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Cultism is increasing amongst the fundamentalist Protestants, and this group is the leader of the pack. This group would sell out the national interest of the United States for some weird interpretation of the Bible. It appears that the Last Days are right around the corner, so we should move it along! Everything that the secularist state of Isreal wants, we should back to the hilt! The State of Isreal must be built from the Nile to the Euphrates, since that is what the Bible orders. This cult does not care about temporal or current affairs, since the end of the world will occur in just a few years if not a few months! It does not matter that the sack-cloth and ashes crowd has been predicting the end of the world for 2000 years, and it has not happened. This current crowd is correct. All you have to do is sit at your kitchen table and parse phrases from the Bible. You have the Holy Ghost looking over your shoulder, so you must be right! It doesn't matter that over the past 2000 years, other actually learned theologians have reached different conclusions. Since some woman who had a vision about 150 years ago, your interpretation must be right! What is really scary is how this crowd has moved from the fringe to the center of power! George W. Bush appears to buy into this clap-trap, and, ladies and gentlemen of the RIA, get your children and your paycheck ready. We must get further entwined in the Middle East so that we can ease along some esoteric, actually diabolical prophecy to satisfy a batch of holy-rolling Bible-thumpers who would sell out our country. I am sorry, but it is Sunday, and I made the mistake of watching the TV preachers. Quite frankly, enough is enough. If you want to sell out the USA for your biblioal prophecy, then so declare! We can then decide if your cult is more important that the national interest of our country! I realize that some very nice people on this site are dispensationalistS, but, I say, put down your Bible and think of your country! MAKE YOUR CHOICE!

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