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Qwest DSL offers high speed Internet access for $26.99 per month.
Added on 07/09/2004
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Qwest DSL 1

This is the first time I've written a review and am doing so because I can't believe how poor the customer service is for Qwest. I just moved to Oregon and know that most phone/dsl companies can be annoying, but Qwest borders on illegal. I was quoted $19.99/month for 6 months for dsl only and after calling around it seemed like the best deal. My bill came at $29.99/month! I called and they said that is their lowest promotion rate and can't figure out why I'd be quoted otherwise. I had to fight, tell my story to 2 people and kept saying it was illegal to be quoted 1 price and billed another before they even sounded like they were going to do anything about it, like it was my problem not theirs, la de daaa.

In the end, they said the NEXT bill will include a $10 reduction so that it will be the quoted $19.99, but there is nothing they can do for this bill. I got a confirmation #, the guy's name/title but what are the odds that NEXT month I'll have to go through the same fight? I'm a brand new customer and am going to start looking around at other options because if this is how they treat folks it is ridiculous.

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Qwest DSL 1


Google "Quest Sucks" and you now get 80,900 hits. Incredible! But what if all abused customers contacted their state Department of Justice consumer division and their state Public Utility Commission instead? Qwest could face fines and be forced to honor its deals.

In Oregon: www.doj.state.or.us/contact.shtml
In Washington: www.atg.wa.gov/FileAComplaint.aspx

Two weeks ago, I was a happy camper. Qwest offered to slash my DSL cost and I'd get the same speed, a lowly 1.5 Mbps, but still the best landline speed available here. All I had to do was tell Earthlink to kill my DSL––and they'd have it up again in 3 days. It's going on two weeks, still no DSL. Qwest says my "confirmation number" is no longer in their computer system. Worse, they say they can't honor that speed, because the best they can do is "a far cry from what you had" at 256Kbps. That's amazing because Earthlink delivered 1.5 Mbps over that same Qwest landline for many years already! And not one Qwest rep has honor the price and speed, which they acknowledge I was quoted.

Short story: Go with Qwest and you'll not only have problems––you'll be getting in the back of a very long line.

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Qwest DSL 1

Internet connectivity: functional
speed: limited availability; at my apartment, minimally acceptable unless you want to stream video, then incapable (higher speed not available).
customer service: satisfaction denied, unapologetically unacceptable (except for those who don't mind being hung up on)

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Qwest DSL 1

Constant disconnects! Most of the time resetting the modem will fix it, but it gets old having to do so nearly every day. Last time it happened resetting the modem didn't fix it, 58 minutes on hold for tech support to tell me they were having a service interruption in my area. Qwest does offer a premium tech support package for an additional fee, now that's confidence inspiring! If you are looking for unstable internet with horrible tech support Qwest should be perfect for you.

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Qwest DSL 1

Qwest services suck and most importantly the rebates that they mention is a bogus way to get people to sign up. This is what is happening to me.

They do not have any means apart from phone as contact info, and you will end up being on hold for 20 minutes... I faxed all documents the day after I received the instructions to submit for the rebate (back in October), called the VIP redeem contact line twice and the response was "Qwest system cannot tell if we received the info or not. Please wait for 6-8 weeks and then call back".

Called then back Nov 30, the response was "I do not see that the documentation was received. Please send it and we will process. It will take another 6-8 weeks to process this". I was very upset as it is Qwest's problem not mine. I also had Fax successfully sent message as proof.

Escalated to the supervisor Karen and received the polite answer... "We will expedite it and call you, do not worry".

It is Dec 7th today, almost a week and no call yet. Called the VIP redeem line again and the response I received was "Karen is out for lunch, I do not know when she will come. You cannot talk to her and she doesn't have voice message facility. We will call you when we get some answer".

The bull shit experience is what Qwest provides. I am very happy that I made the decision to terminate my service with Qwest on 11/30 after that call as I could clearly see how they enjoy looting people's money.

Also note that every month I received a bill, there would be extra charges for something that I did not use or request and had to discuss with the Billing people to update the charges accordingly. It is such a painful service that Qwest provides.

Do NOT be fooled by Qwest ads, it is not worth the pain or time or money.

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Tammy Ball

Qwest DSL 1

moved in May 2010. Was first told no DSL service where I moved to. After moving in and setting up satellite internet service was told by Qwest that I would get an early termination fee for since we had it at previous house. Had time to cancel satellite since it was less than 30 days. Set up Qwest DSL - here it is now Nov 2010 and STILL having our internet service constantaly dropping and they have india people tech support you can't understand what they say and DO NOT HELP FIX THE PROBLEM!!!

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Qwest DSL 1

Worst connection ever. It doesn't even work 90% of the time, and when it does, it's slow as hell.

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Qwest DSL 1

I don't know how much worse an Internet service could be. If it rains, the service drops. If it don't, I usually get half (1.5Mbs) the bandwidth promise and the stream is inconsistent. It will actually completely drop then spike monetarily making online gaming miserable. To add insult to injury, they are the most expensive internet service in the area. In fact, they are the most expensive internet service I've ever owned. I've had Charter and Connections in the past. Both provided excellent bandwidth, almost no down time and cost about half as much.

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Qwest DSL 1

I live in a small town in MN. The ONLY internet service is provided by one of two companies; MediaCom or Qworst. Both SUCK, but this isn't about MediaCom. Qwest claimed to have fast DSL, and based on the data I am getting back, it is true...but I can't change the address of my modem and any time I try to change the access SSID and password, the modem reports that the information is not valid. Remember that term, because if you sign up for service, you will see that a LOT.

