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VickiH (0)
I have always had a membership at a gym or done some other strenuous activity on a regular basis. I relocated to a new area in October of '05' and I really missed the health club where I had been a member. In August of '06', I joined an all women's work-out club. It is the best work-out club I have ever been a member of. It gives me the cardio. and strength work-out I need and it is also fun. I have met many great new friends there. I go faithfully 3 times a week which is recommended but sometimes I even go four. Almost every town/city/country has one so when your on the road you can get a travel pass to work out at any of their gyms no matter where you may be visiting. I just can't say enough positives about it. Curves is Awesome!

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MomsandpopscallmeJoe (10)
This is what I do. I try to gradually increase my workout rountine. First a thug couldnt even do 20 pushups T_T So I would do 10...then 10 more the next day and so on...the same thing for crunches. I dont got exercise equipment so I compromise...with results!! And I eat...a lot. Any pasta, beef, chicken whateva' I can. So far Ive added 10 pounds and I feel stronger...like my old man...someday

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LastMessenger3 (40)
With my work schedule, it's vertually imposible, plus there's always a laziness factor.

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DumbBlondeCowgirl (23)
I'm bad at this, but I stay so busy. I could benefit from doing a routine work out.

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Vudija (92)
I'm with numbah; I could definitely stand to do this more often. If only I had a work-out partner, I hate to exercise alone...

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numbah16tdhaha (147)
I could stand to do this a bit more...

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Mr Evangel (5)
I joined pure fitness, and the first month I was there all the time. But I have been slacking off. It's so easy to be lazy. I have to get back in there!

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Randyman (103)
Not like I used to, and not like i should. Infact, lately not at all. But I have been thinking about getting started again, I've been putting on some extra pounds and I can feel the differance. No, seriously, I plan too....

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Cindyo (10)
This is something that I SHOULD be doing everyday!

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ems4duke (0)
I run anywhere from 4 to 7 miles every day except Sunday, when I jog or walk for about 30 minutes. Most days I do a grueling ab workout and a few pushups.

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helmut (16)
My wife and I have a gym membership and work out about 6 times a week. Cardio every day except Fridays which are our day off plus weights a little more than every other day, however our schedules allow. I try to run at least two miles a day and hope to do more as I continue to loose weight (I was almost completely sedentary a little over a year ago). I also try to split up my weights into a standard push-pull schedule, (working biceps, shoulders, back, and abs one day and alternating with triceps, chest and lower-body on the other days). This may seem a little intensive to some but it makes me feel much better. I like to eat whatever I want whenever I wand and this is the only way I know to do it and not turn in to a fatty. I do the weights mostly for definition, but they also help add to the total amount of calories I burn constantly. Running has proven a little more difficult, not because my cardio-vascular system can't handle it, but because of shin splints. Because of this, I had to resort to using an elliptical (which I absolutely despise) for a little while my legs recuperated. Now, they are back to where I can run and I very much enjoy including this as part of my daily routine. I would also encourage anybody who has trouble sleeping to include at least half an hour of cardio a day; it has helped me tremendously.

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zuchinibut (36)
I am currently in the worst shape of my life, and although I very much enjoy working out, I am not fitting it into my schedule very well at this time. Having a more regular schedule would help me to set aside time to work out regularly.

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kamylienne (77)
I admit it, I'm lazy. I try, but I don't make it everyday. However, the new apartment that I'm hoping to move into soon has a GREAT exercise room (it also has a vending machine with soda in it . . . my husband and I thought that was just kinda funny. Anyway . . . ), and if I can move in there, I PROMISE I'll start exercising (famous last words, I know, but seriously) . . . besides, my lack of endurance is starting to get embarassing . . . .

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LanceRoxas (40)
I normally workout 4 days a week. The workouts consist of a body part a day normally 5 different exercises for each body part. I'll then run about 3 miles and somedays if I'm feeling good I'll bike another 15-20.

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