Jim Powers

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Jim Powers was an energetic muscleman who partnered with Paul Roma in the tag team "The Young Stallions". (Add picture)

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lightfinger2000 (1)
I would like to rate higher.Jim never recieved the push to showcase his ability.I agree with others that he may have done better in other promotions.I wish we would have had the chance to see that.1
tonykk (0)
He was a hard worker but various promotions passed him over. Retired in NJ.1
Dr.Fever (0)
He should have wrestled more with other wrestling feds - they might have pushed him to greater success. A sexy guy too i seem to remember2
rjy (2)
Nothing special about him!1
redrobbo (0)
A competant worker, who unfortunately got stuck in that catagory of wrestler who was mainly used by the big promotions to put rising stars over.1
kingguiness (9)
Powers had a good ring presence and a marketable build. However, the WWF never pushed him with the exception of a mid card run with Paul Roma. 3
candy kane (16)
Great dropkick, cannonball biceps.4
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