I signed up for service and it was turned on this past Friday, the 17th of Sept. Spoke to people near me who rave about the service. Figured maybe this would be different than the lousy service they provided in CO; NOPE...same crappy service, same lousy technical support, possibly worse customer service.

So, one of the first things, set up an email account. Try to login to my account. Nope, the information provided is not valid. There is a problem with the account name or password. Funny, I just set this when I set up the modem. But it is bad according to the system. No biggee, maybe I fat-fingered the password TWICE, and those two times I managed to FAT-FINGER it exactly the same way. Enter my account name, click the forgot password, system comes back and tells me the account name does not exist. No problem, enter the other way to get into the account, I enter the DSL phone number and password. Same error, the information entered is not valid. Enter the DSL phone number and indicate I forgot the password. System reports that the phone number entered is not valid. Imagine that...that is a new error message.

Enter the LIVE account that I created at modem install. LIVE reports that the email address is not valid. Amazing, now Microsoft has the same lame error message that QWORST has.

Click the CHAT button. Agent comes online and after explaining that I don't have a friggin account number yet, he finally agrees to proceed. That quickly ends when I explain what the problem is. "Oh, I can't help you with that, you will need to call Customer Service." No problem... Call customer service (poorly chosen name for this department with almost any company I have worked with in the US) and before I can say much, the agent is telling me that they can't help me via phone, I have to be online with their technical support.

Get back online, click the chat for technical support. I am the third in the queue. Now second....now I am number 1 in the queue...........what the message changes, I am now NEXT in the queue. WTF? Isn't number 1 in the queue the same as NEXT? What kind of crap is this? Minutes later, the message changes and indicates there are is a high volume of service calls, someone will be with me shortly.

Someone finally signs into my chat and the agent asks to verify my information. I provide what I have and he ALMOST seems to be able to help me. NOT!!!! I am asked what my problem is and as soon as I tell him, I am told that this has to be corrected by someone on the PHONE. Is this the proverbial run-around or what???

I explain that I need access to my account OR my email account so that I can set up my wife's email account. Qworst advertises that there are ELEVEN accounts when you sign up for HSI. the agent comes back and tells me he can't do anything from his side that will give me access, to login to LIVE. I explain that this email also does not work and he tells me I need to contact MICROSOFT. Funny, I thought the service was being provided by QWEST...that is who I signed up for service with. I don't recall ever speaking to anyone at Microsoft to provide me with DSL service.

When I ask if HE can set up an email account for my wife, I am told that I am not ENTITLED to a secondary email account. Perturbed at this point, I ask how he can classify a secondary account when I can't get in the first. His response is to login to LIVE and set up the accounts there.

Well, the problem is easy enough to correct...CANCEL THE SERVICE, or lack thereof. What a crock... BEWARE ALL WHO TREAD WITH QWEST.

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Qwest DSL 1

Absolute worse ISP I have ever dealt with. Up time is terrible. 100% packet loss for extended periods of time numerous times a day. Ping times off their DSLAM > 5000ms when it is up.

Technical support is zip. When you finally waste the half hour getting connected and another half hour answering mindless questions and get connected to a tier 2 tech, they call tier three and tell you that their system is overloaded and there is nothing that can be done about the poor service.

That equates to overselling their product in my mind. A customer service rep told me to go to another provider if I was so unhappy with their service. She then laughed and says "Oh I guess you can't, we own all the equipment in your town."

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Monica Murray

Qwest DSL 1


Qwest Sucks!

I was with Qwest for several years at my former residence just outside of Seattle.
I bought a place in Seattle which needed some fixing, so I sold my condo and rented an apartment for 3 months as I was painting and fixing up my new home to be.

When I moved to the apartment, I stayed with Qwest because I was with them before (although the service sucked, I needed something for a couple of months. But those are other stories). The condo I was fixing up had Comcast, and I intended to switch to Comcast when I moved in.

Unbeknownst to me, I ended up getting saddled with a 2-year contract with Qwest. I NEVER AGREED TO IT AND WOULD HAVE NEVER AGREED TO IT. I was going to be switching to Comcast when I moved into my new place.

You know what the kicker is? I looked at the fine print on my bill and they EXTENDED MY CONTRACT BY 5 MONTHS! I DID NOT AGREE TO THIS EITHER!!!

So, now I'm getting the word out. These people are Crooks! If you need phone, internet, etc, service GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. DO NOT USE QWEST!

Read more: http://www.rateitall.com/rc-7466778.aspx#ixzz0tKGT4wlJ

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Qwest DSL 1

Scam artists and blatant cheats who will lie right to your face! I've been a land line phone customer since 1992. In 2008 after nine years of Choice TV and Online ("cable" and broadband) they notified it would no longer be available and I would have to switch over to Direct TV and Qwest DSL. I passed on the TV but purchased 7mbps DSL for a $32/mo "price for life" if I maintained the service for two years. A year later it showed up as $38/mo as a $6 "promotional discount" had expired. Six months later, June 2010, it goes up another $10, the explanation being that was supposed to be on the bill from the get go - back in 2008!! But they weren't going to back charge me. How nice. Even though I have the date and time and the name of the Qwest person and his ID# and the confirmation number of the $32/mo "price for life" deal I bought in 2008, these lying sacks of crap aren't going to stop charging me $48 a month. That's $192 a year all because I acted in good faith.

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Qwest DSL 5

Omg where to start! First off i absolutely love the 10-15 daily disconnects, which to fix you have to push the tiny reset button on the back of your modem (i keep a toothpick on my modem for just this purpose!) til it flicks off then back on, then quickly unplug it and plug it back in, then wait for it to boot up. At this point you open a web browser and go to ""; then go to quick setup and type in your PPP username and PPP password then click apply. Did i mention you have to do this about 10-15 times a day?! Its great, it really makes you feel smart, like your a computer wiz or something xDDD (ps the only way i know of to get your PPP username and pw is to get it from a rep, I strongly suggest brushing up on your hindi before calling though!)

