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HistoryFan (100)
One of the most graphic depictions of war in film so far. Nothing comes close.

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CanadaSucks (50)
I don't feel comfortable saying it's 'realistic' because I haven't experienced war. . .but the SPR Normandy beach sequence is incredible for its graphic violence that seems chaotic while giving the viewer enough pieces of information that tell the viewer the strategy of the soldiers. I thought it was memorable filmmaking. . .

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Wavebacker (27)
The D-Day landing scene in Saving Private Ryan is the best scene from a war movie ever. It captures the tension, horror and is graphic in the look and feel for what it must have been like to experience that event. If you watch it a few times you'll pick up on some editing quirks, but that in no way diminishes from the strenght, power , look and feel for this great scene.

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samjung23 (4)
Yes, definitely no punches pulled in this movies. However, the only decent battle in this movie was the D-Day scene. Horrible, gut-wrenching and definitely, for lack of a more appropriate scene, one of the best and truest war scenes ever filmed. It is probably the best depiction of a battle scene ever. Most film makers could definitely get a clue from this movie. Problem is, most don't want to do it. Black Hawk Down the movie would have been so much better had it not been whitewashed. So much of the struggle that you shared with the soldiers in the book was wiped away in the adaptation, mostly because it was an action film using a true story to justify its mindless violence and capitalize on the war movie craze. I applaud Spielberg for taking the honest route and filming a true depiction of war.

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GenghisTheHun (178)
The sound of the tanks is the most realistic. Germany was short of ball-bearings.

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PzKpfw VI E (28)
This movies greatest and only memoriable images. It is quite a contrast from the Normandy portrayed in 'The Big Red One'.

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numbah16tdhaha (156)
They did a good enough job that it was hard to watch.

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