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The Cell Phone user!

Overall Rating:Average Rating (3.14) based on 7 ratings

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DumbBlondeCowgirl (25)
I never use my cell phone while driving. If someone needs to reach me that bad, they can leave a message and wait for me to park the car and call them back.0
kamylienne (76)
I never thought I'd see the day, but then again, I DO live in Florida now, so . . . Oh my way to work, my husband was driving, and I saw the guy on the motorcycle in the next lane swerving out of control for a few seconds before regaining balance. I shake my head. And, a few feet up, we get to the stop light. I glance over, and lo and behold, he's sticking his cell phone through the opening in his helmet! First the top part by his ear, then he switches and jams the bottom part by his mouth. I never wanted to roll down my window and scream at someone so badly before in my life!2
kattwoman (24)
this one i hate. i couldn't count how many near misses i have had either as a pedestrian, riding my bike or in a vehicle and the driver more often than not is talking on a cell phone and most i can guarantee probably never even realized how close they came to wiping someone out.1
abichara (55)
Even more interesting is the Blackberry user writing off e-mails while driving. These are the ones careening off the road or on top of everyone else.1
cutegurl (15)
Oh goodness. So many things I wish to say to these losers that I don't know where to begin. How about GET OFF THE FREAKIN' PHONE AND DRIVE. They go to slow, they don't pay attention, they go to fast, they swerve all over the road, basically the cell phone people act like idiots.2
numbah16tdhaha (136)
How did I forget this moron?!2
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