And i really love how i got suckered into dropping my alltel mobile plan and cox cable to switch over to verizon and direct TV, in order to bundle it with my qwest landline (which has this fantastic habit of frequently BUZZING OBNOXIOUSLY LOUD, that loud buzzing has become a soothing comfort to me. For instance whenever i try to call my mom, I can barely hear what she is SAYING OVER THE LOUD HUMMING.) all in an effort to save money.. TURNS OUT I DIDNT LOL! Which is great, because ive come to realize i hate saving money! and thanks to MY "mostly" UNUSABLE LANDLINE, i tend to use my cell alot, and run up MASSIVE overages, which results in astronomical bills.. Man i love getting suckered!

And their customer service? Every time i call them (on my cell btw, which doesnt get free calls to qwest numbers, just verizon, also qwest handles my verizon billing now.. SO MORE MINUTES RACKING UP LOL!) in an attempt to find ways to increase my bill further, i cant understand the reps. I have gotten one rep that i was able to understand though, which was fortunate because i really wanted to go from 1.5megs to 7megs, mostly because to qwest, "1.5megs" is slang for "56k dialup" and i had just dumped AOL in an effort to get broadband.. So i upgraded to 7megs and was FINALLY able to experience TRUE 1.5meg download speeds.. it was GLORIOUS (when downloading stuff off of dedicated servers! youtube is still excruciatingly slow, u usually have to wait a few minutes to let most videos precache a bit before you can watch them.. and forgot about streaming HD video.. gonna want to jump to Qwest Fiber optics for that, F/O is advertised at about 20megs so id be willing to bet you could pull a solid 6-7megs..). But really, this all plays into my love of paying way more than i should be.

To sum it up, 99.9% of their customer service reps speak english as their third, maybe fourth language. Qwest DSL has constant downtime which is great because it gives you a reason to go outside! You will end up spending more money by bundling, once all the "promos" fall off..

This company basically gives me a hard on everytime i think about it. 5/5 stars because i love shit service. And because i love having to learn a second language just to talk to my phone company.

लंबे रहते हैं Qwest!

ps the only other experience that can even come close to the enjoyment i get from Qwest was that time i tried to cancel AOL.. sometimes i lay awake at night considering resubscribing to AOL just so i can cancel again..


screw that cox company, with their 50meg cable service... why would i get that crap when i could pay almost as much to get qwest 20meg fiber optics.. ITS FIBER OPTICS! that is futuristic science fiction stuff right there!

man 1: "dude, i get 50meg download speeds. Its great!"
man 2: "oh yeah? Well i have FIBER OPTICS SO I WIN!"

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Qwest DSL 1

The service would be perfect if it wasn't run by Qwest. After an easy installation and blissful first month, my bill had not arrived. After calling to fix this problem, I was told they couldn't find my account and that they'd call back later. 2 months after calling every couple weeks and getting the same response my service was abruptly disconnected. They did reconnect it 4 hours later, for $25, plus the back bills that I had been trying to pay them for months. Thanks, Qwest.

Then the billing issues occurred. They started charging me an extra $15 a month. And it kept going up. When I called to find out why I was paying $70 / month for dsl only service, the CSR would always give me the same reply. They couldn't fix it, but they would send it to the department that could. They'd call back. For 6 months.

Finally, half a year after the problem was diagnosed, with a few disconnection rounds, the company credited my account for the over charges, but not for the 3 reconnection fees incurred due to their idiocy ($75).

Allow me this opportunity to recreate some of the choice moments from the many hours spent talking to Qwest CSR.

Prelude -

Although this wasn't on the phone, here's another reason to hate Qwest. The guy who came into do my installation informed me the connection box was in my closet. I pointed him to the tiny door marked qwest in my closet and went back to an old episode of the Simpsons. Sadly, I had corsets and boas in my closet, where they belong. Yes. The installation tech complimented my undergarments . And went back in there. It was weird.

Here's an approximation of the highlights of suckitude of a typical conversation:

Me: "Hi, I'm calling because my internet is disconnected."

CSR : "OK, let me get this personal information from you"

Me: "No, I'm not in that system."

CSR : "Let's try it anyway............Oh, this is weird. I've never seen this before."

Me: "Say Hi to Becky for me, she actually called me back to let me know I still had this problem."

CSR : "I'm going to spend 30 minutes looking for your account now."

Me: "No, try this other search. I know your computer systems better than you do because I've faced this problem so many times. Please skip the chain and transfer me to the billing error department."

CSR : "Let me ask my manager.... 15 min ....Ok, we'll try it your way. Oh, it's right here. It's giving me a lot of different addresses. Are you Building SomeBuildingYou'veNeverHeardofButisonYourBillAnyway ? Ok, I can see your account. Sorry about that."

Me: "Hi, I've been calling for months. My problem is that my discount is not being applied to my bill. Please transfer me to the billing error department."

CSR: "I can fix that problem. That's exactly what happened. And there are so many comments on your account saying that this is happening and that you've called in to tell us. I'll just call the billing error department. 15 min . ... They said they'd fix it, we'll call you back."

Me : "No, please, I've been trying this for six months. Please transfer me to your billing error department"

CSR : "All I can do is send an order to the billing error department."

Me: "Please stop anal raping me with the broken off splintery broom handle you call a billing system."

