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Overall Rating: 4.36 based on 11 ratings
Author of A Song of Ice and Fire, and other books. (Add picture)

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Contempt (0)
An absolutely amazing read!
pharaow (0)
I've recently finished the fourth book of the Song of Ice and Fire series and I'm in great anticipation for the next episode. It is definitely the best fantasy book I've read so far and has completely blown my mind away, to the extend where I can't stop thinking about it.
The greatness of it I would say lay, firstly, in the incredible plot and numerous unpredictable twists that make the story take surprising turns at every corner and always leave you begging for more. Every chapter of the four books published so far (about 800 pages each) has held me spell bound and unwilling to go to sleep at night. It has made me laugh out loud, it has made me sad, it has made me furious, it has made me sick. It has left me curios and wondering, excited, puzzled and tormented, and it has often followed me into my dreams, at times resulting in nightmares.
Secondly, the character development is just... simply amazing! Every character in the book has a different and very interesting personality and all seem (to me at least) very realistic.
I can warmly recommend this series to anyone who loves fantasy and want something more than just the usual tolkien-type adventure. It's a masterpiece. Have in mind however, that waiting for the next book to be published, as I am doing now, is pure torture...
givemegreatfantasy (0)
what i love the most about martin's books are the real-life situations he is so good at creating, like when robb stark and his mother were at walder frey's castle and he had robb's throat cut, that was fantastic, even though it was sad to see robb go like that, it shows that martin is not afraid to show that bad things can happen if u go against your word. genius.
morfeus (0)
Very good autor, when you ignore some sort of Pedophile.
Faloma (0)
I love his books I am always waiting for the next book in the series or be released. Definatly an adult book but one of the best I have ever read!
alongaier (0)
George Martin's books are simply fantastic. It's gritty. realistic but has its humourous moments. His plottong and Characters are excellent.
ahz (3)
The books of A Song of Ice and Fire are long and lively. Too gritty and raunchy in some places though still good reading.
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