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Salute 3

Fine if you happen to be in the military.

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Salute 5

There are many kinds of salutes. I like the simple, clean snap of a salute we Jarheads throw around. I especially like the ones who have a rebound effect from going too fast. It looks like the rebound on a diving board. If you want some fun as enlisted man, salute an officer whose hands are full. He may drop his stuff all over the place while trying to return it like he is suppossed to! ALMOST FORGOT: We enlisted pukes would also use an alternate salute on each other that brought our salute to another head.

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Salute 5

Sorry Dick, theres lots of salutes. In the Canadian military it was similar to the U.S. - the classic movie salute. However, on my base in Victoria, we had lots of Brit and Aussie officers walking around and they both had this great old school salute, palm outwards and brought to the brow in an exaggerated loop to the outside (as opposed the the U.S. salute - shortest route to the brow, usually across the body) It was punctuated by it's crispness to the point of rigidty and the balls out "SAH!!!" (sir) that followed it.

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Salute 3

I think it's stupid if you want to know the truth - comparable to a subservient dog rolling over out of fear of the Alpha. First of all, I do not consider myself superior to anyone nor do I consider anyone superior to me. However, during my time as a Navy photographer there were many things I disliked more than this practice. For one thing, it helped to remember that I was actually saluting the insignia/rank and not the individual. When I did come across one of the jerkier, self-important types it also helped to imagine myself actually flipping him/her the bird instead of saluting. Now that little fantasy always put a smile on my face.

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Salute 5

In the military this is a must, at least in greeting superior officers. Not so common anywhere else. However I know a lot of guys will give a quick salute when there is no time for words and it's pretty much understood that they are acknowledging you but don't have time to stop and BS.

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Salute 4

I don't know a whole lot about the military salutes, but I do know about the traditional band salute. This originated with military bands and has evolved into a way for the Drum Major (or Field Commander) to let the audience know the band is ready to perform. It can also be used way for the Drum Major to pay respect to the band, but these are often simple four point salutes and not the more decrative ones that are often used in performance.

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