this for parking.

Lets talk weather, summer months will bring rain, rain and cold temps in the middle 60s, so if you like it cold and wet summer Bean town is just for you. A heat wave is 3 days of 90 degrees or above but don’t expect to see many heat waves.

Summer is the only season that does not usually snow. Fall, Winter and Spring bring cold temps that often don’t rise above freezing during daytime and drop to below zero after dark with heavy never ending snow. You should expect at least one large snowstorm per week with over a foot of snow and ice. You should plan to buy the best winter clothing Canada Goose Expedition Parka is a good choice it’s used in the north pole. The weather in these parts is no joke locals tell me a few years back there was a snow storm so great people where stuck in their cars on the highway for more than day.

In the south a person has the right to protect them selves. You can forget about that here guns permits require an act of congress and the laws are the strictest in the country. Beware if it can be used, as a weapon you will need a permit not only carry it but to have it in your home. Also know Bubba most likely want be going to the courthouse for a weapons permit before breaking into your home rubbing and shooting you.

Know this If you move to Massachusetts you move to a police state where the criminals have all the rights and you don’t. If you decide to come here your purposes in life will be to serve the criminals thugs and corrupt political cronies that run the state.

To sum it up the weather sucks, the people are rude, criminal have more rights than you, the cost of living is beyond high and your thousands of dollars in taxes you pay will provide power and wealth to the corrupt state leaders so they can continue there dictatorship. If I didn’t have people depending on me I would have left this state the day I arrived. I can’t wait to move back to FLA. Oh and go Tampa Bay Rays

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Massachusetts 1

Massachusetts is a very nasty place. I have lived in five different states and came here to be closer to my aging mother. Biggest mistake I have ever made.

The current governor is an idiot and the other politicians on Beacon Hill are just there to line their pockets with the sweat of the working class heros of this state. It is a democratic hell hole. They support the unions which by the way, are bleeding businesses dry with their unrealistic demands.

Try to find work in this hell hole of a state, or for that matter try to collect unemployment! Unless you are a welfare whore or an illegal, this state will do nothing for you. They just want to tax, tax, tax you for EVERYTHING. I can see now why people are fleeing in droves! I am on my way out too and NEVER to return, as soon as my mom is taken care of.

My advice to anyone entertaining the thought of moving to this state, RECONSIDER! This is no place to raise a family, work or even visit. You will be met with hostile people, outrageous prices for everything and you will be left with the same bad taste everyone else has.

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Massachusetts 1

I was born and raised in Massachusetts or as I like to call it "The Peoples Republic Of Massachusetts" I moved several years ago to Georgia and I couldnt be happier.
Massachusetts has got to be the worst place I have ever lived, If any one says that it is a great state then I am willing to bet that they never lived in another state and just dont know any better.
The people in Massachusetts emm... excuse me. "The Peoples Republic" are rude. Why are they rude? they are too busy making money to pay the taxes and other fees that the Massachusetts communist government charges. Every try to get an Electrical License in Massachusetts HOLY CRAP ITS EXPENSIVE!
People in "The Peoples Republic of Massachusetts" are miserable and they are misserable due to the corrupt ineffective government and they probly just got pulled over by the Gastapo aka Massachusetts Police.
Massachusetts Police do what ever they want. when ever they want. all the police in Massachusetts are corrupt.
God for bid if you owe the Massachusetts communist government money, I had an arrest warrant put out on me because I was 35 cents short on a ticket that was given to me by the state Gastapo (Police) for throwing a ciggarett butt out of the window and the best thing is that I dont even smoke!!
I have a friend who owes child support, he lost his job and was out of work for about 6 monthes. 60 days after getting a job and trying to get back on his feet the Massachusetts communist goverment took all of his money out of his bank account, siezed ALL of his savings, He never refused to pay child support and was paying weekly. This to me just isnt fair.
My nephew still lives in that crappy state, He is going to trade school. as a student he doesnt have much money and wasnt able to pay for health care. the communist government fined him $900 for not having health care.
So to all of those people who still live in The Peoples Republic Of Massachusetts and think it is a great place...Bend over and hand over your wallet Im sure you like taking it up the back side.
As for me I will NEVER EVER live in that shit hole state again. I will never visit that state. I will never Vacation in that state.

