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Kofi Annan

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About Kofi Annan

Kofi Annan 
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Kofi Annan
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1. aDios (38) , on 9/25/2005 2:37:00 PM, said:

How do we make a complaint to the RIA Administrator about the comment under this item by 'SPEC-OP-24-7-LETHAL'? Not much crosses the free speech line for me, but racial epithets like "coon" and so on really trouble me....as for Annan, he is more than negligently incompetent, he is maliciously, and persistently corrupt, antisemetic, and antiUSA to the detriment of the world and worthy of all contempt, but not because of his race.
  (2 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
2. SPEC-OP-24-7-LETHAL (0) , on 9/24/2005 6:07:00 PM, said:

Just another stupid sub-human New Orleanesque blue-gum scratch belly advocate. A perfect example that anytime you put a guy from Africa in charge of anything the operation goes to hell in a handbasket. Lets face the music folks. These people are borderline retarded. Everywhere that blacks reside on the globe they disproportionately live in abject poverty and squalor (even in countries run exclusively by blacks and in countries where blacks receive a disproportionate amount of public benefits and entitlements). Even when aid is poured into poor black countries it is pissed away as corrupt dictators squander it on maintaining their militias. Whether its a squad of Sammies in Mogadishu, some gang members in South Central Los Angeles, or some of Kofis UN Aid workers in Africa raping the folks they are supposed to be helping, its the same song the world over. Kofi is a total scumbag and is incompetent and incapable of running anything except his coon yap.!................OUT....... CHARLIE MIKE......... MIKE!................OUT.......
  (0 people found this comment helpful, 2 did not)
3. Sixth Finger (0) , on 6/24/2005 4:05:00 PM, said:

The U.N. is so weak now since this man took the helm. Totalitarian nations are now on the council for human rights. They declined to use the word genocide in connection to the genocide taking place in the Sudan because that would mean U.N. involvement. All on this man's watch.
  (1 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
4. James76255 (16) , on 4/22/2005 2:50:00 AM, said:

One of the most crooked leaders on the planet. The Oil for Food scandel should have already eaten him alive, and hopefully he will somehow be tossed out on his ear in the coming months.
  (4 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
5. cutegurl (14) , on 4/13/2005 5:10:00 PM, said:

Anan is just another anti-American idiot. What bothers me even more about him is that he has so much opprotunity to do so much good but he just throws it away. I really want to see what someone with a little bit of intelligence and a moral compass can do in his position. In addition, he is an ungrateful git about everything America does around the world. American workers and aid groups help around the world and Americans donate millions of dollars every year and Anan just looks for any opprotunity to put America down, but when he needs us he's all sorts of an American supporter. This guy is all politician and zero percent human being.
  (6 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
6. Eschew Obfuscation (35) , on 4/13/2005 8:07:00 AM, said:

Kofi, would the approval of John Bolton as US Ambassador to the UN be your worst nightmare? If there is any justice in the world, the shrill, idiotic effort to derail his nomination will be laughingly dismissed, and he can get to work exposing to Americans and the world what is really going on in the name of peace-keeping and humane initiatives. What are they all afraid of? Do we really need another UN cheerleader like Madeleine Albright, doing little more than helping to cover up those actions Americans would be incensed at? Who was the UN Ambassador while the Oil-for-Food scandal was taking place, funnelling $21 BILLION to Saddam Hussein? Who was Ambassador while the peacekeepers were raping the children? And you want more of the same, someone these animals can get along with?
  (3 people found this comment helpful, 2 did not)
7. GoneAway (53) , on 3/29/2005 9:54:00 PM, said:

If he is an example of a leader, I will just stumble around and find my own way.
  (5 people found this comment helpful, 1 did not)
8. PBeavr (21) , on 3/29/2005 9:34:00 PM, said:

Kofi has successfully changed the UN from a protector of Peace and caregiver to the needy into just another greedy corporation bent on infusing its own philosophy wherever it sees fit. And by any means necessary. The changes pushed for and allowed on such things as the Human Rights commission are so pathetic it is amazing so many free thinkers around the world see him as fit for office. He has led the UN to becoming a worldwide mafia state that only helps those who have some benefit to offer on a personal side. Mass murder around the world has been ignored on many occasions. And now, faced with the obvious option to resign he tosses his son out as food for the feeding frenzy. Yes, Kofi Annan is indeed a world class politician. Just another scumbag trying to make a buck at the expense of anyone and everyone.
  (5 people found this comment helpful, 1 did not)
9. tocwelsh (1) , on 3/27/2005 8:03:00 AM, said:

Should be thrown out from his position immediately, a quiet spoken gangster, who knows what corruption this person is into.... screwed up the Iraqi oil for food program among other things....
  (4 people found this comment helpful, 1 did not)
10. numbah_16_td_haha (61) , on 1/15/2005 2:00:00 PM, said:

High profile crime boss who is looked upon favorably for some obscene reason.
  (3 people found this comment helpful, 2 did not)
11. mlotto (0) , on 1/15/2005 1:46:00 PM, said:

The UN flag in NY flies at half staff for Arafat's death, but not for Reagan. The UN is implicated in skimming BILLIONS in an oil for food scandal from STARVING people. The UN condemns Israel for constructing a security fence to keep terrorists out, while supporting the EU in constructing a fence many times larger that restricts free movement. Annan takes five days to respond on the massive tsunami (Bush took four to respond to press, however was already moving forward with multiple relief efforts).

Kofi Annan - an anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Christian, anti-Jew leader of a body that votes against Israel and America more than it supports us - despite America being unmatched in peace-keeping, AID, efforts.

UN,lead by Kofi Annan - united in evil motives against America and Israel.

  (5 people found this comment helpful, 1 did not)
12. RipVanWrinkeled (0) , on 11/25/2004 12:34:00 PM, said:

Anti-American pro islamic scum.
  (1 people found this comment helpful, 2 did not)
13. jaywilton (12) , on 11/3/2004 10:33:00 AM, said:

An African who heads the UN and who has never heard of Sudan.
  (3 people found this comment helpful, 3 did not)
14. billiefan2000 (1) , on 5/6/2004 4:20:00 PM, said:

Corrupt Leader just like the UN cause of his involvement in the Oil For Food Program for Iraq Scam that had been going on at the UN for years
  (2 people found this comment helpful, 5 did not)
15. fdghjk (0) , on 4/4/2004 10:58:00 AM, said:

He is at best ineffective, viz, (1) from Reuters: U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan, who was head of peacekeeping at the world body during 1994, accepted institutional and personal blame last month for not doing more to prevent the Rwandan slaughter...; or, at worst, he is corrupt, viz (2) his and his son's involvement in the Iraq food for oil programme.
  (2 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
16. LadyShark4534 (9) , on 11/16/2003 9:51:00 AM, said:

He's been an allright leader so far, but it seems as though he's got a long road ahead of him.
  (2 people found this comment helpful, 2 did not)
17. anmalone (2) , on 3/10/2003 3:23:00 PM, said:

A vile dolt.
  (3 people found this comment helpful, 13 did not)
18. diamond_1966 (0) , on 1/17/2003 8:07:00 PM, said:

  (2 people found this comment helpful, 4 did not)
19. zuchinibut (17) , on 12/10/2002 6:04:00 PM, said:

He has been trying to help the less fortunate around the world, and I appreciate how he did not give in to our country's war mongering desire to invade Iraq .
  (3 people found this comment helpful, 5 did not)
20. Bulldog98 (0) , on 10/17/2002 12:26:00 AM, said:

How quickly this joke of a man forgets! Just a few years ago he was picking fleas off other primitive africans in a festering hut. I guess collecting rice from Sally Struthers wasn't a grand enough style of living off the idealistic and gullible for him, so he laid down his spear and lip-plate to become the head of an international debate club. I'll give him credit though... He managed to move from a land time left behind to the greatest city in the world without any discernible talent other than the ability to play off of peoples' sympathies and desires to feel good about themselves by giving "an unfortunate" a break.
  (2 people found this comment helpful, 6 did not)
Kofi Annan: Showing comments 1-20 of 22 (Next 20) Click HERE to see all comments

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