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Overall Rating:3.63 based on 27 ratings
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sfalconer (21)
Only stayed there once but the rooms were clean and the breakfast area was alright. Good place to stay if you have a lot of people and you just want to use the room for sleeping.

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Depends what you are looking for. Price for product these are a good chain. Stayed in many. Clean, comforts (such as wireless), dependable (meaning consistent).

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frogger20190 (3)
Small pillows. Overpriced rooms. They're friendly at the desk, but there are many other hotel/motel chains that are superior (and cheaper) than Hampton Inn.

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rmisslinger (0)
We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Bremen, GA on March 11, 2004. There was a fire that night and we were evacuated. We had to leave our luggage. It was overlooked when the fire was out and we sustained approximately $1,500 in damages plus a ruined vacation. Their insurance claims no liability and the Inn does not care. We will have to eat the whole expense. They left a bad taste in my mouth.

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Sundiszno (30)
I rate Hamptons as a 5 because, overall, they provide a good value for the money. I have stayed at much better hotels, although they have been much more expensive. As a chain, however, Hamptons are pretty consistently good. My rating is based on having stayed at Hamptons all along the East Coast, from Massachusetts to Florida, a couple for at least half a dozen times each. Some of the older ones can be just a bit shabby, and locations aren't always the best. On the other hand, some Hamptons are firts-rate (the ones in Boca Raton, Florida, and Dulles Cascades in Virginia stand out), and rank really high on any comparative scale. Rooms are clean, service is good, and breakfasts aren't bad. They do stand by their 100% satisfaction guarantee. I have stayed free a couple of times at Hamptons because of minor complaints I had which I didn't think warranted a free night, but the managers said that 100% satisfaction means 100%, so that was it. I'd rate Hamptons a 5 even without the free stays.

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Ziffle2 (0)
This chain is highly over rated. Seems like they're all owned by foreigners.

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YRFan (0)
The great thing about Hampton Inn is that you always know what you are getting. The quality is the same anywhere.(a little above average in quality, not extremely high priced) I especially like the Hampton Suites. We stayed at one when we were touring Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown in Va.

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Shukhevych (1)
Waste of money...

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kenatofc (0)
Hampton Inns are our choice on our driving trips. They are clean, fresh linens, good TV, and most are located near good food. While prices may be slightly higher then some of the budget motels, we like the value.

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Damifino (0)
I've stayed in over 20 Hampton Inns nationwide. I'm impressed with their consistency--you always know what you're going to get. Each location is comfortable and well-maintained. Some of the rooms are a little small for what you pay, but overall, a very good lodging experience.

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SamIAm (4)
My husband and I were forced to pull off of the highway due to a severe storm and we ended up staying at the Bates Motel..scary scary very very scary..The Lobby was clouded by the cooking of some strange dish..and we were directed to our room. So strange..I was seriously scared that Norman was going to stop by and invite us to dinner with his mother. Honestly, I think there were Reggie Bars in the ancient candy machine. I slept like a board on the smoke infested mattress and woke up before the sun rose just to get out of this surreal environment. After leaving the next morning, we drove about 4 minutes up the highway to find that if we had endured that storm for just a few more minutes we could have paid the same price for the comfort of a wonderful Hampton Inn room. Oh the horror..I appreciate Hampton Inn even more after my Bates experience. Clean, comfortable even tastefully decorated rooms..kind and helpful staff, decent breakfast all at a very reasonable price.

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A good quality and basic place to stay. A great way to save money and time with the free continental breakfast. However, check out some new hotel chains that have come about and also offer free breakfast, late afternoon snacks and beverages and offer more amenities.

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Pibo9523om (0)
Everytime I stay in the Hampton Inn I am absolutely comfortable. It is a moderately priced hotel with all the comforts of home. My only critique is that there should be more of them.

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Shroomwoman (12)
I often stay at Hampton Inns when I travel because they are surprisingly nice and the price is right. The service is always excellent, and I like having a continental breakfast in the lobby (included) instead of dealing with the hassle of going out for breakfast. The rooms are always comfortable and clean. Overall a really good deal.

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