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Massachusetts 5

I lived in MA my whole life, just move (unfortunately) a few years ago and can't wait to move back. I am shocked at all of the negative reviews MA got!!! Try living in AZ- now that sucks! All this talk about politics... the gov has it's pros and cons everywhere so stop focusing on MA so much. A state's gov is the last thing on my mind when I'm deciding where to live. I mean, we are all still in the US, how different can MA's gov really be?

MA is full of people who are passionate about things... sports- especially the Red Sox (ha ha), art, food, history, music, fashion, nature, etc. The school system is rated #2 in the country. There's a strong culture in MA that maybe can truly only be appreciated by those of us who were born and raised here but... give it a chance. The weather isn't awful. The winter is cold but who cares, spring is right around the corner and summer is beautiful- lakes, beaches, forests... lots of recreational type things to do and not far from other great places in New England, not to mention NY. And the fall is gorgeous with lots of tradition. The Healthcare is also top-notch in MA. The food (chowdah, lobstah- ha, ha...) and the music are better than or just as good as in NY or LA. There's always good music playing on the radio -people know what's up in MA! Boston, very cool city. Pain to drive in but no big deal. There's lots of little trashy towns in MA but also lots of really liveable towns as well. It's a very diverse state.

Don't listen to anyone who says MA sucks. Just do your homework when you're deciding what town to live in... stay away from Winchendon, Gardner, Fitchburg, Athol, and Ware to name a few. Oh, and the cost of living... you SHOULD have to pay a little more for your kids to have a great education and to have exposure to all of the other wonderful things MA has to offer.

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Massachusetts 1

MA is a cranky place. It's probably the most classist and racist place I've been. To love it, you have to be born here, and you have to believe that things that happened here a century ago somehow make the place cool today. You need to believe that yet another law passed by the gov't will make the world a better place. You also need to be an alcoholic and addicted to the most boring sport of all time, Baseball.
The bottom line is, the roads are terrible, the housing substandard and overpriced, the gov't is old entrenched and corrupt, the economy largely dependant on gov't handouts and military work, and the people are just plain vulgar. Boston is dying culturally and economically and most folks just don't recognize it. If you're here, ambitious, and you're young, you'll be eyeing the door.
On the upside, I'm making more here than I did when I last lived in Denver, and geographically it can be quite striking... but it is a small positive when compared to the people and the housing costs which exceed higher salaries.
If you are from somewhere else and you move here, it is a lesson in how a culture can get so broken, so elitist so opposed to progress, and wind up worshipping pedophiles, kennedies, and the red sox along the way. Weird. I can't wait till my fiance is done with school and we can move out. MA is a bad deal.

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Massachusetts 1

This State SUCKS in so many ways... First off, it should be stripped of all rights to the use of the word "Commonwealth". Period. That said, the people here aren't just rude and self-absorbed, they are STUPID and just like to act so highly educated and intellectual. We had the opportunity in this last election to vote to eliminate the state income tax. Special interest groups solely protecting the State government's self-serving interests, spent MILLIONS in advertising to defeat the measure. And the majority of voters fell for it! "Oh, it would be fiscally irresponsible. They'll only make up for it with new fees, more fines and regulations, raising property taxes. It would be devestating to cities and towns... " blah-blah-blah. It didn't pass. Guess what?? JAN 1 all that bad stuff is happening anyway! People can't even remember = YOU just voted two months ago to keep giving BILLIONS in income tax dollars to prevent that. Ha-ha. Tough Shit. Gonna keep taking your hard earned money and still slash local aid, hike the gas tax, tolls, motor vehicle fees, lay off cops and teachers. (Good, I say we had too many to begin with). And all along, our state leaders were already heavily engaged in the proposals for the upcoming Federal Relief bill. (It didn't just Poof out of thin air overnight). They've got their fingers in the pot for SEVERAL BILLION more dollars from the national taxpayer pool, earmarked for "other" spending ideas, infrastructure = pet projects. ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY around here, I think it sucks.

