Jimi Hendrix


In his brief four-year reign as a superstar, Jimi Hendrix expanded the vocabulary of the electric rock guitar more than anyone before or since. Hendrix was a master at coaxing all manner of unforeseen sonics from his instrument, often with innovative amplification experiments that produced astral-quality feedback and roaring distortion. His frequent hurricane blasts of noise and dazzling showmanship — he could and would play behind his back and with his teeth and set his guitar on fire — has sometimes obscured his considerable gifts as a ... Read More... at allmusic.com

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guitarman1415  (0)   on 07/23/2005 7:23PM, said:

if jimi hendrix does'nt get in nobody deserves to by in because no one else put there heart and soul in there music the as much as jimi hendrix

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bildrix  (0)   on 07/10/2005 4:46AM, said:

With His first LP stunningly arranged with His sounds complementing & emphasizing His lyrics in the most abstract way imaginable, Jimi told MANY listeners EXACTLY what they needed to hear. As time progressed,Jimi still stayed way ahead of it, with ELECTRIC LADYLAND being immortalized w/ WATCHTOWER & VOODOO CHILE(SLIGHT RETURN). He was prepared to jettison forward, with the events at Kent State. RAINBOW BRIDGE & CRY OF LOVE prove that Jimi did more for the HIPPY generation and their ANTI-WAR efforts than most other artists of the time. May He REST IN PEACE (SMILING!) Bildrix

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kingguiness  (9)   on 06/16/2005 3:25PM, said:

Extremely creative!

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KilluminatiNineSix  (0)   on 05/21/2005 3:33AM, said:

Mindblowing as a songwriter. This talent is nearly always overlooked for his guitar work. It's about time Jimi is recognised as much for his songwriting as his guitar playing, performing, production, etc. Underrated as hell.

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Djahuti  (44)   on 05/18/2005 10:08PM, said:

Nobody even comes close to him,as a songwriter AND a musician.

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