Ruger 22/45

Ruger pistol chambered in .22 lr
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Ruger 22/45 5

The Ruger 22/45 is a .22 lr pistol made with the handle angle that mimics that of the 1911 pistols.

I just got this pistol last week and fired it for the first time today. The model I bought was the MK III with bull barrel and checkered Cocobolo grips. It came with 2 mags, an attachable rail mount for scopes and other attachments, and your basic trigger lock.

The Ruger 22/45 shot like a dream. The trigger pull is pretty smooth and mine shoots just a little lower than a Glock.

I put 450 rounds through it without a single failure using Blazer 40 gr ammo. Even though it was being broken in, it just kept chugging.

This really is an awesome pistol for plinking and general practice. At under $300, it's relatively cheap. The ammo is also dirt cheap compared to the other calibers. I bought a box of 500 rounds of .22 lr for under $20. The same cost would only afford you a box of 50 rounds in .40 S&W, and (in terms of cost ratio) approximately 75 rounds of 9mm.

The cost makes it the perfect pistol if you plan on teaching beginners (or are a beginner yourself) because you won't be watching in frustration as dollar after dollar disappears while your shots randomly hit the target of the guy in the lane next to yours (yes, I have seen people who are that bad).

It's also very good for beginners because it has very low recoil (compared to a lightweight .40), meaning that the beginner handling it most likely won't build a bad flinching habit from being intimidated by that "kick". This means that they can work on perfecting trigger control, which is one of the most important factors in accurate shooting.

That being said, this is NOT a pistol for self defense. The .22 lr round can, in the right circumstances, injure or kill an attacker, but it is not nearly as effective as a 9mm, .40, .45 or some of the higher caliber. Do not bet your life with this pistol. If you're brave enough to do so, good luck concealing it. It's got a 5.5" barrel, more height than most compacts and it weights over 31 oz (compared to polymers weighing 20-25 oz). You might as well carry a full size 1911 around (you'll probably live longer too).

If you have a lot of experience and don't own a .22 pistol, you're, IMHO, doing yourself a disservice. Sure, it's essential to train with the recoil of harder hitting calibers and the shorter barrels of compacts, but you can be getting a lot more practice in with the .22.

The Ruger 22/45 is also fairly customizable.

I touched upon the pros of this pistol, and now I will discuss the few cons.

First off, it's a real pain to disassemble and reassemble. The Mk III is actually worse than its Mk II predecessor because you have to insert and eject the magazine several times when you disassemble it. At two different points of the reassembly, the hammer will have to be in different positions. A half intelligent people can save themselves (possibly) hours of frustration if they just look at the various guide vids regarding this issue on youtube.

There's also a magazine disconnect that was introduced in the Mk III, which I find a bit annoying. When you hit the release, you'll actually have to manually pull the mag out. It doesn't drop out like most pistol. It's not a huge deal for me, but some may be turned off by it. The good news is that you can spend a little more on components to mod this feature out (or simply find a Mk II 22/45). If you mod it, you'll have to do it yourself or find someone who knows how to replace the part.


Overall I'm very impressed by this pistol. It looks nice, handles solidly, and is really fun to shoot. The lack of ease regarding field stripping knocks half a star away from the score, but it is definitely a pistol I recommend to beginners and experienced shooters alike.

4.5 out of 5

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