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Massachusetts 1

Massachusetts is the worst state in the country! Unfortunately, I've had the misfortune to spend my entire life in this dump, so I know firsthand why it is so awful. Below, please find my top ten of the worst things there are about Mass.

10) It's UGLY! The areas around Boston are industrial and dirty. Farther away from the city are suburbs that all look the SAME.

9) The Weather - So cold in the winter you can't stand it, and so hot in the summer you can't stand it. Massachusetts has two nice months: September and October, but these aren't guranteed to be nice. There is a 50/50 chance they'll be just as crappy as the rest of the year.

8) The cops - are psychotic egotists.

7) Beauracracy up the ying yang. There is no freedom in this state! They watch your every move and then charge you money for it.

6) The people. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon included. I hate those suckers!

5) The drivers - Are terrible.

4) The pedestrians - Are even worse. But if you hit one it's your fault.

3) The Mass Pike - the worst highway in the US. First of all, not one of the exits lead to a desirable location, and two, you have to PAY for it!

2) The Accent - Pahk the cahh up your ass.

1) The politics - Gays and Kennedys, that's all there is to it.

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Massachusetts 1

I lived in MA for 8 years. It is easlily the worst state I have ever lived in. The liberal run government wants to suck money out of it's subjects any way it can. The state is constantly looking for new and improved ways to tax it's people. Crime is horrible in Boston and the chickenshit of a Mayor won't allow his subjects their constitutional right to protect themselves. The police, fire, and 95% of the government is corrupt. Every week there is a new scandal and the sheeple keep voting these Democratic big government hacks back in to office. My quality of life has gone back up since I moved out of the Communist confines of Massachusetts.

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Massachusetts 3

Massachusetts is a state I lived all my life in ,and therefore I feel the need to list all pros and cons for anyone planning to live here. Without any hestiation whatsoever, here are the pros.

Pros: Lots of history, Boston is a great city to visit as there are lots to do, and the transportation system (The T) is convenient to use. As a matter of fact, since Boston is such a congested city ,it is better to use the T here. Moreover, even though the Boston area is notorious to drive in, I would venture to say that it is probably one of the most walkable cities to walk in and has that European feel about it. Another great attribute is that Massachusetts probably has the best educational systems available second to Connecticut (I believe) ,and the Universities are the most numerous and of very high quality as well. Moreover, the tolerance of other cultures is generally good ,but of course racism isn't obsolete here either. You will meet a lot of well-read individuals (if they open up to you but that's in the cons section) because of the general educated populace. Sport wise,  people in Boston take great pride in the Red Sox and will jeer outspokenly and enthusiastically againts it's arch-enemy team (The New York Yankees). If you are a Red Sox Fan, you will fit right in ,but getting to know the locals will take some time (I'll explain that in the cons).

Cons: One detriment is the cost of living is insanely expensive as is the cost of education. If anyone lives anywhere in the country, they may find the taxes here in Massachusetts oppressive. One individual , that I know of, that moved from Pennsylvania end up moving back because he was getting taxed to death. In regards to people, it is true that people in Massachusetts can be quite rude. This is especially evident with the drivers here. For anyone that lives in down south,  I know strangers will strike up a polite conversation with anyone as individuals are more receptive to a stranger saying "hi" in that region in the country. I wouldn't recommend being that friendly with anyone you don't know in Massachusetts. You willl either get " who are you and what do want", a strange look that communicates " why are you talking to me and who are you ?" or " do you want my money ?". You'll get the occasional "hi" but people are on the go because they just don't want to be bothered with, so in most cases the conversation will not get passed "hi" . You will find that the people here sometimes have this dark "get out of my way, I want to go about my own business (work or home) " vibe that goes along with what was just mentioned. Also , anyone that lives down south and plan to move here, you will find getting to know people in Massachusetts will take longer because people are more reserved ,and do not appear friendly on the surface. One more thing to mention as well. If anyones car breaks down in the south more often than not there will be guys that will pull over to help you out. In Massachusetts, no one pulls over for you because there too busy doing there own thing. Your just SOL (sh*t out of luck). However, I will also concede that western mass has individuals a lot less reserved and a tad more gregarious. However, I wouldn't say they are that gregarious (generally, not always) either.  This isn't to dissuade anyone from living here.  I'm simply telling it as it is in regards to Massachusetts life.

