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Overall Rating: 2.83 based on 145 ratings
ItemImageBorn in 1965, Bjork released her first solo CD, "Debut," in 1993. Her most popular songs include "Isobel" and "All is Full of Love." Bjork made her acting debut in the feature film "Dancer in the Dark."

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Nikolas1986gr (0)
Bjork is the Mozart of our times. She is a pure artist with unique ideas of expressing through music. She composes in a free style and this is what makes her unique. Her voice is clear and reminds severe mourning especially in her ballands. Her experimenting personality with bizzare styling and musique etrange makes bjork one of my favorite perfomers in life. And she is not only musician - Have you seen "Dancer in the Dark" trier's masterpiece against death penalty in USA. She acted like few professional actresses ever had. Bjork has been Great in everething she has tried. Also a magic appearence in Athens Olympics in 2004.
pickleloaf (0)
Very different from the norm. She makes music not so boring and predictable. her music makes you think. I guess that's why most don't like her.
kingguiness (10)

Great voice but musically Im not into everything she does. The swing song "It's Oh So Quiet was good. I prefer her Sugarcubes work more than her solo material.
JohoPepe (0)
An incredibly talented and unique artist; all of her albums are masterpieces.
Skizero (13)
maybe i just don't get it. i've listened to enough Bjork albums with friends that i'm pretty well versed in her catalog. other than the odd goofiness, the standard industrial sludge song, and the flighty big band number at the end of the albums, i don't understand the appeal. sure i like army of me and it's oh so quiet is amusing. but that's about it. actually the one Bjork album that did spark an interest in me was her latest. i think the idea of taking layered voices and making them into backing instruments is pretty daring (a lot more daring than the junk radiohead is trying to pass of as art). so i'm open to change my view of this one.
erlking (0)
An unearthly voice. A skilled composer. A unique artist. A musical innovator. Bjork is all of these things.
kolby1973 (31)
This woman has the voice of an angel, and her voice can go sooooo high. I absolutely love her, and her music. She is an icon, and her music will never die. She was also so wonderful when she was still with the Sugarcubes, I wished they would do a reunion tour soon.
mz (0)
She's OK, but Mandalay is far better.
quezacotl (0)
too bad you can't give zero points. 1 point is more than she deserves.
reelcool (0)
isobel: deodato mix has to be one of the best songs of the 90's...
pip_squeak (0)
My God, what they pass for talent these days. It stuns me that a person with such little musical talent like Djork can rate so high on this list (relatively speaking). She's horrible. Just horrible. Even worse than nails on a chalkboard.
attitudeamit (0)
bjorkfan (0)
She is just the best. Now get over it already.
MedgarEvers (13)
It's to easy to joke about her having no creative boundaries as she's the only musician to ever come out of Iceland. But she is seriously a good artist, a little quirky, but full of surprises with her electronic effects and strong, strong voice. I've never heard the Sugarcubes but she's gotten me interested. I'm excited to delve deeper into her collection.
Enya (0)
On TV, I saw Ms Thing assaulted a reporter. The reporter said "Welcome to Bangkok." Suddenly, Bjork went crazy and stared to punch her. The guards had to seperate them. I have no respect for trailer park trash with poor fashion taste.
Molfan (53)
I guess I just am not "modern" enough to appreciate her music, If you can actually call what she does is music. I call it strange.I tried out her music online and have heard her on the radio. I suppose there is an audience somewhere for her it is just not me.
CastleBee (80)
With a name that sounds like a belch, her unique fashion sense alone should place her at least at 375 of the 375 currently being rated on this list! Who would ever think of wearing a stuffed animal to an award show? So is she chic beyond words or just sad this side of a clown school? It's up to you. IMO it simply made her look like an escapee from a 2nd grade production of Swan Lake. As to her singing - oh, I thought that was the swan as they were killing it to make her dress. Overall, I'd say a big no way!
glorybox3 (0)
I absolutely love Bjork and her screamingly unique voice. Her singing is so commanding and powerful, and her songs are groundbreakingly wonderful. She is an absolute visionary and a true genious, with touching, beautiful, yearning, powerful music. She seems to always be a step ahead of every other artist out there and so is often misunderstood. Her videos are visually spectacular-I give kudos to such a stunninging brave artist, not only in music videos, but in sound, fashion, everything. I love all of her CD's and all of her works with the cute Sugarcubes. I recommend her as highly as one can.
callmetootie (4)
Iceland's best singer.
beat_on_the_brat (0)
i dont know much about em or heard much of their music, but what i have heard kicks ass. i like that song that goes "it's all so quiet... shh, shh."
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