CSR : "You're totally right. No wonder you hate Qwest. This is so weird and terrible. (Usually they share something personal and anonymous that they would never tell anyone at this point. Most of them were really nice to me, which was more frustrating, because it seemed like they wanted to help me. The best one was a guy who was moving his family to another state later that week. I hope it turned out awesome!). I'm really sorry we're anally raping you, I totally understand and hope this gets fixed. Bye!"

Repeat the

We will fix your problem / pay us the amount you actually owe us / Oh wait we're still charging you too much / disconnect / $25 Late fee / $4 convenience fee because you couldn't pay online because that bill didn't reflect reality

cycle in an endless loop of futility and frustration.

Then Becky fixed my problem. They should probably promote her to CEO because she's clearly the only competent employee in all of South Dakota.

Thank the good lord! I thought.

My problems with Qwest are over! I thought.

But I was wrong.

The credit applied to my bill showed up on my balance. Sweet! Redemption! The evil corporation had bowed to me because they were wrong the whole time! I had even over payed so much that I had a free month of service. More than a free month. $22.something off of my next bill! After this month!

Overjoyed, I foolishly made plans to attend a bachelor party this weekend, knowing well from experience that they would cut my service off the night before I left for my trip.

Me : "I'm calling because my internet was disconnected."

CSR : " Oh, your credit was applied to May, not April , even though we showed it on your bill and your balance, leading you to believe you had a $22.something credit instead of a bill for the month."

4 hours and a $25 disconnect fee later . It was super easy to double check my flight and travel information and to inform the people I was meeting without the internet! I hate you, Qwest.

I wouldn't willing use this company again if the One Who Got Away came to my doorstep begging me to take him and Qwest back. Unfortunately, they have a monopoly on my apartment complex, so I'm using their company to post this review.

Don't do it. It's the worst time ever.

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Qwest DSL 5

Switched to Qwest a few months back and am very satisfied with speed, service, price, and ease of use. Easy to install software, clean and easy to use. Wonderful price for life program where you can choose a package and keep the same internet price for as long as you have service. Perfect for those who are going to live in their current home for a few years or more. They are a phone company, so the service is really only useful for those who are Qwest phone customers, but we are happy with them for both phone and internet. Our area is remote and has only the slowest DSL available, but even that is plenty fast for surfing and downloading photos, etc. I recommend not using their security and other ancillary programs. They work, but they also make boot up very slow. We just use Microsoft security essentials instead, recommended by Qwest, and it works well and is much faster. Tech support has not been needed much, but has been helpful when called - some actually American. Qwest reps for billing and sales were very helpful and polite. I don't dread calling them like I did PeoplePC which absolutely stinks. Highly recommend Qwest.

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Qwest DSL 2

I have Qwest DSL rated at 1.5 MBs. The modem failed around one month, I believe after I was connected up. Dealing with technical support was rather frustrating, for one reason since every time I called concerning the issue, I got a different person to talk to and they didn't seem to properly document the past conversations.

Just recently, I am having a problem with MSN's e-mail reply window. I have been on the phone for approximately 3 1/2 hours and it's still not resolved! Microsoft's support, which I was finally transferred to has added to the frustration.

They had a low introductory price so I thought I would try them. Hopefully there is a better provider out there.

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Qwest DSL 3

Just signed up for Qwest "silver" (1.5 MBPS) and immediately ran a Speedtest and it returned results of 1.3 mbps. At that speed it took 3 tries to actually connect to http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/ and I began to wonder. Would Qwest have the guts to block a specific website? In specific, one that shows them in a bad light? Just Curious.

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Qwest DSL 1

Any way i purchased the 7 mb internet, when i went to Speedtest.net my download rate was, 1.5 mbs so i put it to the test, i downloaded a big file, Halo trial from a dedicated server it took aprox 30 minutes to download that file, And when i tried to view youtube videos i had to freaking pause the youtube video so i was able to watch it. I got anoyed from this and decied to upgrate my internet speeds to 20mbs, After the upgrate they gave me a free modem and i was inpreased, i downloaded the halo trial (130mb)
like in 5 minutes i open a bunch of youtube videos and i was able to see the red bar go all the way in whiting seconds, i was in love. But the honey moon only lasted a few minutes, after like 20 minutes, i noticed my self pausing the youtube videos and i was like WTF!!!!! i when to speed test and i only got 10mbs
(RESULTS FROM ACTUAL TEST http://www.speedtest.net/result/637521476.png )
I when to the halo dedicated server and it took me aprox 20 minutes to download the file, I called qwest and they blamed my computer, I was like WTFFFFFFFF, they claimed that viruses can cause speed issues, But My freaking computer has a brand new operating (windows 7) system and it is impossible to get a virus whiting 30 minutes of usage they also blamed the youtube server, stating that the some videos are compressed and they need to be compressed. I gave them that one, but the thing that buged me more was that they said that they also blamed my wireless connection, saying that wireless connections get interfered by waves such as cell phones and other connections, I FREAKING TOLD THEM THAT MY NEIGHBORS WIRELESS CONNECTION IS MUCH FASTER, AND THEY ONLY HAVE 3MBS WHIT THE FACT THAT THEY ARE 2 BLOCKS AWAY (they are com-cast) they compleatly ignored my anser and said thanks for choosing qwest and is there anything i can help you whit, I was so angry as they chose to end the call whit out solving my conflict, Now im stuck whit qwest and as humans learn from others mistakes FOR THE LOVE OF SCIENCE DONT CHOSE QWEST!!!

