Purex Softener Crystals

This is a softener in dry crystal form you add to your wash in the beginning. No need to wait for the ...
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Item added by CurlyHeadedMommy. Added on 07/13/2011
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CurlyHeadedMom my

Purex Softener Crystals 5

This is by far the best fabric softener I have ever used. Is is safe for all fabrics and all machines. It actually works and it does not bother our sensitive skin or my sensitive nose even though it has a definite fragrance. I can only assume it does not bother us because there are not a lot of other chemicals in it. It is mainly sugar and bentonite, but it works great. Cloths come out of dryer fresh smelling, soft, and with very little static. In fact the only time I have a static issue is if I over dry my clothes and the static doesn't last long. I will continue to use this fabric softener for as long as they make it.

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