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Kairho (11)
Everything mental should be permissible up to the point of playing Ashley Simpson, which borders on cruel and unusual.

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EschewObfuscation (70)
Let's make them read all of Jar Jar's posts.

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TJGypsy2 (7)
I'm rather against torture in general, for precisely the reason that CastleBee mentioned. Plus, it's just like the threats one. How much pressure do you apply, and what do you do if it doesn't work? Not everyone is as susceptible to mind games as they've been called on here. I feel the problem with torture is that you ultimately end up in the same place, and that's resorting to violence. Especially if you're pressed and don't have time for mind games

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CastleBee (85)
Playing with their minds does seem to be the least repugnant form of torture and, within reasonable boundaries, might even be the most feasible. It would have to beat the rack, the iron maiden, a cat of nine tails, a human shredder or a rape room. And, IMO, it's WAY out there in front of a beheading. The thing that bugs me about any of these things is that - whatever selection is made while it might do the job it has the added ability of putting us right down there in the same reprehensible muck and mire as the terrorists. So, we really have to be cautious and diligent in our methods and try very hard not to become the thing we hate.

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Jar-Jar Binks (17)
Nope. Using mental torture gets you nowhere. Any types of torture should be un-permissible.

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texasyankee (22)
Like the cops in the USA don't use this on our own people, to make them confess? Of course it's permissable.

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souljunkie (21)
Somebody turn the sink on to a slow drip and get the prisoner mounted up!

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numbah16tdhaha (156)
Sleep deprivation, bad music playing for the prisoner, all things I would do.

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LanceRoxas (41)
The reality is that we need to get information from the dangerous people we capture to end the current protracted violence. In the real world people engage in actions that are evil and for the purpose of achieving a moral ends degrees of punishment placed upon an individual with knowledge of information that could bring about a more rapid or expeditious end to the current violence is necessary. There are varying degrees with which we can apply discomfort and pain to gain the information we need to save lives. And these should include mental anguish that confuses and disorients the individual- by denying them sleep, clocks... making them believe everyone has surrendered... lack of food and religious observances, etc. There should be standard operating procedures to (i) determine the level of threat the individual poses (ii) determine what amount of information this person could possess (iii) and then consider a congruent level of torture that will gain access to the desired information. Obviously this needs to be exercised with acute dilligence but it should be applied as necessary.

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