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Overall Rating: 3.60 based on 5 ratings
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LanceRoxas (41)
As opposed to moral relativism? Are we saying that liberals don't believe in moral truths? Under what pretex do they then argue against the the death penalty, war or for welfare programs? I believe that many people incorrectly assume that conservatives because they may agree on certain issues are all arguing from the same perspective. The problem I have with the liberal perspective is that it predicates ideology upon an- untenable- yet theoretical belief that moral truths are deducible from nominalistic choice. That its not what we choose but our capicity to choose, absent any notion of the existential universe, that is that essence of freedom. However, there are those who affirm conservative positions who believe in moral truths but eschew rational choice. These latter individuals aren't the voice of the mainstream conservative movement. In the context given moral absolutism seems to have a negative connotation and this may be due to the assumption that all conservatives affirm to beliefs held by the noted members of the conservative movement. Unfortunately this mistake is common yet quite foolish. Furthermore, to assume that philosophy and subsequently ideology exists in a vacuum is just plainly false. Everything has an intrinsic value. Making no choice is intrinsically a choice to do nothing. Saying there are no moral absolutes save for normative ethical standards is intrinsically a standard. Everyone is a moral absolutist we just disagree on what those absolutes are.

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Mr.Political (20)
Not really, at least not for me. I try to base my beliefs on more than just what I feel is morally correct simply because nothing can change when you make others feel that your trying to control them.

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EschewObfuscation (70)
I think moral absolutism has little to do with being politically conservative.

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