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Massachusetts 1

nohmaste; Your assesment of Massholechusetts is right on. You nailed it perfectly! I was born and brought up in Worcester; one of the dirtiest dankest most decrepit broken down mill town hellholes that exists on the planet. Life was miserable. A few years back I picked up, packed up and cleared out to sunny Tampa Bay. Only been back to Caracas Norte (Worcester) once since I left and I have no ambition to ever return. I was ready to drive back down to sunny Florida 24 hours after I arrived in Caracas Norte (October visit).

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Massachusetts 3

There must be a distinction made between eastern Mass and western Mass. Eastern Mass (Boston, South Shore, Worcester, Metrowest, North Shore) is a pretty miserable place. Western MA (Pioneer Valley and pretty much anything west of Interstate I-91) is a completely different animal, though I would exclude the Springfield metro area from that category. The people in western MA, though not exactly gregarious, tend to be somewhat less rude.

I have a theory as to why the native-born population here is so unbelievably rude: it's at least tangentially related to inbreeding and bad weather. First, the weather: for about 7 months of the year, the weather here is absolutely horrible. It's cold, cloudy, often raining, snowing or icing from October to May. And dark. No sun. It's very depressing, particularly if you haven't the money or time to go skiing or to visit a pretty rural area during winter (ski chalet in Vermont, for example). If you live in an urban or suburban place with limited access to nature, this kind of weather has a tendency to push one indoors for six months. Think about it: six months sitting inside...not exercising...not seeing the sun enough.

This creates a certain low-level depression for many people, and I think it may contribute to a certain inwardness of personality. The people here are weird and unfriendly. Hell, spend a week in North Carolina or Texas (any time of year) and you'll notice the difference immediately.

Theory two: inbreeding. This is a little bit tongue-in-cheek, and I don't put too much stock in it, however....

The peasant/blue collar people of New England came from the poorest of the poorest sections of England and Ireland. They came here in the 1800s and worked in factories, as did subsequent generations. They procreated amongst themselves and they gradually acquired political and financial influence. The smartest ones took over the police and fire forces, and the really smart ones entered politics (Kennedy). However, the rest of them (the dumb ones, of which there were MANY) have always had a huge chip on their shoulders, because of an inherent inferiority complex. Blue collar people here (Southshore, Northshore, Somerville, places like Woburn, etc.) really really have anger issues. They are by-and-large not very nice people, because they're scared to death by their own sense of inferiority. They learned it from their parents and their grandparents.

And, the transplants who come here from other parts of the country (people in their 20s, probably seeking some kind of fantasy life: sitting in an old house in Cambridge, reading David Sedaris and listening to NPR, whilst drinking free-trade coffee) don't live in the real Massachusetts, the place inhabited by the blue collar people. It takes many years to really understand why this place sucks so much.

The highly-educated, glib, politically-progressive types who gravitate to Boston/Cambridge from boring-assed midwestern suburbs don't know any better. They've come from religious, homophobic, semi-rural nowhere places, so Boston probably seems light-years better, and it probably is. However, once you spend a few years here (or TEN!), even those people start to realize just how lame this place is, and just how unbelievably fucking rude and selfish the native-born population tends to be.

Boston sucks, the surrounding suburbs suck even more, and this endless cycle of suckiness will continue for as long as there is a USA. I'm just happy that I'm not stuck here forever.

Though not many things can beat a hike through the southwestern-Mass section of the Appalachian Trail on a warm, sunny mid-October day. But, the price one must pay for that one exquisite day is far too much, particularly if you want to remain happy...and "not weird".

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