First Convenience Bank - 9441 Alameda Ave

First Convenience Bank - 9441 Alameda Ave
9441 Alameda Ave
El Paso ,  TX   79907-5601
United States
Phone: (915) 858-9882
Added on 04/13/2005
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First Convenience Bank - 9441 Alameda Ave 1

First Conveniece Bank should be renamed to The Greatest Inconvenience!!!
Anyone looking into getting an account here needs to run for the hills.
Their customer service is horrible, their staff is at best second rate. If you walk into a real bank such as BOA they will tell you that First Convenience Bank is a bank for second chance account holders which means the services are geared towards taking advantage of patrons that have little to no other options for a bank account.


When making deposits against your transactions there system is set up to charge fees for items that do not even hit your account. They double charge fees for items pending that reflect against your available balance which decreases your available balance. Then when the items clear because they have prematurely charged you fees obviously your account is negative so you are charged further fees for the same items. I have been charged over $2,000 in fees in one year. The bank refuses to admit any wrong in the matter. If you bank online their banking system is ancient and does not update as their automated system does. Basically if you wake up in the am and check your account it says one thing. Then if you call the service to check your account against the online banking what they read to you NEVER MATCHES your account.

I moved back to Texas after being out of state for two years. This bank was located in my local Walmart and Kroger. I figured all banks were the same. I see now I was wrong. When I went to open my new account at BOA the manager told me that FCB is a second rate bank. Do not take my word for it check for yourself, go into BOA or Chase and ask them!!!! But please do it before you open your account and trust FCB with your hard earned money.

BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE - posted by Clay B. soon to be ex account holder!!!!!

If I could give it a negative five stars I would.

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