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ridden in a stretch limo

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Sparks42 (44)
Came as a perk with my job.0
hey not everybody has. i'm sure many have but i just happen to be one of those that haven't. do i want to? i could care less if i ever did.0
Vudija (92)
Once, my best friend's 18th birthday present from her boyfriend of the time. It was fun, they blared music as if we were deaf, but I blame it on their excitement over being in the limo and her now being an adult. 1
swangmaster8 (4)
With a bunch of women, it was the best car ride I was ever on.0
kamylienne (70)
Twice. One at my aunt's wedding (I was the flower girl), and the other time at my granfather's funeral. Kind of neat, but on those occasions there were more important things going on than riding around a glorified car.1
Molfan (48)
Not such a great deal. One a nice experience my wedding day. and a few days ago a bad one My mother died. so depends on the reason.1
LanceRoxas (39)
many times.. whoopdiddy doo! 3
IgnatiusJReilly (71)
Yep. My uncle used to drive for a limo company, so I got to ride in them all the time!2
EschewObfuscation (66)
This is an interesting point on the generation gap. When we were kids, limos were extremely rare. Lincolns and Cadillacs were fairly rare. Today, almost every middle class kid has been driven around in numerous limos of varying lengths. When you tell them that the first time you rode in one was in your 20's, they can't imagine it. What societal progress we're making.2
souljunkie (23)
Many times...not a big deal. 2
Randyman (91)
Who hasn't?2
irishgit (101)
Yeah, but what's the big deal? So have at least fifty per cent of kids at most urban high school grads.1
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