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Overall Rating:3.38 based on 16 ratings
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TeresaG (29)
I actually used to be the Auditor for one. It was alright. Ours was by the airport, so loads of people taking advantage of the park and fly programs and also tons of Airline personnel. Of the Choice Hotels line, this hotel is close to the top. I am sorry for what happened to you and your family CleverLori ~ there will always be those kind of people out there (even in the 5 star hotels).

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MrTuner (5)
Very good customer service! Great choice if you are on a budget! I like them.

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CleverLori (0)

My family stayed at the Quality Inn in Arlington, WA (4 rooms) and will NEVER go back there again!

My niece forgot her purse, so we called up there and they checked our rooms. The young man we spoke with (who shall remain nameless...HE knows who he is) found the purse and said he would hold it. We drove back up there, got the purse, but "he" was gone...and SO WAS THE iPOD that was IN THE PURSE!!! Spoke with the manager the next day. She did NOTHING.

Too bad...this motel was close to our family up there, and we would have booked rooms there several times a year. I would encourage anyone visiting that area to find a different place to stay.

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Dawnsdinos (6)
Not the best but are generally consistently good.

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Djahuti (54)
Every one I ever stayed in was decent enough.

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MsJacque (0)
Stay in Choice Hotels all the time on business. Yes, some of the hotels are not picture perfect, however you'll find the same situation with any franchise hotel chain (ie., Marriott). I like their hotels as I can find one or more in literally every city (big and small) and they have a great frequent traveler program that can you earn you free stays and airline mileage. Their website (www.choicehotels.com) has every imaginable way to search (address, city, zip, point of interest) and you can always count on finding one near an airport or freeway. Basic hotel, but then again, if you are limited in your spending for a hotel (which now adays, they can be so expensive!) and need a good nights sleep, Choice is the way to go.

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Quality Inns as a chain are inconsistant which is why I have given it bad. Not all QI's are bad (however some are awful) but the fact that it is a risk when traveling with them makes it less than my top choice when looking for lodging.

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Seraph (8)
One time, my family was staying at a Quality Inn on our way to Michigan. We couldn't get out the stench of cigarettes, so we just had to live with it. Late at night, when we were all going to sleep, our dog started sniffing under the bed and crunching on something. We looked down to find a stash of potato chips down there, probably left over from the last guests. My stepmom angrily shouted There's CHIPS down there! to which my dad remarked Yes, but they're QUALITY chips!! ...We laughed for about half an hour (you know how everything's hilarious at 2:00 in the morning). This was a nasty room, but I gave it an extra star for one of the funniest memories I have.

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midwesterner19 (0)
I stayed at a Quality Inn in Colorado Springs (Garden of the Gods) and I thought it was a very nice room. First, the bed was very comfertable and the linens were very clean. The work desk was large and has a beautiful leather work chair and in the back of the room was another very nice chair. The bathroom was nice and large with a nice, soft, fluffy towels and a coffee maker with expensive coffee. The price was very reasonable at 175 dollars for the week and a nice breakfast was included with waffles, cereal and many juices and fancy hot beverages. I dont know about all Quality Inn's but the one in Colorado Springs was very impressive. The only thing is the cable could have been better.

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frogger20190 (3)
I don't see Clarions or Comfort Inns on this list but Quality Inn is the same family--Choice Hotels. I feel they are the best national chain. Most locations. Good rates. Clean rooms. Nice amenities. Good frequent traveler program.

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