Little Caesars Pizza - 9155 Dyer St

Little Caesars Pizza - 9155 Dyer St
9155 Dyer St
El Paso ,  TX   79924-6426
United States
Phone: (915) 594-4016
Added on 04/13/2005
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Juan Gonzalez

Little Caesars Pizza - 9155 Dyer St 1

Dear Store Manager,
My name is Juan Gonzalez and i recently visited your store located at 9155 Dyer St. and let me tell you . For the first time of being a loyal fan of Little Ceasar's Pizza I find myself in the position of debating wether should I continue visiting any of the Little Ceasar's stores. Today Tuesday July the 12th at exactly 9:45 I visited your store and as soon as I was entering the store a young lady closed the doors on my face. I got angry cause she deliberately waited till I walked to the store doors and then she closed them. I have problems walking and it is noticeable so she could of signaled me to stop but didnt. then after i went badk to my car and honked the horn she signaled me to drive through the side window. By this time I was already angered and didn't want to buy anymore. But my wife who also enjoys your products decided to walk to the side window and she stood there for a while till i once again walked over to the front door and told the young girl that by this time was already sweeping the floor and told her that my wife was standing at the window. several other employees were inside the facility all roaming around and one of them was cleaning with a bucket of some liquid and a rag. He placed the container on top of the prep table and he without washing his hands handled our order. Of course when i see this i go tell my wife to forget the order and leave and she told me she had already paid and we were not leaving without our order.we took it but nobody ate anything after i told them what i had seen.To top it out we did not get a receipt of our order and had no way of dealing with this through a phone call since i have no order# .It really dissapoints me to see a great place doing things like that.
Sincerely a soon to be former customer

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