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Overall Rating:2.45 based on 80 ratings
Located in the northwestern United States, Idaho covers approximately 82,413 sq. miles. Well-known for its production of potatoes, Idaho is also the largest producer of silver in the United States. The capital of Idaho is Boise. (Add picture)

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irishgit (138)
The northern part of the state is very pretty, in some places spectacularly slow.
As if to make up for it, the southern part is dull and uninteresting. The cities and towns are mundane provincial little burgs (both north and south) and there is a notable quality of standoffishness among the natives.

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Brooowwck (0)
I've lived in Idaho Falls for most of my life, and I think it's okay. It's true that Northern and Central Idaho are far more beautiful than Southern Idaho (Snake River Plain is butt ugly). However, many people forget that parts of Eastern Idaho are extremely beautiful, especially Island Park and Teton Valley. There is usually enough to do in my little city to keep me entertained, we have a movie theatre, places to dine, and a professional baseball team. That's all I need! When I get bored, Vegas is only a 10 hour drive away! I've traveled all around the country, and many people have a lot of misconceptions about Idaho. It is not nearly as isolated and closed-minded as many people think it is, it's not a bad place to live. The crime is low, the cities are clean, and the people (a lot of Mormons) are friendly for the most part. Although I'm not religious, I can think of much worse people than Mormons to live around. They're morally clean, friendly for the most part, and good people. People aside, the biggest reason why I like this area is the mountains and outdoor lifestyle. It just doesn't get any better than that.

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marymartha (0)
Don't visit, dont come and live in Idaho - stay away - full of potatoes and guns - dont come here I am warning you = stay away. (I hope this works - dont want anymore flaming libs moving here!!)

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JackBrad (0)
Paradise on earth and just north of heaven. Visit it and see the striking mountains and lush meadows! It's an idyllic setting.

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idahomisfit (0)
Best part? Its a state of morals! Yes I am proud to be a right winger! One bad thing is even though I am a republican I don't really agree with how they have run this state or their attitudes. There is no help for the poor. There is no help with heatlh care and the state has actualy said "people on mediacaid are driving around in suvs and getting their nails done". They don't care about anyone and if you make $6.00 an hr. they think your rich and that you should be able to support a family. UGH! Its been totally californiacated. Almost 14 years ago my family and I move to North Idaho. It was great! No crime, I took walks at night alone and didn't worry a bit. It was pretty and the people were wonderful until the powers that be started pushing this area as a "resort town". Now crime is extreme. A ton of people some good some not have moved here mostly from s. cal, Az, and Nv. They flaunt there fancy caddys and want to change our way of life {pro hunting, fishing and gun rights} that all of us natives AND transplants believe in. The area was also pushed as "proGay" which could not be further from the truth. It has a been very conservative the whole time we have lived here. The traffic HORRIBLE! You can't do the speed limit anywhere including the freeway! They have built high rises and houses galore. The name of the game here is to please the tourist and the rich and pee on the residents. Everything is high priced NOW and good jobs don't exist. Employers pay as low as they can and nobody has any kind of benefits. Their attitde? "If you don't like it we can always find someone else" Did I mention the crime? Spokane of course adds plenty of their gangs etc. We are moving out of the area as soon as we find another ideal place. This area has definitly went down hill over the past five years or so. But hey I guess it would seem like paradise to those coming from the gang land of so. cal. I mean we only have drive bys once or so a week and theft?? That happens daily. Spokane police don't even answer calls anymore because they don't have the man power. The criminals know it to. Coeur d alene just rakes in the new found wealth and won't put it back into public service so they can't answer calls either. I guess it would be a great place to visit but lock your doors!

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pattyshmack (0)
Let's throw politics aside; I love Idaho so far that I have lived here. Boise is an awesome city and surprisingly diverse as far as culture goes. I would recommend living here because the crime is so low and the people are generally friendly. However if you a complete pary animal and need something wild to do, Idaho is not your place for a visit.

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lontu42 (0)
Too right wing for me, boring state overall.

