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Blanco~Nino (0)
The Saudis are the self proclaimed disciplined committee of the middle east. Although they don't really intend to harm anyone, They have constantly given america a hard time overseas in trying to live up to their self proclaimed title. And who knows, they may eventually get annoyed with our intruding and attack us. I mean, let's face it. If they went on the offensive, the saudis would be a formidable opponent.

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Jed1000 (72)
I'll give them a tentative five because they've been funding radical Islamist movements for years. They'll get a hard five once the al Saud family is overthrown. For the moment.. a two.. as they are indeed a moderating influence in the region. But the clock is ticking.....

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abichara (60)
The higher rating takes into account the potential for danger here not just to our national security but to our economy as well. Seems as if our intrusiveness in this country has given rise to political movements whose main issue with the Saudi royal family is Western involvement in the region. Admittedly many of their demands are non-negotiable, it goes against the royal families interests and our interests as well. In the long term, we can make the Middle East more stable while preserving our interests by providing a more benign influence in the region. If that means significantly rolling back our military in the region, it may have to eventually have to be done to preserve our wider interests while isolating terrorist elements.

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