This is a combination of going by the book, giving you harsh punishments, expect perfection out of you and you do as you are told type attitude.
Item added by Gentle Jude. Added on 02/27/2005
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Gentle Jude

strict 3

I was initially thinking of giving this a 2 stars, but aDios's comment was very good and true and so I give it a 3. Although people don't like strictness, underneath, we all respect it. Ie if there were two bosses, one being easy going and considerate and the other being strict, it would be the second one we would probably put on our best behaviour around. As long as strict doesn't mean being unfair and not bending, then this is an OK trait to have.

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strict 4

Strict and harsh are not the some word. Strict, along with a little common sense, is very important to leadership.

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strict 2

A tree that can not bend will break in a strong wind.

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