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caphillsea77 (29)
Northern Idaho is very pretty and has some of the nicest lakes I've ever seen. Preist Lake particularly is an awesome lake tucked away in the Selkirk mountains and dense evergreen forest. Southern Idaho is very boring, most of it a featureless dry dusty valley. Lots of rednecks in these parts, although friendly folks to be found in places too like anyplace. Boise is a tired and very boring little city with nothing to do and reminded me of Salt Lake City a lot. I hear Sun Valley is one of the better ski resorts in the west but in general unless you already happen to be out this way it doesn't merit much as a destination. When it comes to mountains/the Rockies and the West I prefer Colorado.

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GenghisTheHun (168)
I don't think it has an income tax so it gets a 4. The mountain scenery is nice and the people are friendly. Unfortunately people are pouring out of California and moving here. We shall see what results.

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orcas (0)
Orcas, Idaho, Idaho, and then there's Coeur d'Alene Idaho. I've been here 5 years, there is more then enough unhappy people here to almost go around the World. I felt better after visiting someone in the retirement home, what's wrong with that picture? That pretty much sums it up for me. Two more years to go then I'm out of here, my kids also can't wait to leave, they say there teachers seem grumpy most of the time. See Ya!

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Spacewolf (1)
Some wonderful scenary in the north- an idealic life perhaps that escapes from the troubles of a multi ethnic and racial society of California and the northeast- but sterile and empty- and for the most part inhabited by right/white wing bigots.

  (3 voted this helpful, 0 funny and 0 agree)
jirai (0)
I've been to Boise a couple of times and I have to admit I was mildly impressed with the city. It's really clean the people seemed friendly enough. However, the state is WAY too conservative for my taste. You can thank the folks at LDS for that.

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celticprince (0)
Pretty mountains- nice scenary in the central and northern parts of the state- the southern part of the state- in the plain of the Snake R. is dry windy and rather dusty. Boise has a windblown clean and surreal look too it. However there are too many mormons- with their rather esoteric attitudes and it is way too white/ republican/conservative for me. Enough said- drive through and enjoy the view- and beware of the far right and their legions....

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opinion585 (0)
Potatoes, what else? oh thats right, nothing. You sure are da ho

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jjsqa (0)
Great place if you have lots of money. Playground for the rich. Lived in North Idaho for 45 years. Beautiful country. Can't even get to lakes any more, all private. California land grab going on now. Native Idahoan's can't afford homes any more. Republican strong hold, and you can see the results. Two classes of people, Rich and those who serve the rich. And it gets much worse. Wish I could say something good but there is nothing. Was my home once, now I wake up and don't even recognize were I live Slowy dying in Idaho

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sameasalways (0)
Idaho has diverse country. In the north you will find beautiful mountains full of pine trees, lakes, rivers, and creeks. Very lush. In Central idaho, near Lewiston you will find wonderfully pleasant winters, the Snake River meeting w/the Clearwater, rural communities, lots of trails for biking and Hells Gate. In southern Idaho well its pretty darn flat and boring but there is always Boise. The further you get down south the closer you get to Utah and yes its a conservative state and there are a lot of mormons esp. down South. Its not expensive to live here either ...you can find a nice house for about 150,000. Not a high crime rate either. They hate people from California though. I am originally from Idaho but I've lived in Washington, California, and now in Germany. I've been through Arizona many times, Oregan many times (my husband is from there) and over to New York and Maryland, and Massachussets recently. I haven't ever been down south yet. I would have to give North Idaho 5 stars because there is something for everyone...Spokane WA is nearby and also the outdoor recreation through the state is just crazy. Southern idaho is pretty dang ugly though...Sorry! Like I said, atleast they have Boise. And I don't even know if you can say much for that.

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Blanco~Nino (0)
Great scenery and is almost always sunny. That's what makes idaho a pretty cool place. The only problem is that it is so isolated.

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rosemd (0)
Lived in Idaho Falls for three years. Nice place, but too many Mormons. As a group, they're quite stifling. The northern part of Idaho is beautiful. SE Idaho is flat, desolate and windy.

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ellajedlicka21 (5)
The home of right-wing extremists.

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nsyn7369om (0)
I live in Idaho and it's pretty boring, but it can be fun once in a while and the weather is always nice. I think it's okay living in Idaho.

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