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Dalai Lama

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social (0)
I read with pain that dalai lama raped at least one woman. Could this be true? Isn't this scaring,to go to a saint for help and him to hurt you?0
numbah16tdhaha (126)
I'd say "angry" hasn't studied much religion or history, but I'll try not to be judgemental. There are some holes in the teachings of the Dalai Lama, and for a guy who cares about Tibet he is sure afraid to go there. He seems to have been embraced in the west more as a point of fashion than compassion. UPDATE: "angry" is back. (yawn)5
angrykoopa (1)
There are holes in a lot of religious teachings, this doesn't mean people need to go about spewing idiocy like this. "The only person who make Red Chinese rule of Tibet look good. Navel lint picking boor. " I'm starting doubt you know much about Tibetan history...What would the Dalai Lama accomplish by reentering Tibet? Even if he could get around the Chinese guards, he wouldn't be able to singlehanded shove all of the Chinese out. Essentially, only one of these two things would happen. a) He would survive, and nothing would happen to the freedom of Tibet. b) He would die, and nothing would happen to the freedom of Tibet. See, the Dalai Lama is not a Shaolin monk. Just because he can't fly, walk on water, turn water into wine or any of that does not mean he deserves a one. He got a Nobel prize for a reason. He has done countless things to try and bring peace to Tibet. It does not involve violence or war. This however, does not mean he is useless. Some of the ignorant comments here have led me to wonder if they really HAVE had a lobotomy. Or at least been hanging around too long around open bigots (oxymoron!) I haven't studied enough history? Sheesh! EDIT: What, am I lying in this post? My message is a lot more informative than some of the anti-Lama messages here, and I don't see them getting multiple "unhelpfuls". I thought that a helpful/unhelpful was to show if you found the post helpful, not if you agreed or dissagreed with it. I guess I was wrong.1
GenghisTheHun (142)
He's about as relevant as a Model A Ford at the Indie 500.2
kar54 (1)
Hello? Dalai?1
weatherdude (1)
The Dalai Lama has one major problem these days, a bunch of critics that don't know what the heck their talkin' 'bout. Many of the comments I'm seeing below could just as well have been Paris Hilton's, but without her favourite thing: That's Hot! 2
tocwelsh (2)
For doing absolutely nothing in this world I have to give the ole Dalai a 1.....1
mlotto (0)
He teaches that we may become gods. Yet, there is only one Creator and Savior - and that is Jesus Christ. Man's issue is sin, pride and selfishness against God - yet the Lama teaches there is no sin and 'everything is ok' as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. Dalai Lama - a false prophet with a false message of hope. The Lama teaches reincarnation and karma. Yet, karma is a never-ending cycle of violence and evil. Think about it - karma says a rapist will come back and be raped, thus there is another raper. It is a never ending cycle of violence and evil. Rather contrary to the fact that Christ died FOR US and paid our penalty for our sins against God - to reconcile us to God (our Creator) and it is a free gift. Offered freely. Have you accepted?2
Daccory (16)
And his purpose is?1
StanUzbeck (13)
I admire people like the Dalai Lama, who fight for some kind of social justice in the world. He is obviously a man of the best kind of principles. I hope that the conflict between his people and the country of China is resolved soon. But I don't really know quite enough about his person to give him the full five stars, because that would require me to state too strong an opinion for a character I know very little about. So four stars it is. 1
nikd (0)
Western Tibbetian Buddhism is much too Liberal! 0
harmonicafreak (0)
why is he number 1 what has he done lately 0
lanelle (0)
I guess this guy is cool and admirable, but what actually has he done? If this guy were leading an entire country and not just fellow monks, something tells me he would not be rated so high. He doesn't have to deal with all the problems of an enormous and diverse group of people, keep them happy and out of harm's way. 1
holyman (0)
how this guy is going to liberate the tibetians? God Knows! 2
gicau (0)
People say he is Enlightened. Acording to abilities and attributes of the Jnanas presented in buddhist Scripture, he has only achived the 2nd Jnana (The Pope, who is a friend of his, shows he has achived the 3rd). This seems due to the anger of China stuffing up his life. I have seen him interviewed making many wrong judgments about the interviewer (Telepathy being a feature of the 4th Jnana). Enlightenment (Sainthood) as achived by Guattama Buddha requires the 5th. He has made predictions that have not come true as well as saying that Tibet will be Free from China before he dies. Has tried very hard to keep his religion together as it is divided on many issues. There is division on some reincarnated Lamas (3 found). The Chinese have taken advantage of this infiltrating the monks & supporting the one rejected by the Dalai Lama. c20 Tibetian Buddhist Orders (really Denominations) differ over the hirachy of gods (diffrent pantheons), some being Athiests (claiming budhism is only psychological & philosophical) and diffrent meditations at diffrent stages. He says he believes in the Absolute God (Which is called Addi-buddha in Tibbetian Budhism) but some times he avoids this qustion. The second and third highest Lamas living outside Tibet (in London) are Athiests. His political leaning is Center-left which is in line with Guatama's teachings. His books show some self contradictions and some contradictions with the teachings of the Guatama(Saddhartha) Buddha. As a leader he has tried to do a good job. 4
resisobilus (0)
One of the few with no personal agenda outweighing the social one: peace. 2
anmalone (5)
The only person who make Red Chinese rule of Tibet look good. Navel lint picking boor. 4
erinfagrose (0)
yup 0
zuchinibut (28)
Anyone for peace for all human beings is a friend of mine. 3
azlan (0)
a great man. 3
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