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Overall Rating:4.13 based on 8 ratings

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Drummond (54)
Some friends of mine opened a Mexican restaraunt in Ohio, and they tried to promote guacamole with free samples but nobody would take it. Midwesterners just don't like the "green stuff." Interesting also that their number one choice of meat on burritos and tacos went from chicken when they were in California to beef in Ohio, and the Ohioans wanted ground beef, not chopped steak. I don't think I could live in Ohio. As the song goes, "you can check out any time you like, but you may never leave."

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kattwoman (24)
it goes with just about everything. enchiladas, nachos, tacos, etc..

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cutegurl (15)
Guacamole is really good when it's the zesty kind made with real avacodoes. The kind you buy already made in the plastic container is nasty and has lots and lots of sodium but the real kind rocks on chips.

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Randyman (103)
Andrew, I do the same thing. And if i order something that's supposed to come with Guacamole, and they forget to put it on, whoa!

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AndrewScott (71)
My favorite. Sometimes I'll pick menu items in a Mexican restaurant based on whether it comes with guacamole on the side. The green dollops work great as both a condiment for dishes or a dip for chips.

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Djahuti (54)
Ah,guacamole...the most sublime condiment & complement for many Mexican dishes.Sometimes,dissapointing Guac is served at Mexican Restaraunts: a sure sign that they are not bothered with the finer points of their cuisine.Truly FRESH and well prepared Guacamole can turn a Good dish into something just this side of Paradise.

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jaywilton (26)
I can't say that guacamole is my favorite,but it's at least tied for number one contender.One of the regulars at our Saturday morning synagogue services is from El Paso and guacamole(and tequila) are regularly served after services.

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