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Overall Rating: 2.91 based on 11 ratings

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CanadaSucks (38)
A few shining stars here and there, but it is somewhat limited in its musical range. . .the energy cannot be denied, but it is a limited form of music. . .2
edt4 (88)
I have to agree with Garagerokker on this topic. I loved early Heavy-Metal primarily because I loved Black Sabbath (well, I was a young teen...in truth, I IDOLIZED Black Sabbath). Too, the genre was a welcome contrast to the insipid, syrupy pop-songs that seemed to infest the airwaves and TV during the early-to-mid 1970's. Also, there seemed to be far more diversity to Heavy Metal in those days, and the musicians seemed surprisingly proficient. The definitions of what constituted Heavy Metal seemed more fluid during this inchoate period than they are today. Was Alice Cooper Heavy Metal, Glam, or what? What were the Stooges, or the MC5? Or Slade? But, as Garagerokker notes, the genre degenerated into bland big-hair music in the 80's, and thrash metal, which, despite my being a big fan of Punk Rock, sounds all the same to me. Occasionally, there are exceptions. Motorhead had some great songs, Metallica were occasionally interesting (in their early years anyway), and every once in awhile a group will come along with a song that'll grab me, but not often enough.5
oscargamblesfro (70)
I've always enjoyed the pioneers of the genre, the Black Sabbaths and Deep Purples for instance,though sometimes it's quite hard to get a consensus on who they actually were- some people even think acts like The James Gang or Jimi Hendrix were heavy metal when they really weren't. It's difficult sometimes to pinpoint the difference between what's heavy metal and what's hard rock. Some think the first metal act was Sabbath, some say it's Blue Cheer...I even read one writer who claimed it was "You Really Got Me" by The Kinks, while another stated that it was Link Wray's great 1958 instrumental hit "Rumble." Don't like almost all of the metal of the 80's, though it's good for a cheesy laugh now and then. Not sure if Soundgarden and similar 90's acts qualify as metal or merely grunge. A hard genre to describe, as what may be metal to one person may not be to another.6
Indierocker (61)
Early Metal was tolerable, but in 35+ years of existence it hasn't really evolved into something truely worthwhile.

bands became more obsessed with playing LOUDer and more emphasis was put on how many notes you could play on your "Axe"(slang for guitar)at one time.

the metal music had some potential early on , but has become more akin to sounding like a freight train with either a very bad operatic type singer, or someone growling like a bear trying to sing.

the genre peaked during the 1980's during the "Hair Metal" craze although unfortunately it's continued to survive into the 21st century.

many Punk-Metal bands evolved out of the "Thrash" subgenre of Metal. "Thrash" is referred to fast played metal also known as "Speed Metal".

"Moshing" is a typical pastime at Metal concerts where all participants either push one another or try to knock each other down. not recommended for fans of other Rock music who wish to avoid cuts, bruises, and broken bones.

Underspin (28)
Bang your head and worship the devil!1
thatiga (0)
Yeah, this is my favorite genre. I like to rock out! Express your rage and break your neck!1
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