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Qwest DSL 1

Ah Qwest DSL... The name is more than suiting, as its put me on a "qwest" to find a better net provider in my area. I've had dial-up services more efficient then this. The connection is extremely inconsistent, it can just barely handle two computers running at the same time, the customer service is absolutely horrible, and I randomly get disconnected whenever doing stuff on the net (IE gaming, chatting so on so forth). If at all possible, I highly recommend you find a different net provider. It'll spare you the migraine.

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Qwest DSL 1

Qwest is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Their customer service is crap. Their products suck and I will never use them again. They should be held accountable for their lies. They advertise speeds for their DSL that it never comes close to. What the hell kind of company like this doesn't have 24 hour support. If you have problems after 6pm you need to wait until the next day. Even then when you do get someone on the line it will most likely be a few days until your problem gets fixed. If it even does. It certainly doesn't help that most of the techs they send out don't know their ass from their elbows. DO NOT USE QWEST IF YOU CAN HELP IT. Comcast has a far superior product and their tech support is great. When I had a problem with Comcast, when I had a problem it was fixed in a matter of hours not days or sometimes weeks. QWEST SUCKS, QWEST SUCK, QWEST SUCKS. SAY IT WITH ME NOW. QWEST SUCKS, QWEST SUCKS.

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Qwest DSL 1

I have been trying for months to get an answer from Qwest. I would like to change from a 1.5 to a 7Mbps connection. Although every thing checks out ok, my distance to DSLAM, SNR Margin, Attenuation, and my modem I am told that only 1.5 or less is available. No one will tell me why or even attempt to find out. Sooo the first time anything of comparable speed comes along I will dump Qwest with joyful glee. Yes Qwest you have me by the whatchamacalits but someday competition will arrive and they will reap the benefits or your neglect.

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adam black

Qwest DSL 1

My Qwest DSL Review covers a period of approximately eighteen months.

Qwest originally promised me 1,500 KB of downstream bandwidth. For those that are not tech savvy there are actually eight bits to a byte so this deceptive number will actually translate into 192375 bytes of potential downstream bandwidth and 756 KB or actually 95957 bytes of potential upstream bandwidth.

The downstream math is as follows 1500 times 1026 equates to 1539000 divided by eight equals 192375 bytes of possible bandwidth.

Mind you this is the best case scenario and is dependant on how much noise your modem encounters on the Qwest network.

Qwest struggled to provide this super slow DSL service so when I see Qwest’s advertisement for 20 megabits I start to laugh.

This actually translates into a whopping 2.5 megabytes of potential bandwidth. Big Deal.

The Netopia 3347-02 wifi modem is the modem that I was provided and it has been replaced three times. The Netopia 3347-02 is the most problematic wifi modem that I have ever used. The Netopia 3347-02 is a true second rate modem.

Qwest’s Digital Subscriber Line is constantly losing its hard wired connection to the central office. The primary wired connections and my apartment wiring were double checked and Qwest found absolutely nothing wrong. The insult for Qwest’s incompetence is that Qwest charged me one hundred dollars to tell me the problem was somewhere else. Incompetent is bad, incompetence and dishonesty are the pits.

Ok now try and follow my logic here. I had a month to month lease arrangement with Qwest to supply the super slow DSL, the Netopia 3347-02 modem and the maintenance. So how is it that Qwest figures that I should pay their technician one hundred dollars to come to my apartment and finally admit there is absolutely nothing wrong?

The technician later changed his official report to read that my alarm system had actually caused the problem. Well I live in an apartment complex and there is absolutely no alarm here.

Alarm systems are typically found in expensive homes not in apartments. This curious fact speaks volumes regarding the incompetence of Qwest employees.

Connection down or your Netopia 3347-02 wifi modem does not work? Call the Qwest repair service at their toll free number at 800 573 1311 to be eventually connected to a live Philippino operator that speaks the most rudimentary English possible.

Be prepared to endure Qwest’s incessant advertising blitz. Qwest repair service wait times are typically one to two hours as you teach the Philippino operator English by repeating your information over and over again.

I called to disconnect the DSL. Qwest successfully tied me up for over one hour. I finally got through their incessant marketing and they finally agreed to disconnect the DSL after wasting more of my time by trying to get me to stay.

Frankly Qwest DSL is about as useful as a third breast.

Don’t start up with Qwest thinking that you will have a successful DSL or Telephony relationship with this company.

If you live in a metropolitan area I strongly encourage you to take a look at other options including the new Clear Wimax system that is currently being developed. Although Clear Wimax may have a few roll out issues young hungry companies typically perform a lot better.

Each and every day was a challenge to see if I would have a working connection.

If you are thinking that you will get better results from Qwest think again. I am a fifteen year veteran of Information Technology. After numerous calls you can expect the Qwest repair service staff to disrespect you by refusing to identify themselves, by laughing and mocking you and by failing to update your customer service record with your call.

Qwest repair service believes that if they conceal your trouble call then there really is no problem.

Thank you Rate It All for helping to alert the public on how Qwest really does business.

My happiest day with Qwest is when I decided to dump this unpleasant company and walk them to the door.

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Qwest DSL 1

Qwest SUCKS! They are absolutely the worst when it comes to customer service!!! I was a loyal customer of Qwest for over 20 years, and in the last 18 months they have just gone to hell. I have had to call at least a dozen times to get them to fix their billing errors and such. I will NEVER do business with Qwest again!!!

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Qwest DSL 5

qwest is a piece of shit. i just spent the last 30 min rebooting my wireless router and stupid qwest modem because my DSL kept going out. alll along i thought it was my computer but after reading all these posts i now believe qwest truly SUCKS. like a moron, i renewed my 2 year subscription only because i was at best buy and saw that qwest was offering a $125 gift card for signing up. that was last june. i understand that i had to wait 30 days after connection before the gift card was issued. long story short, its now almost mid november and still no gift card. i've called their so called customer service numerous times only to get some asshat telling me that my order was not in the system and they would manually enter it now and to expect the gift card in 4-6 weeks. WTF?!?! im tired of playing their games, my next call will be to the corporate offices in downtown seattle. i dont care if i get the director of IT on the line, someone who speaks english will feel my pain! QWEST SUCKS!

