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Iraq Parlimentary ElectionsGet Rating Widget!

Overall Rating: 3.33 based on 15 ratings
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LanceRoxas (40)
Liberals Defeatists (there are exceptions) have poo-pooed every step the Iraqi people have taken. The first round was met with the mantra "the Sunni's did not participate". The second round "the constitution will not be ratified". The third "oh, woopidy doo elections.. but what about the terrorist insurgency... and this will lead to civil war". This half-empty mentality will persist because liberals have been on the losing side of history for the last 50 years. Liberals will always dismiss any successes in Iraq because they were against the war and are against every attempt we make to fight the War On Terror. They have a vested interest in our failure. Lucky for some of us we don't have short memories. Do you remember the 80's? Reagan was a reckless cowboy hellbent on causing a nuclear holocaust. Reagan's arms escalation was going to send us head first into war with the Soviet Union. Putting Pershing missles in Europe was nuts. His walking out of arms reduction talks with Gorbachev was nuts. But what happened? The Berlin Wall came down. The USSR fell apart and freedom reigned free across Eastern Europe. And now liberals want to rewrite history: "the Soviet Union was failing anyhow" "Reagan's policies had nothing to do with the fall of the Iron Curtain"... but that wasn't what they were saying back then was it? Iraq is not a panacea by any stretch but progress is being made. The Iraqi people are very optimistic about their future and will continue to grow as a free country in the coming years- in a place where a free country never once stood- in the Middle East where it was said to be "impossible". The small (35k-50k) terrorist insurgency- in a country that had no terrorists apparently- is made up of predominantly foreigners. They are being defeated steadily and surely. The Iraqi security forces are taking over greater control of military operations. The country is being rebuilt. Schools, hospitals, are being reopened in the thousands, infrastructure is being rebuilt. Naysayers in the liberal media exploit the many deaths but ignore all the good news. Bush will prove to be right on this and to admit it would just make them sick. But history will shine positively on the United States efforts in Iraq. And the continual elections and symbolic purple fingers will serve to continually poke the liberals- who care nothing about advancing freedom- in the eye.

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X Factor Z (13)
Honestly, who, except the white robed gang, et el, doesn't think that Iran will eventual end up running that country.

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EschewObfuscation (65)
I'm enjoying all the condescending cynicism about this topic all over the site (and the country), like read a history book, they're not ready for democracy, they can't govern themselves , etc. I can't help but imagine how many pseudo-intellectuals were saying the same thing in 1775. Is it unlikely their government will survive? You bet it is, kids. But enough Iraqis (and Americans and other allies) have given their lives to give them this chance that they just might beat the odds. It's not like it has never happened before . . .

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James76255 (17)
Huge! Just two years prior the same people waiting in line to vote would have had their tongue cut out if they dared to suggest Iraq have free elections.

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ClassicTVFan47 (37)
Another step in the direction of freedom and peace for all of the innocent citizens of the world. Truly, a cheer-worthy moment as citizens young and old waited hours in long lines risking threats from evil terrorists to simply make a choice!!

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