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Hard Headed Rabid Liberals

Overall Rating:Average Rating (2.08) based on 12 ratings

These people represent the far left side of the political and social spectrum. Famous HHR Liberals include Michael Moore, Barbra Striesand, and Al Franken. On RIA - YOU decide.

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souljunkie (23)
Most of the time as I listen to them whine (It always sounds like whining)It just sounds like these people do not like America/Americans. Michael Moore is a classic example. And to a conservative who usually feels strongly about the Traditions that our country was built on, that can hit a nerve. Also, they make their issues a personal war so much as opposed to a political one. Thats when I just wanna slap em. Dont insult my country and me!!3
abichara (54)
I don't care for either hard-headed liberals or conservatives. I respect anyone who can logically substantiate their arguments, who can look beyond the usual propaganda put out by the Republican and Democratic parties. Most of these ideologues are rather intolerant of other views--at the end of the day they possess a worldview that's rather boring, impractical and unsustainable.0
scarletfeather (39)
I love the liberals on RIA. UPDATE: RuptureReady, I'm so glad to see you're so impartial. 1
JonTheMan (27)
Liberals are idiots, liberals put no thought into their beliefs, liberals are hypocrites, liberals are all closeted zombies who hunger for human flesh when the full moon comes out etc etc etc. I'm tired of all the petty name-calling that's been going on lately, don't certain individuals realize that in making such ridiculous generalizations they are guilty of the very things which they claim their counterparts are? I treat conservatives as individuals, I don't assume they're all the same. I show that respect and I'd hope for the same respect in return.1
Mr.Political (22)
Most liberals have no point in what they are debating (if you can call it that). As a result, they enjoy playing semantics and setting double standards. Liberals have no devotion or commitment but they like calling that open-mindedness, and that's why many cannot be trusted. 4
numbah16tdhaha (126)
Too much woo hoo propaganda and not enough thought or analysis.4
magellan (119)
Not a big fan. What bothers me most about the stereotype of this contingent is the lack of logic and a victim mentality. But if I had to choose, I'd rather be stuck sitting next to one of these folks on a plane, than one of their counterparts on the right.4
Sundiszno (31)
Gotta be fair on this - basically, the same comment applies here as it does for hard headed rabid conservatives - no real use for either, especially when they are intolerant of other views.4
louiethe20th (57)
Haven't much use for em'. You can't debate em' because they know they have no points. They always interrupt and try to throw you off because that is the only defense they have. A conservative can attack with facts!2
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