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Qwest DSL 5

Qwest DSL is the best value out there. I dumped my Mediacomm cable modem and saved $30 a month. The cable companies are crooks.

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Qwest DSL 1

I would have put this one star lower, but that did not seem to be an option! Not only is the DSL performance way below what was promised as "blazing fast" (modem needed to be rebooted at least daily!)& the tech support absolutely horrible but their call center staff allows outside vendors to come on the line & represent themselves as "supervisors" in which they lie & make false promises that in no way will Qwest support! It wasn't me that put a fraudulent person on the phone so why will Qwest not own up to their staff's actions! I would go back to Pony Express before I would return as a Qwest customer & plan on letting everyone I know to do the same!

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Qwest DSL 1

For about 3 months my DSL constantly disconnects, usually in the middle of trying to play World of Warcraft. Tech support is usually worthless once past the repetitive automated screening questions. When I can persuade them to send a technician, all he does is fiddle around with the phone line, tell me he can't find a problem and claims he will monitor the line and call back. Then the DSL works for a few days until the weekend and goes back to being unreliable, prompting more calls to tech support. Friends, this is the real meaning of Qwest's slogan 'In the loop', a never ending loop of unresolved problems!

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The Drug Czar Slave

Qwest DSL 1

Qwest DSL could possibly the worst DSL of all time. Switching from the retched AOL dial-up I was excited. Then it hit me, I was facing 12 KB per second downloads on a 1.5 MB plan. I was given the crappiest modem available (Actiontec GT701). Where I live Qwest DSL should not even be availible but Qwest thinks its alright to charge 21.99 a month to speeds just better then dial up. Every 5-10 minutes my DSL shuts off for about 20 seconds. Call me a complainer but if you were in my shoes than you would be pulling your hair out. Whats the point in calling the tech support, they will just tell you that they will fix it in their connection but that won't happen. I called 10 months ago to find out if I could switch my plan to the highest possible and they said "Next month expect 7 MB speed". 9 months later no 7 MB speed. I still have 1 more year under my 2 year agreement. I hope congress will make it so Qwest won't charge me $200 to cancle my subscription. Please go to Comcast, cable is soooo much better. My friend is lucky that his parents are complete dumbasses that sucker into the phone company's bull sh*t.

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Qwest DSL 1

I received a statement from QWEST today ... grrrrr .... they charged me for callwave,  call waiting, line backer, caller-id and call blocking.  But did I order this???  Heck no !! But they were going to charge me for it until I told them to cancel all internet, phone and satellite services.  So I demanded they cancel all services, to deduct the recent charges for the line backer plan, disconnect my phone, my internet and television satellite.  And another thing ... QWEST, you need to have a planned meeting with all your employees because the right hand doesn't know what the left hand does.  Too many of your employees are tacking on services that are not ordered by the customers ( I know several neighbors and friends who complain about QWEST reps).

qwest sucks

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Qwest DSL 1

Qwest DSL IS terriable! I do have home and wireless with and I have had no trouble with that, but DSl- DO NOT GET IT WITH QWEST! As many other people have said, the DSL service goes out alot and there we have many connectivity issues with it, overall there internet service is terriable!

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Qwest DSL 1

Ive had horrible experiences with Qwest tech support, trying to get service for my Macs. The language barriers are huge, and Ive ended up solving my problems myself. I recently lost access to my msn premium account and contacted Qwest. After hours speaking to many people, I was told Macs could no longer use msn premium services. After I complained, a man in the dsl loyalty department offered higher speed dsl services at the lower lifetime price Id been paying. I questioned him repeatedly and was assured the offer was genuine.

Of course, the bill showed over a 50% increase in my dsl bill. After hours talking to several different people, I was told the first loyalty man had lied, I was lying, I was stupid, and I was crazy. The men I spoke to would not answer my questions, and the last man refused to let me speak to his supervisor, saying he didnt know who his boss was. (Some of us should be so lucky!) After years as a Qwest customer, I plan to find other service and to let the world know what a ripoff, disrespectful company they are. I urge you to do the same.

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Qwest DSL 1

Qwest is terrible. My service regularly goes out, sometimes for 3 hours at at a time. I would rather staple bologna to my face and stick my head in a tank full of piranhas then have Qwest "super fast" DSL. When using the Internet I frequently have connectivity issues. Forget watching movie trailers because the movie will be out on video before the trailer finishes downloading. If you enjoy gaming then get ready to be the scourge of all your friends. Not only can you not host anything but in the rare opportunity that you do the game will be so laggy that everyone is likely to drop and make fun of your crappy dial-up connection. I would rather shave my head with a cheese grater while chewing on tin foil, then call Qwest tech support. all the reps have ever been able to do is tell me that my line is being serviced... the funny thing is that it happens every other day... for at least an hour or more. Although this may be due to the crapy off brand coby modem they send you. In short if you are a gluten for punishment then Qwest is great. however if you have any other options.... even "high speed" dial up you may be better off because at least you wont be paying the exorbitant undisclosed surprise amount Qwest will dream up to charge you. If this company and product could earn negative stars I would gladly do so.

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qwestsucksbigg uns

Qwest DSL 1

qwest is terrible and lies about pricing then bills you something different. Here is what to do...google qwest and then make sure to click on their PAID sponsorship each day so that it costs them money.

