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No one can doubt that Eddy Merckx was the best of all time. But if one had to make a case for any other rider the only one where that case can be made is Fausto Coppi. Only Coppi and Hinault are even within shouting distance of Eddy, but Coppi managed to do this while missing 5 or 6 years out of the heart of his career due to WW II. Only 2 riders have ever won multiple jerseys in two of the major tours in the same year, Merckx and Coppi. But Coppi did it for the TDF and Giro at a time when there were only 2 jerseys total. In short he walked away with everything in both tours in one year. He was also the first to win two tours in one year. It was considered impossible, until Coppi did it. He also had 9 wins in the 5 monuments. Only Eddy and the two best classics specialists of all time have more.

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