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Park Ridge Auto in Park Ridge New Jersey has got to be the worst mechanic experience I've had in my over 35 years of driving. Way too friendly at the front desk (everyone's "buddy" and "pal") and they don't give you the straight info on when to expect your car.
But wait, it gets worse. I had my car in for some brake work, they tell me I have to get an axle replaced as well. Big total for all the work, brakes, rotors, axle. They seemed alright so I had them do the work. After, I pull out of the garage and when I press on my brake, I hear some kind of clunking. I bring it back next morning and leave it and find out that the axle they put in was defective and has to be replaced, on their dime. I have an appointment that afternoon, so they get it done in the morning when I insisted. I pick it up in the afternoon and drive down to my appointment about 20 miles away. When I get in my car afterwards, the engine light is on and I slowly drive home with an odd feel about the braking all the way. The next morning, I take to a dealership and have them look at it. The guy tells me who ever put the axle in didn't fit it correctly, and all my transmission fluid drained out of the seal (I think its a CV boot). I could have damaged the transmission. They put in a new axle, I'm furious. I go back to Park Ridge Auto and complain, I even give them their friggin axle back and the owner gives me his song and dance about pleasing the customer and offers to buy back the axle and the labor for it. OK, we're done...but wait, it gets even worse.
The brakes they replaced (rotors and pads) start singing like mocking birds every time I press down on them. On top of that I hear a rubbing as well when I brake. The dealer mechanics said thats what happens when you get cheap aftermarket brakes on Asian cars, the composites are different. After a while I can't live with it as it keeps getting louder. I'm not going back to Park Ridge, because he'll just do more of the same, so I go to the dealership and have the whole front brakes replaced again...twice now in 6 months.
Park Ridge Auto is a sham, a rip-off and they do shoddy work. Caveat Emptor.

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Atlanta Autohaus is a great place to get a Mercedes fixed in the Atlanta area. They know these cars backward and forward, do a great job, and best of all, are the most reasonably priced and honest people I have found. If you have a German car and live in the Atlanta area, go to these guys first!

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