M F Auto Sales

M F Auto Sales
701 Coors Blvd Nw
Albuquerque ,  NM   87121-1308
United States
Phone: (505) 839-2299
Added on 04/11/2005
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M F Auto Sales 5

I bought a SUV from them and got it at a great price. The truck was awesome, it was due to the rising gas prices I had to get rid of it. I was able to sell the car 6 months later and actually make money off it. The sales people were exceptional and made purchasing a car a very pleasant experience. I highly recommend you buy your next car from there.

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M F Auto Sales 5

I have bought 3 cars from M and F auto over the years. Always had good service.

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M F Auto Sales 1

I don't believe that they need to be rated they need to be be SHUT DOWN... I was about to sale the car I purchased from them 9 months ago I decided I would go to Car World to see how much they think I could sell the car for. They informed me that the car had frame damage and that the people who sold it to me knew that it had frame damage. The jerk who owns the car lot had me look at what was supposed to be a Car Fax that was only 1 page. And it only showed that it was in a collision, no where on the paper did it show "Frame Damage". He also explained that the damage must have been minimal asked me to initial that I was aware of the collision. This IDIOT has cost me at least 4 or 5 grand because I can only sale the car for 10k. What a FRAUD! They should be SHUT DOWN...

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M F Auto Sales 1


None of their cars pass inspection (Emissions, Safety, ETC...) but they will tell you in your face that it does. By the time you figure it out (your TEMP TAG expires), it will be too late to return the vehicle. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS DEALERSHIP.

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M F Auto Sales 1


If you plan on buying a vehicle from M & F Autosales in Albuquerque, prepare to get really personal with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), because within a month of your purchase (if not sooner) you will want your money back for the lemon they sold you.

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M F Auto Sales 5

great service..not your typical "car salesman"...great deals! i highly recommend these guys.

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