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Sydney, AustraliaGet Rating Widget!

Overall Rating: 4.55 based on 107 ratings
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ItemImageSydney is the largest city in Australia located in Southeastern Australia, surrounding Port Jackson inlet on the Pacific Ocean. Sydney is also the capital of New South Wales. Sydney was founded in 1788 and acted as the first penal colony established in Australia. The colony was named Sydney for a cave named after Captain Cook’s patron, Viscount Sydney. During WWII Sydney was used as a military base for the Allies; the city grew substantially in the later half of the 20th century. Sydney is a major tourist destination boasting such sites as the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Gladesville Bridge, and Centrepoint Tower, the tallest building in Australia. Sydney was the host of the 2000 summer Olympics. The estimated population of Sydney is over 4 million.

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Black Kat 4/Ever (0)
My heart and soul are still there. Best 3 weeks of my life. I should have stayed. Hell with legalities!!

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myspace-187617662 (0)

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trebon1038 (65)
Australia is a place I hope to get to visit one day....from friends of mine that have been there...Sydney is the common place to end up with the most tourist attractions.

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Jesskah (0)
Sydney is a beautiful city. I've seen many other places but none come close to Sydney. It's beautiful harbour & skyline and friendly, layed back people make it the best city in the world.

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OldOne (0)
A scenic, charming, and friendly city. No wonder it is sometimes called "everyones favorite city." A system of ferries provides great transportation around the harbor. The zoo and aquarium are unique and interesting. Try some local champagne and oysters at the cafe outside the Opera House.

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Mcjizz (0)
Too bad at halo

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VeraLynn (0)
I've been there twice. For a woman who is most comfortable in her own home to feel perfectly at home literally across the globe - was AMAZING. I was treated with respect, and the cultural difference was most notable at one of the dance clubs I went to. Here in the US, guys assume that every woman there is interested in a one-night-stand. In Sydney, everyone looked me in the eye and expected absolutely nothing. I even had two gentlemen help me get my coat from the coatroom without a ticket - after scouring the expansive floor for about 1/2 hour - and then wish me well on my way with nothing more than a gentle, respectful hug. Here at home, most guys would no doubt have done such a deed only with expectations. My dream is to move to Sydney.

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GenghisTheHun (177)
The convicts first landed at Botany Bay but the harbor was not safe enough for the authorities. The whole group was finally moved to Sydney because its harbor is world class and very safe. This is still a good drinking town if that is your goal.

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dm543 (0)
Sydney is world class awesome! Modern and beautiful, great weather too!

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minancy (0)
I love Sydney. I usually stay at the Grace Hotel which is central to every part of the city. I have always felt welcome at the pubs I visited, and those living Sydney are always willing to give directions, offer suggestions for dinner, etc. (like most large cities in the US, most residents in Sydney were born in other countries and imigrated). My last visit, I went to the Sydney Fish Market to watch the auction. Take the time to chat with the proprietors in the market. I ended up chatting with one propriter (sp?) and asked him for a recommendation for an early lunch. He said he would cook lunch for me! He grabbed a spiny lobster (huge) from his catch that morning, grabbed a handful of large prawns, and other fish I did not recognize. When we got to the oysters, he said 'no' and we went outside to one of the boats at the dock and he took several handfuls of oysters off the boat. We stopped by a lady selling produce and he got a lemon. We went back to his stall, he cooked up the lobster, etc. in a pot over a propane stove, shucked the oysters, put everything on a paper plate and gave it to me. I asked how much, and he said 18 dollars (which was $9 US). It was the best seafood meal I ever had!!!! You have not had raw oysters until you have had them shucked personnally for you 15 minutes after being pulled out of the water! Sydney is magical in the same way NY, London, and Paris is magical. Some rough spots, some rich spots, and always interesting if you are willing to talk to the locals, look beyond the 'toursist traps', and simply enjoy the beauty of the area around you!

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Paul in Virginia (0)
I have been all over the world and Sydney is my favorite city. I have visited twice and I have only scratched the surface of the list of things to do. Great public transportation (no need to take cabs). Diverse restaurants. Nice folks (I did take a cab from the airport to our hotel and left my camera in the cab. The driver brought it back before I realized it was missing!). Great shopping (The Rocks and elsewhere). Very clean. Festive atmosphere. The one downside is the price of the international class hotels but many of the little historic hotels (particularly over the Irish Pubs) have been restored into boutique hotels that are quite resonably priced. They are exactly the sort of places that I seek out.

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Prints Charming (0)
The view from atop Centerpointe Tower gives you a perfect 360 degree view of the whole city and all of the waterways. Riding the ferries from the Harbor on the all day pass is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon and take in the views on a sunny day

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DaRick (4)
My memories of Sydney are mixed, the city was clean, there is no shortage of tourist sites and Taronga Zoo is worth a look. But I also have nastier memories; the Intercontinental Hotel fell well below my expectations, the people themselves were rude and used to try and steal taxis off us and we went during the bottled-water crisis. And I reckon Brisbane's weather is better than Sydney's any day (except for summer).

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Serrinn (0)
I must say, I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. I recently undertook the thousand kilometre drive south of Brisbane to Sydney expecting to find a city filled with wonders (the hype causes you to concoct such expectations). What I found was a city that is not all that much different to Brisbane other than that it was considerably larger and had a harbour as opposed to a river. Certainly the town of Queenstown in southern New Zealand is a vastly superior destination.

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spuddy (0)
Very fun-loving and outdoorsy city. Glamorous and fashionable yet at the same time a bit rough at the edges, even sleazy in parts.. but thats part of the appeal of this dynamic and energetic city.

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observer (0)
Probably the most beautiful city in the world. Clean, sexy and sophisticated. The shining jewel of the South Pacific.

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gicau (0)
Check it out from 'Centerpoint Tower' - Southern Venice, beutiful wheather (but big hailstones and lightning). Definately worth seeing :)

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jame4600om (0)
The perfect city. Great place to work, weather is fantastic all year and it has all the trapping and best parts of other international cities, without most of the downsides. The harbour means that a good proportion of its inhabitants have spectacular view. Any Sydney girls wanna marry me!!

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ErictheFederalist (3)
Not only the opera is of interest in this city! A perfect start city for holidays in this diverse country! :o)

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