I also like to call their tech support number and ask them dumb questions when I am on the toilet. Have them explain the difference between dsl and dial up, EVERYDAY. BURN THEIR MONEY AND RESOURCES...

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Qwest DSL 1

Qwest is the absolute most dishonest company I have ever dealt with. Do yourself a favor and use another company, even if it is for a few extra dollars per month. You will save money in the long run.

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Qwest DSL 1

Qwest has gotten off to a bad start by 1) not delivering the DSL modem on time and 2) causing the phone line to lose the dial tone when installing the DSL at the central office. Fortunatley there is a 30 day cancellation period which may come in handy.

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Qwest DSL 1

Avoid Qwest for Internet service. I can find little good to say about my recent experience with Qwest when I set out to try their high-speed Internet service.

Rather than a long report, here are some major points to consider:

The price you pay on the internet is different than if you call to order (although nowhere in their advertising do they mention that), but they will provide some internet deals if you call and get the right person. Everyone I talked to, and it took 8 calls finally, had a different idea of what you could or could not do. You can get a free modem with the highest speed service when you call in by phone although you will have to insist on it.

The price for life deal in which you must agree to their service for two years will cost you $200 if you cancel it during the first two years.

Their wireless module for the m1000 modem is advertised at $19.99, but they add another $9.99 shipping, which they fail to mention when you order it unless you ask about it.

They cannot make simple changes/additions without lengthy absences from the phone and once they screw something up, it compounds with every call.

I printed out their Legal Agreements for Broadband Modem Installation and got more than 8 full single-spaced pages entirely aimed at protecting them with no protection for you at all. They can monitor you use of their service AND YOUR COMPUTER and use it in virtually any way they wish without liability as they are specifically protected from loss of privacy, confidential information, etc. etc.

I consider this the WORST company I have ever dealt with. Their procedures are cumbersome and contradictory depending on who you talk to (and much of their service is outsourced, so communication can be a problem), and their rank in the Qwest chain of authority/experience. Worst of all, their advertising is intentionally misleading. They push the brainless "bundle" thing ad nausea. If you must contact them, be prepared to suffer long waits and many hassles. My advice is consider Qwest as you very last choice for any kind of service, but especially internet.

Lastly, a word of advice. If you must go with them and use their quick connect software, be advised that towards the end of the installation, you are asked to pick a user name and password, etc., and agree to another contract. This is for the MSN part of their service (although it is not at all clear during the installation) and if you look at that agreement, you will notice that you agree to receive junk mail and advertisements from them, etc. etc. Dont agree to that crap!!! Just exit (close your browser window) at that point as your modem will already be setup. You can get free email service from many suppliers without signing your life away, and the rest of their so-called Windows Live is nothing but a scheme to get you committed to services you can get better elsewhere.

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Qwest DSL 1

I originally signed up for Qwest Choice "Premium" DSL which is supposed to provide download speeds of up to 5Mbps. It was being offered at a rate of $36.99 per month for a period of 1 year and with an additional $5.00 discount if you subscribed to Qwest for your local or long-distance phone service. You were also supposed to get a $50.00 gift card. When the service started, it was pathetically slow, but I stupidly thought something was wrong with my computer. I turns out that the Qwest Choice "Premium" service with a rate of 5Mbps is unavailable in my community, an established Denver suburb, and no one at Qwest told me! They automatically transferred me to Qwest Choice DSL with a download speed of only 256 Kbps. at a rate of $31.99 per month (with a $5.00 discount if you subscribe to one of their phone services.) Qwest Choice Deluxe with a download speed of $1.5Mbps is available in my community at the same rate of $31.99 per month ($5.00 discount if you have Qwest phone service) but no at Qwest let me know that I had that option. Now, if I want to upgrade my service to 1.5Kbps. they want to charge me an additional $5.00 a month or a total of $36.99 (with the $5.00 discount if you get Qwest phone service). What a rip-off! And of course, they are not going to give me the advertised gift card either. Don't deal with this company!!! They use deceptive advertising practices and they are unethical!!!

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Qwest DSL 1

Qwest DSL is the biggest hole in your head you are legally allowed to sign up and pay money for. Tech support is overseas, and consists of two lines: "Try turning your modem off and back on again." and "You might need to call your computer manufacturer." I was running just fine for about 4 months, then all of a sudden, I am being disconnected every 5 minutes.
Working with networking programs has given me some little experience, and I did everything I know before calling technical support. I can see that the tracert is failing at a number of different qwest servers, and being redirected. not a problem if you're just browsing, but if you need a steady connection for, say, gaming, it just doesn't work. Over a period of 6 calls, I am hung up on 3 times, told that it's my modem, told that it's my browser, and finally told that they do not support Macintoshes. I point out that the issue is on their end, not mine, and after browbeating a "supervisor" with this info for over 30 minutes, he tells me that of course I can't tracert it, those servers are set to not return pings. What? Then why do they sporadically trace correctly and sporadically fail?
"Thank you for patiently waiting" has kept me from playing my game for over a week now. After 6 calls, a visit from the repair guy (who didn't even know what a ping was), and being told that my area (4 blocks from oldtown) is "too far away from the server" to give me faster connections, I have had it. Comcast is the only other gig in this town, but I will gladly pay the installation fee and yet another modem to get reliable service.
"We're going to run a test on your line, please do not access the net while we test your connection." So you're saying the ideal setup for your ISp is for no-one to access the 'net? Fantastic.

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Qwest DSL 1

what the fuck too dam slow

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Qwest DSL 1

Pitiful customer support,grossly incorrect billing and one of the most annoyingly inept automated phone systems I have ever had the displeasure of using. Did you ever want to experience "hold hell"? call Qwest on a weekend with questions about  why you are being double billed.

