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oscargamblesfro (86)
A great place to meet the daughter of the Nigerian general from the scam emails that irish has talked about a few times, or for picking up that hot Russian bride you sent away for after discovering about her in the back of a boxing or wrestling magazine.

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styleguy182 (0)
Where do you people live?

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CanadaSucks (51)
I have to admit- I've always wanted to try it but I've never had the guts. (I felt more comfortable in other settings.) But an airport is a real test to see how charming you are. . .you can basically make up your life story while sitting at the lounge waiting for your flight.

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CRMGuy (0)
Not too shabby, but pick your battles and scope out before moving in...the last thing you want to do is hit on a woman whose boyfriend/husband just stepped away to the mens room, he comes back, you're pummelled, or worse, they end up sitting next to you on the plan...

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