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GenghisTheHun  (106)   on 07/14/2005 4:29PM, said:

USS Oregon (BB-3) was a pre-Dreadnought Indiana-class battleship of the United States Navy. She entered service in the Pacific. In 1898 as tensions rose between Spain and the USA, the Oregon reported to San Francisco and loaded with ammunition. Three days later she was ordered on what was to become one of the most historic voyages ever undertaken by a Navy ship. She sailed around South American and had a perilous trip through the Straits of Magellan. On May 24, 1898, she anchored off Jupiter Inlet, Florida, reporting ready for battle. Altogether, Oregon had sailed over 14,000 miles since leaving San Francisco 66 days earlier.The record-setting voyage delighted the public and inspired popular songs -- The Race of the Oregon, by John James Meehan, included the lyrics Lights out! And a prow turned toward the South, And a canvas hiding each cannon's mouth And a ship like a silent ghost released Is seeking her sister ships in the East. When your boys shall ask what the guns are for, Then tell them the tale of the Spanish war, And the breathless millions that looked upon The matchless race of the Oregon. This voyage swept away all opposition to the Panama Canal. She served in the Pacific and on the China Station. She was placed in reserve and then served in the Pacific in World War I. She was de-militarized pursuant to the Washington Naval Treaty of 1924. In 1925, she was towed to Porland, Oregon, for a museum. In 1941, the Navy decided it needed scrap and started to scrap the old warhorse. The Navy started the process but stopped it because of public uproar. The old ship was then used as munitions barge during the reconquest of Guam. The old hulk broke free during a typhoon in 1948 and the Navy found it 500 miles at sea and towed it back to Guam. Oddly in 1956, it was sold to the Japanese who towed it to Japan and scrapped it.

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