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Overall Rating:2.33 based on 12 ratings
News, debate, talk show, politics. (Add picture)

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kashi (1)
Why does Hannity ask his guest a question, the guest is lucky to get 2 or 3 words out before he starts overriding them and yelling. It never fails. Ironic, how it only happens with a guest from the opposite party. Also it's usually 2 on 1 attack. It's his way or the highway.
As per Colmes, he just a prop. So much for fair and balance lol! They should rename "The Hannity's Little Man Syndrome Show." He's sooo uncomforatble with himself and it shows. I guess screaming and preaching hate makes him feel powerful. Hmmm, Mussolini, Neapolitan, O'Reilley, Hitler......

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dswanson (0)
Balanced and insightful.

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EschewObfuscation (61)
There are times when this show is absolute brilliance. Not enough times, though. Its confrontational format encourages a polarization that is not watchable, night in and night out.

I agree, to a degree, with the criticism of Alan Colmes. He's not as strident a liberal as they need to offset Hannity's conservatism. I like him and respect his intellect and his civility. I can really understand how the left-wingers can't stand his reasonable tone particularly when sitting opposite the zealotry of Hannity.

Eventually, someone will do it right, offsetting approximate equals in a head-to-head "debate" format. This is as close as anyone has come and the ratings are pretty high for a cable show.

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Sean Hannity needs social skills.
Alan Colmes needs a personality.

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Drummond (54)
Should be called Hannity and his talking muppet who pretends to be a liberal. Guess that would be a mouthful.

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singsplatsing (0)

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