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This is a personal ratings list created by LoudKidB 
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Fox News
  Current Rating: (3.07)  
  # of Ratings: 15      
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1. OrUtstylee , on 7/22/2004 3:08:00 PM, said:

Why does Fox news get such good ratings?? because it's what the majority of Americans want to see!!! you stupid out of touch with reality leftists!! you whine and complain about how Fox News is unfair and right wing news, but it's okay for CNN, MSNBC, and others to be left wing, I didn't really care about the whole news thing until i saw CNN in March of 2003, oh my hell was i sick, they are so far left it's ridiculous, all media is, ALL MEDIA is pretty much left wing, and that's okay for YOU, we dare not complain about CNN's left wing biasm, but put one news channel on the air that's not left wing, let's have a fit people. You don't make sense, you think FOX NEWS is unfair because it caters to the right, well CNN is unfair because it caters to the left!! so shut the hell up. BY THE WAY, we were attacked several times by terrorists during president Clintons era and the media didn't care and neither did you, now we have a president who is doing something about it, it's about time.
  (2 people found this comment helpful, 3 did not)
2. aabgtb , on 7/21/2004 11:40:00 AM, said:

People have been waiting for a FAIR and BALANCED news channel, that is why they are no.1 in the ratings. Bill O'Reilly is independent and not even close to being conservative, Hannity & Colmes is a conservative and a liberal, Greta only talks about the Peterson trial. You liberals are so far left, you don't even know what fair and balanced means.
  (2 people found this comment helpful, 1 did not)
3. RateItAll94901 , on 7/19/2004 12:42:00 PM, said:

They can air anything they want - but WHERE on EARTH can they get off saying it is Fair and Balanced 'news'!!!!
  (1 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
4. LongBeachChet , on 7/13/2004 1:01:00 PM, said:

It would be one thing if Fox "News" were a Republican news channel and owned up to it, but; Fox prentends that they are fair in their reporting, if you can even call it reporting. Most of what Fox produces is editorial content. Much of it is pretty comical, but its scary to think that there are people out there that do not understand that this is more of an entertainment channel than any sort of credible news source.
  (3 people found this comment helpful, 2 did not)
5. Kerry '04 , on 7/13/2004 11:53:00 AM, said:

Far from Fair & Balanced! It's so 1-sided!
  (1 people found this comment helpful, 2 did not)
6. axlrod2003 , on 7/13/2004 8:28:00 AM, said:

Right Wing jerks with more of a political agenda then some government agencies.
  (4 people found this comment helpful, 5 did not)
7. abichara1882 , on 7/7/2004 10:01:00 PM, said:

I find the debate about "balancing out the bias of the liberal networks with a conservative viewpoint" a little off the point. A good reporter looks for the facts and puts in perspective; ideology should be checked at the door. As for the case of Fox News, I think that they target the conservative market because their executives realized that this was a largely untapped. Such marketing techniques do not serve the American people however. Rather than speaking truth to power, the media tells people what they want to hear, whether its a conservative or liberal perspective. Such a strategy encourages news editors to focus in on scandalmongering and little interpersonal struggles rather than the big picture. Do any of the three big networks have pundits on that provide a rigorous analysis of global events and puts them into context, no, what you see is a superfical treatment of the issues. That is what is wrong with the media in this country; rather than debate real ideas, they pick around the edges of an issue, thus leaving out big pieces of information for the American people. The Iraq War for instance happened in no small part because of the media's uncritical stance towards the Bush Administration. In fact, they even openly root for a war, for that brings in ratings! But that said, the media as a whole really isn't liberal or conservative, it is more corporate than anything else. The mentality is "let's just ignore the inconvienient parts of the story and focus in on the 'sexy' parts." Hence this is why Fox and the rest of the news channels blow everything out of proportion, from the threat Iraq and terrorists pose to our country to Laci Peterson and Kobe Bryant. The veracity of their sources or the importance of the story compared to others doesn't matter, as long as people keep watching, it's fine. Gone are the days when being a reporter was seen as a public service. TV is the type of medium that promotes perceptions over reality, and with a rapid fire news cycle, this is even more exagerrated. The news networks react to a story rather than offer a detached standpoint.
  (2 people found this comment helpful, 2 did not)
8. louiethe20th , on 7/7/2004 8:46:00 PM, said:

First off, before I comment on FoxNews.LoudKidB, you need to learn what a Conservative is.Based on your comments you seem to be moderate at best.As far as Fox News, it is wonderful.I love Hannity's show, by the way his co-host is liberal if I remember correctly.I enjoy Bill O'Reilly's show very much as well.The Beltway Boy's have views from both sides of the political spectrum as well.FoxNews is the only honest and un-sugarcoated news on the air.Why do you think Canada will not let em' in?
  (3 people found this comment helpful, 4 did not)
9. GoneAway , on 7/7/2004 8:21:00 PM, said:

The best news on TV.
  (4 people found this comment helpful, 4 did not)
10. BIGBABY , on 7/7/2004 7:57:00 PM, said:

5 stars, but everything on this list is already covered on RIA.
  (4 people found this comment helpful, 3 did not)
11. tboneya , on 7/7/2004 6:15:00 PM, said:

I give them a five because I like their up to the minute coverage of the news, and I love how they throw the bias back into the face of the liberal three. Maybe they seem conservative to you leftists out there because for years all you've been getting is news with a liberal spin. A little balance just doesn't seem right to ya, does it? Just goes to show you how far you've been programmed by the big three. You should watch more of Fox News. You'll see there's a whole other world out there from what the liberal three has been allowing you too see.
  (4 people found this comment helpful, 3 did not)
12. LoudKidB , on 7/6/2004 6:06:00 PM, said:

Is a true 24-hour news station, and coverage is alright, but not enough to make up for the extreme conservative bias, which I have to admit as a conservative does exist. Channel does a good job putting a conservative spin on anything and everything, again, the coverage albeit good, does not make up for the bias.
  (0 people found this comment helpful, 4 did not)
Fox News: Showing comments 1-12 of 12

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