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Bill Moyers

Overall Rating:Average Rating (3.63) based on 76 ratings

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GenghisTheHun (148)
He got away with his propaganda for years, but today the public is too savvy, and he wouldn't last nearly as long as he did. In the old days we only had three commercial channels and the Propaganda Blather Syndicate (PBS).4
rok100 (4)
There are about THREE honest people left in the so-called "free American press" and Bill is TWO of them.5
kidhero (1)
Time for the dog track. 2
fjduffy (0)
Always a has been; time to go home.2
daedalus (36)
Has been politicized by right wing blowhards like Hannity, Limbaugh and others. Most people would not even know who he is if it were not for their attempts to demonize him. But if they say he is not "fair and balanced", well, then we better follow right along with that belief.5
aWiseguy (72)
Another left wing goon, last seen having lunch with Castro.3
Drummond (52)
Last of the old school, where newsmen were expected to have some level of scholarliness. The modern climate of anti-intellectualism pretty much appeals to the lowest common denominator - as evidenced by the fact that this particular topic is a glorified beauty contest for wet dream fantasies rather than anything pertaining to news.6
marcm9999 (0)
A staunch old line in your face communist.1
Jog nannon (0)
Left-wing crank. Is he still alive?3
fiend780 (0)
One of the best ever. It's a shame he's gone.5
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