Allegations of prisoner abuse at US detention centers such as Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, and Bagram


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X Factor Z  (6)   on 09/06/2005 10:56AM, said:

Raise awarness? People should have known this years ago.

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EschewObfuscation  (54)   on 06/20/2005 9:22AM, said:

I think this is an important story, one about military discipline, leadership and responsibility. I don't, however, see it as a political story, certainly not one which reflects negatively on the current administration. For all you Bill Clintons out there who loath the military out of social brainwashing or old habits, this seemed like a bat to club President Bush with. It didn't work, every negative story about America doesn't elevate the democrat to presidential status, not to the majority of Americans. I know they're still sitting around at the NY Times wondering how this failed to get Kerry elected, but that was 2004. It is an important story in 2005 because Americans want to believe that our military purges itself of law-breakers who do things like this. This is not a military scandal on the scale of My Lai. This is a story about a few people who overstepped their authority, broke some rules (and laws), were real stupid in thinking they wouldn't get caught, and got absolutely nailed. The courts-martial have not ended, not all of them have even started. Several people have been demoted or tossed from the military, several more will be. But the media missed the point on this one and stoked up the liberals, in a vain effort at putting a political stain on a president running for re-election, and the American people see through the effort.

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CanadaSucks  (25)   on 06/18/2005 2:08PM, said:

Americans don't give a rat's ass about non-white, non-Christian, non-Western people that may or may not be the victims of torture. I could name at least 10 different nations where this happens but no one cares. Why should we start now?

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LanceRoxas  (35)   on 06/18/2005 12:56PM, said:

Oh come on Magellan don't tell me you're running out of energy on this one. I think you should go back put your gloves and head gear on, and repost immediately! I'll even reserve you a couple choice expletives on retort. LOL

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magellan  (93)   on 06/18/2005 12:38PM, said:

I think this will be a big story before all is said and done, despite the current apathy of the American public and press.

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