Happy Days Preschool

Happy Days Preschool
809 Taraval St
San Francisco ,  CA   94116
United States
Phone: (415) 564-7999
Added on 07/12/2004
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Happy Days Preschool 5

My daughter goes to Happy Day Preschool for a year and a half now. She learned a lot from this preschool. Now she knows her letters, numbers, colors, shapes, some chinese and much much more. More importantly is that she learned how to be friends with other and share with other. Before she enter school, she did not know how to share, she just grabs or crys. After a month or so, she learned that by using her words and ask, she is likely getting what she wanted, most of the time anyway. When she first enter school, she didn't have any friend because she likes to play by herself and didn't wants to share. Because she learned to share, she loves going to school. She loves playing and learning with friends. Now, she knows that is much more fun and interesting than playing by herself.

I like the teachers at Happy Day Preschool. They are very observing, attentitive, and caring. They let me know if my child is having any issue at school that day. For example, if she's not napping at nap time or not eating her lunch, and etc. They want to find out why so they know how to serve my child better. If she went to bed early and wake up late, had a late breakfast ect. therefore she's not tired. Then they will find a quiet activite for her to do. If my daughter has trouble napping just because she doesn't want to nap, they will try to comfort by patting she on the back, so she can fall alseep. They know that a well rested and refresh child will learn easy.

Happy Day Preschool has a open floor plan, you can see one end the of school to the other end. It has a desk in the front to serve as their office, next to the door where parents can sign in and out for their children. The school is very clean. The teachers are very friendly and kind.

I have no issue with this school and I would highly recommend Happy Day Preschool to anyone who likes their child/children to be well taking care of with a lot of love and caring. My daughter learned a lot from this school and she likes the school too. Next year my second child is going to attend there too.

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Happy Days Preschool 1

my daughter went to this preschool for 2 days me and my wife were very upset with this preschool because we find out that our daughter was left in the office by herself just because she was crying. my god what are this people thinking of first day of preschool of cause she will cry how can they leave her in the office by herself they didn't even ask if she need to use the rest room. to be honest i am f ing piss my wife told me that my daughter pee on herself and she was already party train for a long time but she couldn't tell anyone because there was no one around. she even try to clean it up by herself. my wife and i would like to share this with anyone who is thinking to send there kids to this preschool.

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