I can understand why they make it hard to reach a CSR with "service" like this. The only 24/7 "support" you can contact is well out of throttling range in the Phillipines!

I would switch to Cox, only they are even worse! (Sad, but true)

Nothing would make me happier than to have a competent, profesionally operated DSL provider come to the valley, and put Corx and Qweased away for a dirt-nap.

Rated "one star" because a lower grade does not exist.

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Qwest DSL 1

When I signed up I enrolled for the "Up to 7mb" service. My modem will train to 7mb/sec but Qwest is limiting it to only 3mb/sec and says "7mb is not available in your area". There is no technical reason why they would limit my leg other than to help rate limit the backend. This way they can show that they are not defrauding the consumer by grossly oversubscribing the DSL service. The edge pop to the cores ATM connection must constantly be swamped as my connection speed goes down to 30kb/sec during the peak times. This is a speed test from my ISP to my house. Clearly a Qwest issue. When I called tech support about the poor performance, they said that I had a "DEDICATED LINE" to my ISP and that I didn't share bandwidth with anyone. When I informed them that they were indeed wrong, they argued with me and got angry. I asked them If they'd even read a book on MPLS or ATM or knew what the acronyms meant. Basically Qwest DSL is no better than advertising a $19 color TV set and saying "Gee, we sold all those, but look over here, we have this $119 one still in stock".

Qwest DSL sucks, Period.

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Qwest DSL 1

I've used Qwest for three years. Speed has always been an issue, with downloads barely challenging the dial-up service I previously had. I wrote this off at first, happy to have a constant connection. Unfortunately, over the past year I've experienced numerous blackouts, and regular disconnections (every 2-3 minutes for about an hour, every few hours). After checking each filter, I phoned Qwest. They weren't able to verify my address my phone line, nor even my name or the credit card with which we pay, and wouldn't pitch any suggestions. The call ended unpleasantly, less from my frustration than the techie's indifference. As service declines, cable looks more attractive.

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Qwest DSL 5

Qwest Technical Support Agent are well trained, and they are FAST in solving my technical problems regarding my DSL service.

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Qwest DSL 1

My Qwest DSL line crashes every time there is lightning anywhere within 40 miles. I see lightning, the DSL line goes dead. Any rain, it goes dead.

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Qwest DSL 1

Qwest epitomizes the greedy corporate monster sucking the very soul out of our nation. If you want inexplicable S-L-O-W (I'm talking slower than dial-up) connections several times a week, choose them. If you want frequent (3-4 times a month) outages lasting 12+ hours (literally) with no effective way to report it, choose them. If you want to have totally frustrating, inane and unproductive conversations with some techie in the Phillipines who either doesn't get your problem or has been trained not to get it, choose them. If you want to feel like less of a person, talk to their customer service - unbelievable. I cannot count the ways you need to avoid this company. They are getting paid enough (I pay more for their internet then I do for phone service) to do infinitely better, they simply don't care. If their infrastucture does not allow them to provide better service, then they should be charging a hell of a lot less, or else fixing the problem.

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Qwest DSL 1

I've just been through yet another two hours of wasted time on the phone with Qwest "support" for a DSL line. Half an hour was with the business office, because the "support" department in S. Asia does not have access to records that can tie a static IP address to the physical phone line. Two hours later, I find out there's "an outage in the area". They couldn't tell me that with the address of the building. "Area" apparently means something different in Qwest land.

I've been forced to deal with these hacks professionally for 10 years. At the end of every call, I feel exactly like I've been dragged out to the alley behind a bar and beat up.

If you have ANY, and I mean AAAANNNYYY other choice, take it. Sadly, their monopoly grasp still holds in too many areas for this behemoth nightmare to end.

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Qwest DSL 1

qwest is the worst and it does suck !

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Qwest DSL 5

Qwest consistently has exceeded expectations for service in my opinion. I live in Rochester, Minnesota, and had Charter Communication high speed cable internet service. The service consistently fell short of the advertised speeds and customer service was nonresponsive and very poor in my opinion. Qwest offers 1.5MB service at my location which is half of the advertised Charter speed, but is MUCH better than Charter in my opinion because speed is consistent and always right around 1.5MB (speed tests to 1.45MB to 1.5MB) with upload speed consistently around 896kbps (over three times faster than Charter) at my location. I only have Charter for TV now and may go to DirectTV if the cable prices keep going up and the customer service keeps getting worse.

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Qwest DSL 4

I used to have CableOne internet. I also go to school at the University of Phoenix online, so internet is important. During six months with CableOne I had four periods of downtime, one as long as four days.
I switched to Qwest about five months ago and I love the service. No loss of internet, no delays in speed, and a good price. I have also had nothing but great service with their customer support agents.
I give four stars only because of an issue in bundling service. I first started with DSL. Then each month I would add another service: wireless, DirecTV, etc. Apparently a new account code is generated each time you do and the old code is turned off. Caused some billing issues, but all was resolved eventually.

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Qwest DSL 1

I received my Qwest Actiontec GT701-WG Friday. It has not connected to the internet yet. My phone service started at the same time and it works fine. But since day one the DSL light on the modem does nothing but blink. I called the tech support number and they scheduled for a service call on SUNDAY 1-5pm. I waited all Sunday afternoon. Called the local office and got what I can only describe as a face saving attempt to wait right up to five. Of course the local office closes at five on Sunday. I am dropping all service and, good spirit help me, I am going to CableOne phone, internet, and TV. I hope I don't have to call the Idaho Attorney General's office just to get my (completely unused) DSL money back.

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