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trying to convert otherwise innocent/happy people into your way of thinking, because their way "is wrong"Get Rating Widget!

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Reviews for trying to convert otherwise innocent/happy people into your way of thinking, because their way "is wrong"  1-8 OF 8

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XAgent (20)
I don't try and convert and never will. Conversion is one of those personal things that should happen because one feels that such a change is needed.5
MariusQelDroma (33)
Here's my two cent's worth on being a witness. I believe that for me, being a witness means I live my life as an example of what Christ wants us to be, to the best of my ability (perfection is impossible). If someone notices and wonders why I do what I do, then I speak up. Talk is cheap, and actions speak loud and clear. Besides, using my faith as a club to beat some sense into the world totally misses the point.3
LadyJesusFan777 (21)
I will not try to push my religion down anyone's throat, but I don't think there's anything wrong with talking about how I feel about God and Jesus Christ because on the flipside, I have had to be around people that talk about things that I don't necessarily believe in, and I don't bring them down for it.  Everybody has the right to believe what they want to believe.3
CastleBee (79)
A few years ago, I was standing in my kitchen having a conversation with one of my relatives who happened to be visiting at the time. She is an aunt who lives on the Pacific coast who I hardly ever see. Suddenly she started telling me that I really should go to church in general and then specifically why blah, blah, blah. Well, first of all, I don't ever recall asking her advice or anyone else's for that matter. Secondly, I'm pretty sure I had never before or since discussed my personal spiritual "journey" with her - which had already been considerably long even then and which I am sure she wouldn't even try to understand since she is from a fundamentalist religious background. I mean, for all she really knew, I was already involved in and very satisfied with my own church at the time. As it happened, I wasn't but, that was none of her concern either; I had my own ideas and eventually found my way to the place I needed to be...and all without her sage advice or a preacher in a polyesther suit.  But, whether I ever did or not was really simply none of her business. Add to that the fact that when the church lecture took place, she and my uncle were enjoying the hospitality of my home, food, etc. and what you have are really rude, obnoxious houseguests. If people - and especially relatives who generally think they have special God-given permanent rights to treat you as if you were perpetually 5 years old - would just learn to offer advice only when/if asked, then the world would be a much happier place I think.4
Molfan (50)
I wish all those people who quote the bible and tell me I am going to hell would believe this. even those who do not read the bible or use God as an excuse ought to try and remember this. There are an awful lot of self righteous know it alls out there who think their way of living is the only right way and think nothing of passing judgement.I know quite a few neighbors and relatives who attend church who should mind their own damn business and tend to their own selves because I have news for them, they may think they are but they are nowhere near the perfect beings they think they are.1
Vudija (93)
Considering that it is ultimately up to God to judge these people; why would He want you to judge them on Earth for what they do first? Besides, half of the people who try this, go beyond the call of duty for that cause and veer into committing their own sins in the process (isn't judgement against the teachings?)4
TJGypsy2 (7)
I would have to say that it would depend on the manner of the attempted conversion. To attempt to bring someone around to your way of thinking (or believing, in this case) by way of rational discourse, no, I doubt that god would have a problem with that. To attempt to subvert a religion, by burning building of worship, and making the following of that religion a crime, yes, I think god would disapprove of that. 1
bluetarbaby (8)
This one makes him FUME! I've been trying to not single out any religion. But the brunt of this one falls on Christianity. They take perfectly happy people in their own little version of paradise, and convince them they are headed for damnation. Soon after, they start feeling new things. They start infighting. They become greedy. They start valuing material things. They begin judging each other. They start relying on money rather than nature. They become UNHAPPY, all in the name of Jesus. And of course Christians try this here in America as well. Usually doesn't work unless whomever they're working on gets into a bad car crash or od's or something - the scared, I call them. .....On another note: Don't get angry at me or accuse me of something I'm not. Try to see my point on what I'm about to say. We all know Jesus was real, it's a fact (it's the holy, immortal part that is up in the air). We know where he was from, we know what race he was.- historical facts. So, why do some ethnic groups think Jesus was Mexican or Jesus was black, or white or whatever. My point is, we were in Europe, Africa, Mexico , believeing what we believe, when we were converted. Example: not only should black people know Jesus wasn't black, they shouldn't be worshipping him in the first place! If they created the religion, and then told us about it, why would one think he was their race. Jesus was Mexican? - in Israel?! Jesus was Jewish. Not white, not black, not Spanish.If I was black, I would hate Christianity, because as soon as my ancestors were put on the boats, the conversion started, and what their ancestors believed was erased. It was meant to control their minds, and how they presently embrace it, drives me crazy. God is a universal idea. JESUS was Jewish. Oh yeah, the conversions, DEFINITELY worked. This is evil, and if there is a God, he doesn't like you converting or attempting to convert perfectly fine people. 2
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