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Overall Rating: 2.69 based on 16 ratings
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irishgit (125)
The old version of this party was based on the traditional definition of political conservatism (and I don't mean it was the captive of goober preachers and the ultra-right)

Largely thanks to some poor leadership choices starting in about 1920, it fell into a slow decline, interspersed by a few moments of power before being finally virtually destroyed at the end of the Mulroney government.

Since then it has gone through an immense internal crisis, finally merging with the Alliance (earlier Reform) Party, which contains a strong element of fundamentalist politicians.

Currently in power, with a tenuous minority government, struggling to make deals with its supposed antithesis, the New Democratic Party, and the rightist Quebec Nationalists in the Bloc Quebecois.

jj_frap (0)
Demand better, vote Conservative, get worse. These guys get one more star than the Liberals because they at least don't pretend to oppose civil liberties, American imperialism, and homophobia.
Sharp (1)
They match me, im no liberal, thats for sure
JackCox (0)
A Bunch of out of touch old white men who will bend over for George W. Bush any day of the week.
TrudeauIsAwesome (0)
Not so much.
GenghisTheHun (164)
Four stars for the hope that this motley crew can sweep out the corrupt and bloated Liberal establishment.
shrink (0)
Stephen Harper is the snake he resembles - right out of the biblical text he misinterprets
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