French Fries

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lucy2 (2)
I almost never order fries with a hamburger in a fast food place. I just snitch a few from whoever I am with. If I eat a whole order I hate myself for the rest of the day because it seems I am then always looking for more food (addiction). Kind of reminds me of a former smoker who bums a few from friends but never buys a pack.2
Jeremy00081 (5)
Why am I not surprised french fries are at the top of the list? Fattening foods are always loved by the masses. They're okay, nothing special.1
MommyL (5)
When I was a kid, I was a VERY picky eater. These are one of the few things I would eat. I still like them, although I don't eat them as much as I used to (and I'm a lot less picky now!).2
djdavem (13)
But can't be too greasy!1
Drummond (50)
Anything fried is addicting.1
Git R Done (10)
I'm terribly addicted to fries. I like soggy and inexpensive fries, like the kind you'd find at a mexican restaurant. Wendy's has good fries too. McDonald are pretty good, but they're too salty.2
GenghisTheHun (125)
Are you talking about Freedom Fritters or whatever else the Iraq War Clique tried to re-name French Fries?2
xx_alexa_xx (0)
They are soooooooo addicting. Especially how McDonalds makes their fries. First they take outt a big square chunk of lard(pure fat). Then they throw it into the deep fry. Their frys arn't even potatoes but potato starch cut into fry like sections. Then they deep fry it and then coat it with a loooooooooooooot of salt. Cheers!1
zuchinibut (28)
French Fries are addicting. I don't like to eat them but whenever I do, I find myself finshing them off. McDonalds fries are the best, and other fries taste good when mixed with Old Bay and vinegar.3
goldilocks (7)
Gotta love em. I don't know anyone that doesn't like these things.2
Redoedo (40)
Unhealthy, but certainly addicted. I love these things, though they're probably causing my arteries some headaches. 6
HistoryFan (79)
The all-American snack....albeit a very unhealthy one.2
kissthecook (6)
It's just so easy to keep eating them. My husband likes to dip his in homemade ranch dressing, while I prefer good 'ole reliable ketchup. 4
sixty7a (2)
Those battered fries such as Rally's are horrible!3
LanceRoxas (42)
I could live on French Fries...LOL okay maybe not but I sure do love a cheeseburger and fries. Especially those thick steak fries from at the diners at about 4am... oh yeah... those! 4
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